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  1. congratulation about your twins ~ I will waitng your portraits but I just want to mod Josh Vitters and Brett Jackson :-) before your portrait release Yep! I'm Cubs fan~~ what kind of modding tool do you use when modding? PLZ notice me~~~
  2. waiting after trade portraits~~~ :-)
  3. thnaks~ I'm Cubs fan, so I hope U make some cubs cyberface :-)
  4. thanks about took screenshot in game :-)
  5. very good!!! thanks a lot~ but U use mega-portrait pack, better to use face no 3087 :-)
  6. Can you upload screenshot about your works in game like other modders?
  7. thanks about works~ but can you upload modding players game screenshot?
  8. I'm glad to see U again~~~ thanks~~~ and I'll wating Your accessory patches~
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