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  1. Awesome man. I love these rosters!
  2. I agree Mark. If he was doing nothing refund the ticket price. If he wasnt heckling then my only other guess would be with as worked up as the fans got they feared for his safety.
  3. Cleveland fans can go a little overboard sometimes but in all honesty.....you have to be retarded to go to any game in cleveland wearing a Lebron Heat jersey. This guy was just asking for it. He should be lucky an escort was all he got.
  4. 1959 was 20 years before my time but years ago my dad gave me a complete team set of the Topps 1959 Indians. Havent looked at a Beckett in years. Would be interesting to see what there worth now.
  5. Time to bring this thread up to date with the start of what looks like the future will bring us. THE RETURN OF THE MONDAY NIGHT WARS!!!! 1/4/10 was a great night for wrestling fans and imo TNA did not disappoint. Coming from a hardcore WCW fan in the 90's TNA could be on its way to live on Monday nights soon enough. With Hogan, the NWO, the skys the limit. As for RAW....Seeing Bret was great but they dropped the ball big time on it. The rest of the show was the same ol same ol. I must say Sheamus is growing on me though. Hes not half bad when ya look at the alternatives lol. Lets get some opinions rolling in here.
  6. stamcoff1979

    1998 Mlb Mod

    Anyone else but me already figured out what dynasty to start when this bad boy is released? Seattle or Texas for me or maybe both lol.
  7. stamcoff1979

    1998 Mlb Mod

    Looks awesome! Can't wait Andy!
  8. Anyone having trouble running this on Win7 ultimate x64? The program loads fine but no matter what i try admin ect "address not found" is the end result. If ya got any ideas any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Trues if no ones mentioned it, even with the 2 downloads per day for normal users there are still restrictions on certain files. I found this out attempting to download updated portraits in the mvp 2005 section.
  10. Is it just me or did anyone else here watch the ppv last night and notice Kurt Angle looks like Randy Coutures long lost twin. It was almost frightening lol.
  11. One of my favorite sites. Dunno if its been posted before but here ya go. http://wrestlinggonewrong.com/
  12. I made it to NWO this past sunday and that was one hell of a show. Cant wait till WM HBK vs Taker will be awesome, Hardy vs Hardy hmmm could possibly be good and if the rumors have any truth to them Hogan vs cena or jericho which being a huge Hogan mark will sell me on that match alone.
  13. Lawler is a huge Tribe and Browns fan.
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