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  1. What roster do they work with? Wudl"s??
  2. How do you add this to the game? What tool do I need to make this work? Thank You
  3. Thank You Beyondo Freeware..it has solved my freezing problem..
  4. Chicago11


    Beyondo freeware solved my problem...
  5. Chicago11


    I am running windows 7...this game worked perfectly before my computer crashed...now when I setup up the game it crashes when they ask me to hit the start buttom on my controller...it just stays on the tittle page...all music stops...Does anyone have any suggestions to help me with this problem? Thank You for your time.
  6. for example I tried to use tit on mod 2012 all in one 80 cyberfaces..highlight the file in tit then hit start...starts to unpack then I get the following error message...program filesEA SPORTSMVP 2005installwhatever.mp3...what am I doing wrong?...How can I fix this? Thanks for all your help
  7. Does the tit installer 2.05 work with windows 7? Placed the installer in main folder...when I go to install...at the point where it is going to install ..I get an error message can't find file...the file I want to install is in the main folder along with the installer...Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Yes make more Cubs...Please....Thank You for your excellent work
  9. wrong players head...not 6752....
  10. this file is for citizens BP not safeco
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