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  1. Ken Griffey, Jr. Presents Major League Baseball Anyone know where do get this or anyone want to help make this :)
  2. it says button 3 buts its actually button 1 for wall climb and run over catcher was in mlb 2k11 so i assumed it would be in 2k12 in 2k11 it is listed under buttons
  3. Wall Climb/Rob Homerun on Logitech Dual Analog? how is this achieved?
  4. Running over/into catcher on Logitech Dual Analog? How is this achieved ?
  5. Searching on MVPmods ? where is the search function :crazy: :crazy:
  6. there is no way I would play 162 games never have never will too many games come out per month. In nba2k12 i played like 75 games so maybe 50 for mlb this year looks to be same exact game but a couple new features added I do like the new fielding system though. Best of 3 is good amount of games for me as well then add kicks in and move on to next project like peter griffin style :crazy: :crazy: also you can always hit Rosters>edit player edit rosters is on so you hate lincecum make him 0 OVR :crazy:
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