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  1. Don't worry guys, I'm new to MLB 2K, but not new to modding. I have 3+ year of modding Madden 08 PC, which I have moved on to console. i will back up. lol Again, thanks for all you help! :good:
  2. As the title says, I downloading the game from Amazon and should be ready tomorrow. Since I'm new to playing MLB 2k, is there any must haves? Updated rosters is one of the top things on my list, what's the best one out there? Thanks for your time!
  3. Thanks to all that helped out on this!!! I got MVP in May, after looking for 5+ years! I will let this download overnight, and play it tomorrow!
  4. I can't. They said I had more then one user, which wasn't true, so I got banned. Oh well. But I did find the AR Max disc on one of my favorite bidding sites, so hopefully I will win it and start playing some updated football!
  5. I know that this is a baseball game forum, but does anyone have a MAX Drive and a PS2 that is willing to update NFL 2k5 rosters for me? I will send you my memory card and you will load it up will the roster that I will send to you. If anyone can, that will be great! Also, does anyone have a MAX Drive that they can part with? I have been looking for one since '08 and no luck. If anyone can help me out, that will be great!
  6. If you have a laptop, open a 2012 roster in MVP edit and base the rating off of that.
  7. Damn! You really need to start doing these on your own.
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