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  1. Problem With Wbc Caribe 2013

    I'm slightly confused at your wording, you put what file in what folder exactly ?
  2. Problem With Wbc Caribe 2013

    No matter what i do, it keeps asking me for my disks, but i don't want the disk option, i want it to just run........this is so frustrating.
  3. Wbc Caribe 2013... Soon!

    I have a similar isssue. I have the game installed in a different path, and i know it says must have it installed in the default location, but i don't. Anyone have a clue on how to get it to install to the proper folder, and have the correct path name so that it isn't asking me for a CD ?
  4. Grmrpr 2012 Roster

    I also crash anytime i start a game with this roster lol