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  1. Scottybilly, the type of people like this Sparrick person does not want to contribute in any way. All they want is the mod and they want it now. Nothing else will make them happy and the amount of work it takes to make this mod is irrelevant. They just want it and that's that. No reasoning with them at all. You guys on this project are doing an outstanding job.
  2. You didn't commit any sin but why should they? If this mod was all about a roster and nothing more it would have been released a long time ago.
  3. I am getting tired of this too. This is an English speaking website and that is how it is.
  4. I bet he didn't Jim and I hope he doesn't decide to do 1997 instead because that's done too.
  5. There is a huge difference in asking one of our knowledgeable members here questions so you can understand how this game is run so you can be more familiar with it as compared to the ones who just pester the modders for the 2k17 mod or the ones who believe all they have to do is demand things and people will do their work for them.
  6. Good work!
  7. I don't think they look bad at all.
  8. Agreed!!! I don't even bother trying to figure out what is being said anymore because this is and will always be an English speaking website.
  10. Why bump a two-year-old thread?
  11. Any computer. Remember, it is a twelve-year-old game.
  12. Read the directions.
  13. Look who's talking. Try the Caribe website. They make the mod for the WBC.
  14. We used to. His name was Hector (HFLR) and they even drove him nuts. He also was an admin over at the Caribe site.
  15. English please.