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  1. mvp23

    O.co Coliseum

    thanks.. looks good... i am currently playing franchise with A`s and this a great addition to it.
  2. Any news on a roster update after dodgers red sox trade?
  3. there is something new i learn everyday.... i like learning learning is fun but i would still do backup if my internet gets weird again.
  4. since you are downloading the game, my suggestion would be to create a backup of those original files before you start adding any mods. if something goes wrong and you don't have backup than you wont have a way of starting over. That's why i prefer buying CD version of game.
  5. http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?showtopic=53672&hl=music
  6. check out the forums or threads. i know i saw one tutorial that was posted. i believe it was in Korean language i am 100% sure i saw it several weeks ago.
  7. mvp23

    Huge Mod

    try 7-zip... it works really well. Someone did a comparison compression ratio of rar and 7-zip and 7-zip beat it by a mile. I am not sure if it was on nba-live.com or on this site...
  8. thanks i ll try that. i just downloaded roster yesterday and today i was gonna start franchise but than my custom rangers uniforms were not there so i went to roster editor to add them to the latest roster. i added them to empty slots fine but color list does not import. nothing changed besides the new roster...
  9. i did not touch marlins... no problems till now. I was just trying to add uniforms to the new roster from bsufan.
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