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  1. Hi there, i guess i'm having the same problems that Mr.E says, i can't find an actuall mlb 2k12 tutorial to give you the right direction on what you need and how to do it in order to make it works, i have a pretty decent dds of The Kid because i can't find anywhere a Ken Griffey CF and honestly i don't believe it,..so if it some help over there, just let it know, because i need it. In order to prove what i'm saying, here's the files, these are some of the examples that i wanna make as a CF, but i can't find the way to make it through from Photoshop work, i really don't know how to work on blender yet, if someone can give me a hand i would be gratefull. Griffey Face3.dds Griffey Face.dds Griffey Face2.dds
  2. how can i convert this file into a mlb 2k12?...
  3. Can someone help me how to install it?, i use the TIT app, but show during installation, couple of errors, "doesn't find the explodeme, or loader, could someone have the actuall file on zip o rar version.
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