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  1. great to hear, just used my datafile on the xbox now looking forward to using this roster. thanks
  2. it starts but goes to complete without letting me input the res settings
  3. Thanks, I have a pc that has the mvp installed with xp, but the board is dead Gonna look for a replacement
  4. with my old pc down, running my datafile on my xbox version memories
  5. couple of my datafiles I toyed with the settings for fielding check em out.
  6. thanks guys and Yankee very cool post. Appreciate it much. Datafiles were my way of trying to make the game more of a sim. I missed those days. I did a lot collaboration with Rod as well.
  7. Man it’s been awhile since I’ve been on this page. Any updates on mvp working on windows 10?
  8. just copy and paste to the 2k folder? I can't get game to run after it loads the data
  9. all i can say is "WOW!"
  10. anyone can show me the link to download the tool to open the datafile.txt so i can combine stuff from my old datafile to the new. I lost all my tools when it crashed years back thanks
  11. Nice work kc. Yes i remember rrodkey sent me several of datafiles to test out and thats how i got to tweaking the datafiles Keep it up
  12. Found it. It was the res changer. Thanks kc
  13. anyone know where the program is to play mvp at 1080 thanks in advance
  14. kumala


    wassup guys! Maika`i installing mvp 2015 at the moment
  15. kumala


    It's been almost 8 yrs since Ive played 2005 and worked on a datafile. Let's just say I missed it. Got my pc booted up and got some time in and realized how much I missed this game. Not saying Ill be doing any datafiles, but it was fun playing again. Someone pmed me about not being able to download my datafile. But i do have it so, just pm me and I can forward it over.
  16. so can anyone tell us what the gameplay is like now with this mod. thanks
  17. installed program on windows 7, ran it, looked for 2k12 folder, nothing window dissapears. I already decompressed my portrait file now i have now portraits in game since i can't install the portrait with the installer thingy. any suggestions
  18. i can't get to work. looks for folder than nothing
  19. You tried running at 1920x1080?
  20. Version


    Datafile with modifications to power output. More offense than last datafile, but without the loss of ball physics. There is also a new broadcast cam. This will be the final datafile update. thanks again to all those that have tried my work. use my pro sliders for the best sim
  21. Version


    just another updated datafile. Try and see how it feels. thanks for trying.
  22. Version


    Datafile for 07 install into your data folder Edits made: Batter contact and power values. Cut down on too much homers more realsitic amount. harder pitch meter changed fielder depths animations etc. I use pro for this datafile and get great results. I will post my sliders in the mod preview forum.
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