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    Incredible job- Thank you!! Your portraits are phenomenal too!
  1. Thanks for your great work! Speaking of tribute patches, the Phillies announced they will be wearing a Dick Allen patch for this season. It's a crime he's not in the HoF....at least they finally retired his number 15, which is extremely rare for the Phillies to do.
  2. THANK YOU!! I know what thread you are talking about and I had the same issue with my Xbox controller until now. I even went so far as to order an F310 controller on eBay for $5. This is the definitive fix.
  3. Great recommendation, Gordo- I took your suggestion and changed it to a Phillies Wall of Fame screen. Plus I added Opening Day 2021 and Radio Station Ads, and fixed the RF Wall (updated Majestic Logo and added the MLB Network sign). Let me know what you think. CBP2021.rar
  4. Thanks for the suggestion and for removing the two loose files!
  5. Version 2.0


    Citizen's Bank Ballpark (Phillies) Update for 2021: -Realistic advertisements (Replaced all but 3 smaller) -Cleaned up Blurry Phils Logos -New Bryce Harper Scoreboard up top -Placed Pete Rose HOF on the OF Wall Scoreboard for the Hell of it Just unrar/unzip and place files into data\stadium folder . Re-uploaded because I didn't think to rar them together into a single upload.
  6. I think I saw that the Pete Rose spot was actually an ad for Draftkings, but I like your suggestion even better. Maybe a team Wall of Fame mural with such Phillies legends as Juan Samuel, Von Hayes, John Kruk, and Darren Daulton!
  7. Citizen's Bank Ballpark (Phillies) Update for 2021 (I think it's been 9 or 10 years since this park has seen any changes in MVP). -Realistic Philadelphia-area advertisements (Replaced all but 3 of the grey ads along the side of the jumbotron) -Replaced Blurry Phils Logos as needed -New Bryce Harper Scoreboard up top -Changed Harry the K's to Bull's BBQ (Greg Luzinski's joint) -Placed Pete Rose HOF on the OF Wall Scoreboard for the Hell of it Just place files into data\stadium folder
    Incredible job on this set- I just played with the alternate home uniforms and they look great. Thanks for your hard work!
    Thanks much- that mess of a baseball team in Philadelphia is highly accurate! Thanks again for the hard work.
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