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  1. I had the same problem. Try Rivatuner Statistics Server ,it´s a free tool. Limit FPS at 60,that should help.
  2. MVP 16 mod is here in the download section (a link to their website),so why not ask a question about this mod here? Is mvpcaribe not a "partner project" ,just for spanish speaking people? Fiebre seems to speak spanish,so maybe he could ask there.I don´t speak spanish,so i just answered here-having the same problem. So if its the wrong thread /website,let me know and I stop talking about MVP 16 mod immediately
  3. There is a MVP 16 mod (mvpcaribe).
  4. Same here. Tried to install some faces,but i get the same error.
  5. Do I need a special version of TiT to install faces etc for "caribe mods"? I just can´t get the one from here to work .
  6. That would be a long list of players to import. A lot of players are not available
  7. Great mod. The only annoying thing is,players who are out for season with injuries,seem not to be available in the game. Playing with the cubs or red sox for example (schwarber,panda) in dynasty mode,you have to play without them. Or are they hidden somewhere ?
  8. Thanks guys. I love it. Are injured players not in the game,like Schwarber,Sandoval,..? Leonys Martin´s birth date still isn´t correct. Thumbs up,great mod!
  9. I have a question about Carlos Correa´s running speed (MVP 15 mod). His speed is at 43, like a pitcher .That´s too slow ,isn´t it ?
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