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  1. Yeah, the alphas would still need to be made but ESPN does a lot of the work for you by extracting the background. A simply action in Photoshop could crank them out in no time.
  2. Don't know how many people know this but if you go to ESPN, find the player, right click on the portrait and open in new tab/window, and then delete the last little bit (&w=350&h=254), you get a large portrait already in a PNG. B. Abreu (LA Dodgers) - #4 - A. Gonzalez (Rangers) - #7469 - C. Thomas (Twins) - #6551 C. Stewart (Yankees) - #6358 - V. Chulk (Brewers) - #2224 S. Camp (Cubs) - #2214 - Joe Wieland -
  3. Speaking of managers... any chance we'll see a Dale Sveum (Cubs manager)? Here is a picture from last year (he still looks the same) if you are interested.
  4. Check out www.baseballbacks.com!

  5. I was thinking the same thing. Happened last year too. Didn't want to be "that guy". Little update. I working on creating the right sizes so cropping and resizing don't make it look to horrible.
  6. Hmmmmm... I wonder if there is a way to find out what happens. Can somebody post a stock image example of some of the screens to get a general idea of what happens?
  7. Jim, this is great to know. Do you know how the game handles what shows up on the size? Do they just crop what isn't seen or smush the image? What is the visible size seen? As soon as I know this, I can start working on converting everything over to BMP.
  8. Thanks for the kind words. I decided that MVPmods has done more for the game than EA has so...
  9. Screens are done. They are in the process of being converted and packaged. If you can't wait until then, go ahead and download the screen from above and install using the correct tools.
  10. So I am again doing a graphic overhaul for the MVP 12 mod. Trying to replace all the screens in the game. Here are players from each of the 30 teams.
  11. I'm updating the screens for the '12 mod. I'd love to get pictures Jose Reyes and Jose Bautista with the new uniforms for the screens. I can find the smaller/medium sized ones but nothing that will look good because the lack of quality. Does anyone know where I can find some high quality Spring Training photos? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. So are you the go to guy for the mod? Also, I can get started as soon as we say we are going to do this.
  13. So I'm that guy who made the updated artwork (with help from Homer and Dennis James). I'd be willing to update it to MVP 12 standards BUT like everyone else, I'm willing to do it if we get definite yeses from people. If we do get yeses, then we need to set a date and shoot for it. But, again, like everyone else is saying, we need one main guy to wrangle everyone in. Could we give MVP one last hurrah? I think we could. We just need people to start committing. So... I'm in. I'll get artwork created (need help packaging it for computer) but I'll get the design work done.
  14. Big Cubbie fan (it sucks)... any chance we could get a Darwin Barney? Love the Quade!
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