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  1. ogbeshe

    320p 2015 Season Uniform collection

    segui todos los pasos de la instalacion, el frontend no coincide con el orden de los uniformes y sigo teniendo los mismos uniformes, lo unico que cambia es el frontend..... alguien sabe porque esta pasando eso?
  2. ogbeshe

    320p 2015 Season Uniform collection

    cual es la correcta instalacion?
  3. ogbeshe

    Game crashes

    ready, I did it like you said... It runs very good..... thank you
  4. ogbeshe

    Game crashes

    very thanks I didn't update cyberfaces I'll try....
  5. ogbeshe

    Game crashes

    mvp2005.exe crashes when I updating the roster, it only allows 2005 rosters... somebody know about this error?
  6. I got the same problem....