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  1. hi, i am having trouble getting this to work. it gives me a 429 error whenever i click on anything. i installed the distribution package and it still didn't work. can anyone help me out?
  2. MetsFan826

    Jacob deGrom

    Thank you so much Rising Son for the request. It looks very good. You are the best!
  3. Turns out it was some firewall issues that I needed to tweak. It works now.
  4. Is there any kind of problem that you guys have had playing MVP with BitDefender AntiVirus? Ever since I installed it my game keeps crashing. On both exhibition and season modes.
  5. Thanks for all the rosters daflyboys. You did an excellent job and without you MVP wouldn't be what it is today. I hope whoever continues the rosters next year takes a good amount of advice from you.
  6. MetsFan826

    Tit Problem

    And you're running it from the MVP 05 folder right? Always make sure you do that or else it will not work. When you first install TiT into your computer and it asks you where to install it, put it in the MVP 05 folder. If you already did this and it's still not working, then I don't know maybe your .NET framework isn't up to date. I believe it has to be 2.0 or above. Another thing you could do is check which exact folder your MVP 05 game is in. When I first downloaded TiT, it actually created a new MVP 05 folder in the Program Files destination. Your game could be in that folder or it could be in the Program Files (x86)/Program Files (x64) destination. Check where your game is and then reinstall the TiT to make sure it's going into the proper folder. Hope that helps.
  7. MetsFan826

    Tit Problem

    So TiT doesn't even open at all? Did you try XP compatibility mode and running it as administrator?
  8. Fair enough. As for the second part, I did read what you responded to the guy. I was only saying exactly what my own problem was just in case it would help. He could be using a different program than WinRar and in that case your post would help him out more because it lists all of the other compress extensions. But if he's using the exact same extension as me, telling him how I fixed my own problem isn't that bad of an idea is it?
  9. MetsFan826

    Tit Problem

    Hmm, so from what I understand, TiT is working but you can't open the files you want to install? Are they originally WinRar files? If so, try converting them to 7z and see if that works. I had the same problem and that did it for me.
  10. What do you mean questions somebody just asked recently? I'm the only person that asked for a deGrom cyberface. He gave my initial request post a thumbs down. Not the one where I was asking if I should PM Rising Son. And I only asked that because on some forums there are people that don't care to check or respond to personal messages.
  11. MetsFan826

    Tit Problem

    Where do you have the Total Installer Thingy installed? Make sure it is located in the same folder your MVP Baseball 2005 is installed in. Most of the time it should be here: "C:/Program Files (x86)/EA Sports/MVP Baseball 2005"
  12. I saw everyone else asking here so I did it here as well but Yankee4Life gave my post a thumbs down so I guess I did something wrong.
  13. I'm having the same problem on Windows 8.
  14. Yeah I've been having the same problem with the X button and left stick.
  15. Does he check here or do I have to PM him?
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