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MLB 2k12: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


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Hello, 2k12 Community.


What i am looking for are the




Of owning this game


What to expect, what I can and can’t do?


Info on patching and installing, what are the differences from MVP Baseball,


Where do you install mods (Location) and how and with what tools?


I have done a little reading, but I am not totally sure about the whole roster and portraits have to match thing?


Which of the 2022 total conversions would you suggest?



And most importantly the whole can’t play a dynasty thing explained? Please and why?


More questions:


Schedule crash

The color file that comes with some uniforms

Roster editor 1.1

REDitor II (what does this do exactly)


Best controller to use?

Point me to the best X-Box 360 config file, if this is the preferred controller, similar to MVP 2005. Or what do you use?


I know I could spend my whole 4th of July weekend reading up on all these topics; but why make me do that. When i could be playing instead.

Give me a little push in the right direction.



And Yes! After 6 months of looking, I finally came across a brand new, sealed copy, actually several.



This is just bits and pieces of topics I read about while not a game owner, but now that I have the game. I am looking to jump in and try a well modded 2k12 out.

Later on, I may even try my hand @ patching the game a little bit, MiLB and classics are my favorites.



High Heat 2003 & MVP 2005 have been my go-to for over 2 decades now, let’s see how this game stacks up??

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I have the game for PC with 360 controller.  I found this game on eBay, but I like MLB2K11 better - I play it more so than 2k12.  I stuck with the original rosters of the game.  downloaded and tried rosters with portraits and cyber faces that modders made especially for 22 season but went back to the original.

I do wish I can play MVP 2005 but had to upgrade my system (XP box crapped out on me) and cannot get it to play on the PC with WIN10.

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A few years back, the game had a lot more support because there were quite a few  modders who were dedicated to keep the game up to date.  They made rosters, cf's,  jerseys, portraits, stadiums  etc.. Now I've only seen a few mods for 2K12 and most of them are either faces and jerseys.  MVP gets the lions share of support on here. I always thought it was a decent game, but it's limited to a degree.  I still have my copy, but rarely play because of a lack of interest from others.

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Am I missing something here?


I want to enjoy this game; I want to like it.

It's different from MVP, and i love the presentation and graphics.


But i don't know what i am missing,


I think it's because when you are new to MVP 2005, there are threads like The All-Encompassing guide, and the MVP for dummies .pdf to get you on track installing. playing and even modding the game.


I am not going to lie; it took me a while to even figure out where the roster file went.


If there is something similar to help out newcomers to this game? Please direct me to it


I am stumped already, i put faces in and they don't show up in the game


I am i going to start modding this game, if i can't figure out how to install faces, smh


I started with eliamvpmod's roster, faces and portraits, but then i read he used a whole different face numbering system,

so then i switched to headtrip's roster but can't seem to get any of the faces i download to show up in the game?

Wrong faces on wrong players,


I did a fresh install and then started with TC15 as a base (which is beautiful) great job raidersbball20. Everything looked great, fresh install and the TC15 mod.

Then i started from that point downloading and updating everything from 10/2015 on to get a full 2022 updated game before I start to play and see how the gameplay matches up to MVP05 and High Heat.


Not sure what the next step is? I do have the rest of the game pretty well updated with the 2022 frontend and other bells and whistles, it is the faces that are giving me a problem, and I am not 100% sure the portraits are matching up as well, seems like too many of them don't have the correct hat on as well.


I could also like some help getting the best controller setup. Do you have to swing with the right stick?


Thank you

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Headtrip47 said to change / add the 'player_headxxxx.iff'  ID file to match the  file according to his roster and I did and still the faces do not match the portraits. 

As for swinging, I use the right stick up to swing, left to hit to the left side of the field and right to hit to right side. 


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