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  1. Are there current tutorials on how to do everything for the rosters including, portraits, cyberfaces, etc.? Thanks in advance.
  2. So I have to learn how to use the tool for cyberfaces to download and integrate any of the roster updates into my mods? Are there specific tutorials on downloading the tools needed for this? I seriously might consider learning all of the tools to make my all-time rosters. I know it will take hours upon hours, but might be worth it for me to get a dynasty/franchise the way I want to.
  3. Thanks for this. So to integrate 2021 roster files for MVP 15 that I found made by Gordo, I would need to delete all of the .dat files first before extracting them into the game? I actually looked and could not find the .dat files in the modded version folder. Maybe I will ask the question over on the actual mod and keep searching for those files first. I would just like to play a current season first before I move onto to other ventures, and maybe some of the classic mods as well. I really would love to learn how to use all of the tools needed to make all of those All Time r
  4. Awesome. Thanks for the clarification. I would not even attempt to build the rosters with MVP edit haha. No way. Ok I will look at directions when seeking the rosters I am looking to use. Do you know if anyone made a good 2020 complete conversion mod for MVP yet? I do not think I saw one when searching last night, but maybe I missed it. As for the all time, integrated rosters that I am seeking, is it possible I could request that in the modding section? Is the team of unbelievable modders here usually pretty willing to do requests? If someone was willi
  5. Ok great I will definitely need to check that mod out. Thanks for the heads up. I am specifically talking about trying to integrate different players from different era teams into one mod. So let's say I downloaded 2021 rosters, but I also wanted to use other rosters from other mods or classic teams, is that possible? For example, if I wanted to create an all Yankees team, and have Judge from the current Yankees, but get Bernie Williams and Jeter on the same roster from classic teams. Is that possible? Is there a way to integrate different rosters into same season mod to
    Awesome work. The rosters, portraits, soundtrack, stadiums, uniforms, and announcers are amazing. This is the first mod I downloaded and it did not disappoint. Thanks for the hard work. Tremendous detail!
  6. So I finally figured it out. I was just not properly copying the mod into the clean MVP folder properly. I got the 76 mod up and running. Have not played the actual game yet, but got the game loaded, and looked at the rosters and portraits. Great work! Game looks awesome! Thank you for you all your help. I know I do have more questions regarding integrating different rosters, and players from different mods into a single mod, but I am hoping there are threads for that already. Thanks again for the patience and helping me with the game. I am very appreciative of your communication an
  7. I understand that. I am just confused because the game keeps crashing when I try and make the copy of the game. I may need to reinstall.
  8. Sounds good. Yes I may have to re-install because I do not think it is possible to install a second copy of the game with the discs with the game already on the system. The installer for the mods is actually easy to use, just a matter of getting the MVP application to work with the mods for me now. If I can make a second installation, I will follow the exact instructions on the multiple mods thread you have and see if it works that way. Thanks again for the help.
  9. Well the only copy I have is a clean copy, and it's easy to make a copy. But the problem may be that MVP patch 2, I need to download. If that isn't it, I may need to just re-install the entire program because that appears to be the issue if nothing else works.
  10. I re-downloaded the mod, and extracted to clean version of the app, and hit yes to all when asked to extract over the files and replace existing. The application still will not run. Looks like I will need to uninstall and re-install the entire game and try again. It has to be something with my original installation. Unless I am missing a necessary patch or something? I seriously cannot understand what is going wrong.
  11. Find the location of a CLEAN (or patched) copy of MVP Baseball 2005 and click "Extract". This must be the step I am not understanding or performing correctly. I am clicking extract on the Mod and selecting MVP Baseball 2005 as the location? Yes I looked at the readme file too. I am going to try and figure this out today. It appears I am just doing this wrong with the extraction. Appreciate the help.
  12. Hmm. No. I double click on the file after it is downloaded, and open it with the 7zip file manager I have to open the file. There was no installer instructions that popped up. Just an explodeme file that I assumed you open to begin the extraction/download process? Should there be an installer option I am not seeing? This is likely the problem for me then.
  13. Ok so I picked a TC1976 mod, and extracted all of the contents to new folder using 7zip program and run the MVP2005.exe and it crashes again. It has to be a problem with the application. It is odd because even without the mod the exe app crashes, but the MVP shortcut works. Is there any way to fix this without an uninstall and reinstall? It has to be an issue with the original install I am guessing. If not I will proceed with a complete re-install of MVP after uninstalling. Thanks again.
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