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    incredible work. keep it up! your a pioneer in creating classic 2k mods that we have been dying for
  1. open the image file in photoshop & then save it as a jpeg file
  2. the readme file is located in the programs folder you installed it in dcstadium
    Jim is a mod god. download this masterpiece right now.
  3. Understood, and actually that makes a lot of sense. Do you plan to force the necessary roster moves when appropriate; Price/Kimbrel going into 2016 season? Again, keep us updated as you go along.. really cool stuff.
  4. This is awesome, keep it coming. Especially "what they're saying", as laroquece pointed out. Makes me want to start a dynasty of my own (mets). Out of curiosity, why did you start in 2015 as opposed to 2016?
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