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    I am passionate about SF Giants and Tim Lincecum is my favorite pitcher of all time

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  1. I don't remember dude, it was a long time ago. And btw I kinda gave up on my franchise @Kccitystar sorry for the late reply. I'm waiting for your new roster to drop out so I'll start a new franchise. My franchise file was all messed up after 3 seasons, also I have conflicting mods I think. I'll start modding from 0 when the new roster comes out.
  2. @Kccitystar I'm really sorry to bother you again with my issues, but I have a problem with my franchise mode again and I didn't want to create another topic here just for this. Thing is I can't sim past a game of the Yankees vs. A's for some reason. There's something bugged about the Yankees in my franchise file. Every time I slide to their page on MLB site the game crashes, and when I try to sim this game againts the A's the game crashes as well. I tried looking through the rosters and everything seems fine. Outside franchise mode everything seems fine with the team, doesn't look like it's any mod problem. I know my save is all effed up, because there are players which doesn't show stats and sometimes I check the boxscore and it shows some other players name instead of the actual player on the team, to me this is not a problem (hey if the game still running that's ok, don't fix if it ain't broken). I've been able to solve other issues I had before by releasing some "bugged" players (that would cause crash) and lowering their ratings so they're never hired again, but this time shit seems real and I don't know what to do. If you could take a look at my file I'd be grateful. I've been playing in this save for 3 or 4 seasons and I built my dream team and I didn't want to start all over again. Franchise1.FXG
  3. never mind I managed to fix it
  4. @Kccitystar I recently installed your Marlins uniform, but when I went to install the marlins colorlist txt with the roster editor it said it failed and now my franchise archive is corrupted, can you help me with that? not sure if this is the right place to ask, but please help me out. Franchise1.FXG
    Best one i've seen so far for Pederson
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