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  1. Take your time man, that last one is alot better. Don't feel like you have to show one every day, work at your own pace or you'll burn yourself out on it :)
  2. For as much as you like cyberfaces, I think you should give it a try...Homer's tut and Jogar's tut are both awesome to learn from, it explains the process flawlessly. Its not hard to learn how, the hard part is getting good and it only comes with work and time. I hear ya there bro, I've only been able to work on 1 cyberface so far lol I'm such a perfectionist I don't think I'll ever be happy with it. You've come along way, don't let what I said discourage you at all as I look forward to your releases and my constructive criticism is only aimed at helping you get better with the limit
  3. Definitely looks more proportioned, I dig it!
  4. Instead of posting 5 straight posts about what is wrong, go to google and look at a pic lol Jed, I think you'd be better off trying to use the scale tool on the head and scale it up (all but the bottom verts (or points) so that the neck still lines up). Trust me I know how hard it is, Im pretty good at making the texture (the .fsh) still working on editing the shape. And even then what looks good in OEdit may not translate to the game. Keep plugging away bro!
  5. Castro needs a lil work, seems like his hat is way huge or his face is way small...The Cliff Lee looks awesome tho, definitely goin in my game..:)
  6. Wow man! Your really getting the hang of it, thats perfection can't wait til you release it :)
  7. Care to take a shot at Brett Jackson of the Cubs? Here is some pics: Click Here
  8. Thanks so very much! Very very nice work! The Quade is crazy all I can say is wow...Thanks again!
  9. Amazing Jogar, you and homer are the absolute best! Anyway we can get Andrew Cashner from the Cubs down the line? He's hurt right now but besides Castro and Brett Jackson he's the future. Thanks!
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