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    Outstanding. Started my season and everything looks awesome.
  1. If I remember right, no matter how old or how new my system was the game only allowed the highest resolution to be 1280 X 1024. My display setting is 2560 X 1080.
  2. That is the motherboard your talking about.
  3. I use to have a Dell and then an HP years ago. Both were a pain in the butt to configure. I now build my own systems from scratch and have not had an issue of any kind. Dells and HP's are usually bloated and hard to configure. If I had to mess with either one again I would use my gun.
  4. Yes otherwise it will boot the default OS whichever one it shows as default.
  5. Sounds good. Just disconnect any harddrive with an OS on it first. Then install the Win 7 on a HDD (clean install) just like you didn't have any other HDD at all. Should work fine.
  6. I have always had the Win 7 OS. I have a large case and have removable SSD slots on the front. I just eject the Win 7 SSD and insert a blank SSD and use the MCT tool to clean install Win 10. I had Win 8 for a short time and did the free upgrade to 10 so I never had to mess with the Win 7 drive. Main thing is not to have either OS connected with you install either Win 7 or Win 10. Sometimes the install with corrupt and install some files on the wrong disk. Not sure if any of this made any sense.
  7. I actually have four SSD's installed. 1 Win 10 c drive with OS on it. 1 Win 10 d: drive with programs, photos, documents, games etc. 1 Win 7 c and d partitions with the only game being MVP2005. 1 1TB used for the macrium auto backup of the Win 10 c & d drives. 1 500GB SSD for miscellaneous backup files of random software etc. Each OS was installed without the other drives connected.
  8. I dual boot Win 10 and Win 7. Only thing I use Win 7 for is this game. Works great with no issues of any kind.
  9. Yeah I had to go back to the default uniforms as my game would crash as soon as the uni select screen came on.
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