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  1. I bought the game for PS2 in 2006, then bought it again in 2007 after i found out about MVPmods. I lost something like 21-6 against the Red Sox in the first game. Interestingly, MVP 2005 was the last MLB baseball game that was sold in europe; after that, you had to order baseball games from the States (for PC). Anyways, i always loved how this game had a few things that were never implemented in other games, like rainouts or players not being happy if they were not getting enough playing time.
  2. Well, i think that most of the members now just download mods and make requests. A few years ago we used to talk more about baseball and less about mods. Actually, i don't think i've seen the old official Yankees thread since i've come back. Where did it end?
  3. I bet is gonna throw at A-rod- Hey Y4L, you still think that Cano is a lazy ***? :D
  4. ...Pitchers and catchers report in 3 days. ...And ST is going to start in about a month. I love baseball. ...And fantasy baseball is going to start in a couple of months. I love fantasy baseball ...I would love to see MLB 2K9 released in Europe. Unluckily, that's not gonna happen.
  5. He actually did? What a moron. Well, at least the Yankees didn't spend 10 millions dollar. ...Can't wait to see Spring training start. It's going to be an exciting season this year, i feel it. ...And hopefully the Yankees will win the WS. Hopefully. ...I would like to see MLB 2K9 on PC, altough i wouldn't buy it 'cause my computer sucks ...Oh, and MLB front manager sucks.
  6. I hate rap and Hip-Pop just because i don't like how it sounds. :lol:
  7. I love Queen, also i like listening to Pink Floyd. Altough i like Heavy Metal too (Black Sabbath, Metallica etc.). I hate Rap and Hip-Pop (Mark is going to kill me )
  8. Wow, i love AC/DC and Van Halen. Deep Purple, Iron Maiden and G'N'R are great too. I don't like Judas Priest. Do you listen to Queen Y4L?
  9. Join the Yankees...join the Yankees...join the Yankees...join the Yankees...join the Yankees...join the Yankees...
  10. What kind of music do you listen to, Y4L? Classical, Rock 'N Roll? ...2 years since joining the site, time flies. ...Just 1 month and a half before Spring Training. Can't wait to see some action! ...I'm going to see AC/DC in Milan the 21st of March. It's going to be great
  11. superciuc

    Site Issues

    Wow, it looks fantastic. Great work, Trues! EDIT: problem. It seems i can't change my personal image. It says that the upload failed.
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