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  1. Dear Hanny I'm sorry for the late contact. Thanks to you, I am so happy to play games with the legends of the 1990s and the current stars. Thank you very much. Could you share your long hair face with Randy Johnson? Once again, we apologize for the delay and thank you for your time. The season is not long ^^ I look forward to good material. Thank you.
    i want to share your face~ give me th passward ollre@naver.com thank you your works~~
    i want play with legends! and enjoy the game! let't go to the 1990's mlb and enjoy the games^^
  2. hi. i am korean i want to this file! please send me password~ thank you~
  3. alway thank  you for your product!!!

    i ask you 1998 Montreal Expos members!?

    please ~~



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