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  1. 1 hour ago, picklebrad said:

    I would work on that Turkey neck a little bit more but GREAT start!


    Yeah I was wondering how he was going to get that fat face done..

    15 hours ago, LetsGoFish2015 said:

    Sorry. I am just trying to help.  I'm not trolling.  But I see several ppl recently posted only to ask Jed to do the faces they want.  Why not warn them too?

    Stop quoting old post to continue to be relevant! It's annoying man, stop posting in this thread unless you are to support Jed and nothing more!


    I've been nice so far, but you act like a child, and we've been trying to speak to you like an adult! 


    It's very disrespectful what you're doing and you know it. Cut it out, stay in your own thread and focus on your craft, you keep claiming trying to help, 100% of the people here have pointed out your faces aren't for 2K12 period!

  2. 6 hours ago, Kccitystar said:


    Much appreciated brother, I have stumbled upon something critical though with this roster that's made me overhaul all of my work and streamline things a little better:


    An Update:


    Time to explain some research I've been working on. It looks like I'm going to have to make some sort of structure for this roster, which will be fun since I have all the data I need populated.




    So it turns out, on REDitor, when you copy a row, ANY row, you also copy the reference to that slot.


    If you create a player outside of doing it in the game, you should not duplicate an existing player slot. This is a problem.

    If you ever worked on a roster and you copied a player to put in the new value for a new guy, what I've noticed is that the game will still announce them as the original player in commentary.

    That's probably because the player that's being referenced had their slot copied to make that player. Since that was a copied slot, it carries an in-game reference to the previous player (Inside Edge data, commentary audio references) that can't be changed from what's visible on REDitor.


    This should explain why some players have the audio ID of someone else even though the global ID is different, and if you created him in the game and edited that on REDitor afterward, the game doesn't mention the old player anymore. The reason being that there are CAP slots specific to the position the player plays.


    Your best bet to avoid problems (if you're like me and you want to do this outside of REDitor and then test in-game) is to copy the CAP slots for each position (0-8, meaning from P to RF) for as many players as you will need, or better yet, if you are making a player from scratch, copy a CAP slot with the player's position type rather than copy an existing player.


    Managers use specific appearance slots as well, and when we clone appearance slots there is a chance we'll get a guy with a jacket as a pitcher (which crashes the game).

    Sounds very complicated

  3. 43 minutes ago, Kccitystar said:

    See, I didn't forget about your request, my friend. I thought of you ❤️ 


    A separate roster with the CF ID's intended for the MLB2K20 project exists ;)

    You are the man....thanks so much for that!

  4. 2 hours ago, Kccitystar said:

    An Update:




    All players and legends teams have been imported into the roster and the only team with career stats at the moment are the AL and NL Greats teams. I should be able to start testing my changes tonight or tomorrow since the Teams tab will need work (to put everybody on the right teams).


    Ideally a full beta release will likely have ZERO stats for everyone.


    Progress should be moving faster now.

    This is amazing news...I'm so ready to get this roster, so I can start adding the proper faces to each team...

  5. 50 minutes ago, LetsGoFish2015 said:

    Here ya go!

    Dallas Keuchel.png

    Seriously man stop posting in JED's thread, how many times you have to be asked that, and even posted in Picklebread thread.


    I'm glad your trying to do faces and all, and I'm glad you're getting better at it, but they aren't for 2k12 and you need to really stop trolling others threads. It's really immature and disrespectful.

    6 hours ago, Jed said:

    Of course, Bro............



    This is amazing, and your details remain 1000% amazing.

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