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  1. A player can't decide to grow a little stubble?
  2. No problem, guaranteed. And if it is a virus, don't PM me, contact my lawyer directly: Saul Goodman @ Better Call Saul! Albuquerque NM. :D
  3. Common occurrence with many of these mods and editing tools, here and on other sites. Strictly a user antivirus issue. I've removed a couple of free antivirus programs from my PC because they would do that.
  4. MercyLord, just want to say I appreciate you sharing this. I'm not an IE person myself, but it sounds like a really great find you discovered. Good work.
  5. Thought I'd share this if anyone is interested. I'm an old-school PC baseball gamer and grew up on the Hardball series, FPS Baseball, HH, etc. back in the early 90s. The thing that's missing for me with 2K baseball is zone hitting. I personally find timing-only to be a bit mindless and a tad too easy for my tastes. So I've been tweaking aspects of the game in order to increase both hitting difficulty and realism. The first thing I did was raise the pitch speed slider to 100. That in itself makes the game idiotically difficult as it's just too hard to read most pitches properly. And the ability to read pitches is a huge part of the strategy of hitting, plus it's a fun aspect of the gameplay. I then globally lowered the pitch speed of most pitchers' pitches, way down. What that does is slow down and lower the speed of all pitches, making it possible to then read pitches when playing with the pitch slider at 100. Doing this essentially reduces pitch speed to what you'd experience with the pitch speed slider at 65 or so. Next, I edited individual pitchers' pitch speeds, and raised in particular their FB speeds back up to where those speeds were previously. In some cases I set them even higher. What this does is increase both the visual and actual differential between slow versus fast pitches when compared to the game's default setup. Meaning, an 88 mph FB will now look the same or even slower than before, while a 99 mph FB will absolutely look much faster than it previously did. You have to see and experience this in action, but I think you can understand how this adds a degree of difficulty and realism to hitting. And especially when the CPU or your opponent brings in a closer to toss heat at the end of the game. You've gotten your swing timing down during the middle innings and are used to the speed of some scrub reliever’s FB. But then their heat-throwing closer enters the game, and suddenly it looks and feels like he's firing missiles past you compared to the FBs you’ve been swinging at for several innings. Anyway, try it Mikey, you'll like it!
  6. bangus

    Astros To Al

    Can't see it working even if you move the Astros with reditor, at the very least the season schedule and playoff bracket code would have to be completely rewritten.
  7. Yup. Nice to see people thinking outside the box to resolve game issues. But I don't bother with IE. It's essentially useless because it's not dynamic. It should change day-to-day and season-to-season for each player, but doesn't. Another half-developed, poorly implemented feature by 2K.
  8. Thanks, that's what I was wondering. Another reason for me not to upgrade to 2K12 anytime soon.
  9. Not sure what the issue is, is it 2k12? Because I can globally edit 2K11 player ratings no problem ( I don't play 2K12).
  10. I play with a generic player roster. Most players are rated in the 50s and 60s overall, with only 12 players the entire league rated in the 70s. Players' contact ratings average around 45, and the highest is 69. Contact isn't the issue for me. The game's lack of zone hitting makes hitting too easy, period. When you don't have to actually aim the bat towards the pitch location, it's just a wee bit too simplified for my tastes. I get around that by raising the pitch speed. 90 for me is the perfect challenge: I can still judge balls and strikes, but Ps can blow FBs by me if I'm not on my toes all the time.
  11. With the lack of a zone hitting option in 2K baseball, there is already very little that is challenging about the hitting in this game. The only way to increase the challenge is to raise the default pitch speed, otherwise getting decent wood on the ball is about as difficult as shooting fish in a barrel. Yes, the game is more fun and easier when the pitch speed is a bit slower. But it's definitely not more challenging.
  12. Actually, raising some pitchers' pitch speeds can be a great way to up the challenge. I did that back in the day when I played The Show on the PS2. I would spread the pitch speed ratings out more so that there was a much greater differentation between, say, a 90 mph FB and a 98 mph FB. Really made a huge difference when the CPU would pull a soft tosser and stick a flame thrower in. Took a number of AB's to adjust and get used to the increased velocity.
  13. I have mine at 90 which I love. When I want a challenge, I'll bump it to 100. I just find with 100 that I'm not reading pitches anymore, just twitch-reacting. It's okay for a change, but it takes some of the strategy away from the game for me.
  14. Are you talking about Gary Thorne or the PA guy? The PA guy always announces my name, don't know about Thorne because I'm still in AA. I have things set to Realtime as well. FYI, there seem to be some batting lineup positions that cause the hitter's name to be announced less than others. Example: the #2 guy in the order when the inning starts doesn't get his name mentioned by Thorne as much as other hitters in the lineup. Thorne will say the first hitter's name, then when the second hitter comes up, they end up chatting about something else. Happens at the start of a new game anyway.
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