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  1. I don't think I've faced them. I'll keep and eye on them. But since you said they were also as tough, I'm not looking forward to it hahaha.
  2. Hey Jim825! I'm playing the dynasty mode on TC 1978, and man, that is awesome! Just unbelievable. Also, Ron Guidry and Nolan Ryan... they are almost unbeatable. Great job on that conversion mod. Kudos to you! :clapping:
  3. bigpapifan

    Windows 7

    It plays better on 7 than it did on Vista. At least with me. Plus, you have the compatibility tab, where you can choose some settings.
  4. bigpapifan

    Site Issues

    I still have to hit the refresh button to see the topics. Don't know why, though...
  5. One thing that has been bothering me a lot is the type of errors the CPU is making. If I hit a line drive to the outfield, and clearly that's going to be a double, and somehow the CPU outfielder mess up the catch, I don't even get credited with a base hit!? It's like I reached the base because of his error, while in fact and was almost getting to 2nd base or sometimes heading to third base. Is this a game bug, or is it my datafile? I'm using Jim825_combo_datafile_v5. Thanks!
  6. I've created a roster and started a dynasty, but I want to make more changes. If I make these changes, will they affect my dynasty? No. The rosters that you start the dynasty with are stored in the dynasty file itself, and that hasn't been edited successfully yet. If you want your created dynasty to have the latest changes you've made, you'll have to restart your dynasty. The same applies to owner mode. This is where I think I screwed up. I have KG's 7.31 Plus rosters, along with kg_faces and kg_cyberfaces_addon1. I'm using my own roster, based on KG's last rosters (7.1 or 7.2), because I changed some attributes and types of pitches. So, every time I run the game, I load my roster. But I got a little bit too cocky, and I decided to play with MVPedit and KG's .mbe file. I changed San Francisco Giants' Pablo Sandoval bone profile (personal) and some other things on the clothing section - arm bands, gloves... -. However, this is where I screwed up. I clicked file -> export -> dat files. And went to play the game. With the reseted rosters (KG's 7.31) Sandoval didn't change anything - his stats, appearance, nothing... - , but his cyber face was OK (it had been modified with kg_cyberfaces_addon1. But when I load MY roster (again, it's the same one as KG's but I made some tweaks for myself), Pablo Sandoval has a generic face. What the heck did I do!? Can someone help me? Thanks, guys!
  7. Good thing: I downloaded that program that supposedly will increase the pitch meter, and it did. Bad thing: my game now looks like this: I'll try something different tomorrow...
  8. I just changed the value to 255 and no difference. I tried with those programs but couldn't increase the green bar. Heck, I guess I'll have to adjust myself to that hard pitch meter. Wish me luck! Thanks for helping me out! P.S.: I'm gonna start playing with those sliders you posted here, almost exactly identical, so maybe I'll fall in love with the pitch meter just like you did :lol:
  9. I'm gonna bother you once again, daflyboys. So, I read the thread you posted before, I opened the datafile.txt with DFCompUtil and bigGUI, changed the values on 'perfectaccuracygreen' from 127 (I think) to 185 or 200 but nothing changed. It seems that the datafile ins't replacing the values, because the green bar in the pitch meter remains too small. What am I doing wrong here?
  10. I need to leave now, but i'll read that thread for sure. I was searching for thread that would help, but all the links directed me to the homepage of mvpmods. Later tonight or early tomorrow I'll reply this thread here. Thanks for you help daflyboys!
  11. I may be onto something. I opened the datafile.big with BigGUI or whatever it's called, and exported the datafile.txt to my desktop. All I got to do is search in this exported datafile.txt the values and copy and change that value. Is that right? But I have no idea what's the value that corresponds to the green bar on the pitch meter. I think the size of the pitch meter is good, but the green bar should be bigger.
  12. Maybe it's 92 PitchLocGreen, or 116 MeterStartGreen, 124 MeterBackgroundGreen, 128 OutlineGreen, 141 PerfectAccuracyGreen, 147 LineColorGreen, 152 AccuracyGreen, or even 156 MeterGreen? I downloaded MD's datafiles lines (excel format), and DFCompUtil, but I don't know what values should I put. And since you and I are using the same datafile, and thought I'd ask you :)
  13. OK, now I'm using the pitch cursor on "fade" and the game is much more realistic. More BB and more pitches thrown. However, even with the pitch meter difficulty at +50 I can't get strikes and it's too hard to play against the cpu. daflyboys, sorry to bother you again, but what do I have to change on the datafile to get the green bar on the pitch meter a little bigger? It's too small. Thanks
  14. I tried the "no-look" method once. Well, I walked a lot of batters and couldn't locate my pitches. But heck, that's the most realistic feature. Maybe I'll get use to it, but as of now I'm not a very good.
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