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  1. Its part of the Japanese posting process. If he had the choice, I'm certain he would hold open negotiations, but the Japanese team that has made him available requires monetary compensation for the rights to negotiate with him.
  2. I agree 100% about Piazza being a better choice. Bernie should have retired. As for the Mets network, I think they should call it the MES network.
  3. Vazquez would not help at all. He would have allowed 3460543756 home runs and Halsey has shown nothing, neither has Navarro.
  4. I would take any free agent over Navarro. And how much better do you think Halsey of the 4.61 in the NL West would have done in the AL East? Randy Johnson was a major contributing factor to us in getting to the playoffs. No Randy Johnson=No playoffs. No dioner Navarro/Brad Halsey=Playoffs. Neither of them would help us now or ever and no, Navarro would not look pretty good now. And as for navarro being an OBP machine, .352 OBP in minors, not bad but not a machine.
  5. Navarro and Halsey are nothing special. Halsey was not brilliant in the minors and pitched awfully last year in the NL. Navarro hit .290 or better twice in his professional career. Navarro also averaged 39 Rbis per season in the minor leagues. I'm sorry that you have some kind of weird obsession with shitty AAA players.
  6. Again, after a comment like that, I'd have trouble believing you are a Yankee fan. Just the same as I would be about Sean O if he said he'd rather someone other then the Red Sox win. A fan is someone who supports a team, how could you be a fan if you don't want your team to win? It just doesn't make sense. There is not a team I would ever rather win over the Yankees, reguardless of whether they deserve it or not, you have to want them to win.
  7. My Random thoughts: -The Yankees are winning the AL East this year and will return to bthe glory they so rightfully deserve. -The Blue Jays are a third place team if lucky. -The Orioles are no better. -The damn Steelers won -Next year is the Jets year(hopefully) -The Yankees lineup will score a ridiculous amount of runs next year. - If healthy, the Yankees have one of the best rotations and bullpens in baseball -Signing Johnny Damon was a terrific move for the Yankees. -The Braves will win the NL East. -Thats about it.
  8. A Jets sweatshirt 2 shirts 1 tie Star wars battlefront II on PSP SNL best of Will Ferrel on PSP Family Guy Volume 1 on PSP Ipod
  9. I know this ain't great but how can it be improved?
  10. The GIMP,its free and works well
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