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    ​Then you ran TiT incorrectly. There are many topics already made on how to install, run and how to use TiT. Search the forums.
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    Jogar you are a true professional.
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    Don't have it.
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    What's an assist mod title?
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    PGE Park (Portland Beavers) by DennisJames71 v1.0.0
    Filling a request here. This is PGE Park made by DennisJames71. All work, credit and honors go to him.
    This mod will replace the a003day.big stadium so back up your files.
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    ​I was just about to say that. Thank you.
    Stretch63: I suggest you spend some quality time in the download area. You will be pleasantly surprised.
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    Total Classics 1993 Continued
    A close one here in Toronto.

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    There is a new member of the Total Conversion family and this contribution is from someone new to Mvpmods. Some of you may know him from his work on the NBA series from 2K sports, Hawk233391. Through a series of PM's with me Hawk was so intent on using the 1993 Chicago White Sox to play a dynasty with that when he found out we didn't have that team anywhere on the site, he went out and did something about it. The closest we had was the 1994 White Sox which can be found in Total Classics Phase 10.
    That was fine for Hawk but he still wanted the 1993 edition so he went about making Total Classics 1993 which you can download by clicking right here.
    The first thing you will see is the installation of this mod is a lot different then what you are normally used to in a total classics mod. Namely, there is no installer. But that's not a deal breaker because it is an easy mod to get up and running if you follow these simple steps.
    1. As always, have a clean copy of Mvp 2005 available.
    2. Extract the TC 1993 file and then run the explodeme.exe file.
    3 You will then get the DATA folder for TC 1993. Cut and paste that data folder over the one in the clean copy of Mvp that you have and you are all set.
    The first thing that usually stands out in any conversion mod is the music the modder chose to include and while Hawk's choices were very good and each song complimented the mod very well, what caught my eye was the tribute to Hory for his work on his 1994 mod that was completed all those years ago.
    It would have been easy for him to just thank Hory in the mod description that is on the website but he included his thanks and appreciation on the main page in the game where it could not possibly missed by anyone.
    After all that it was time to pick out two teams so I could test out the '93 mod and I randomly chose the California Angels visiting the Toronto Blue Jays at the Skydome.
    The Blue Jays were tough back then and with players like Rickey Henderson hitting on that artificial turf in Toronto he was a tough out and he showed it in this game. But Chili Davis of the Angels was no slouch either as he hit two home runs for California. The first got the Angels closer to Toronto after the Jays took an early lead and the second one was a lead off shot in the ninth that gave them a well-earned 7 - 6 victory.
    The game plays well, looks good and is a welcome addition to the total classics experience on our website.
    Thank you Hawk!
    Welcome to Total Classics 1993.

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    Updated to 5-3
    ...I don't want to jinx any of the pitchers in the Major Leagues right now except maybe the pitching staff of the Boston Red Sox but Tommy John surgeries have been way down this season and I think that that along with the lack of rain-outs we have had this year this has been the best news of this young season. There's been a couple of no-name pitchers that have gone down but other than that lady luck has been with the pitchers so far. Although I am sure if you ask Adam Wainwright or Brandon McCarthy they would look at me like I was nuts. See you in 2016.
    ...Masahiro Tanaka on the other hand could be a different story. Last Tuesday the New York Yankees placed him on the fifteen day disabled list even though they expect him to be out much longer because he was diagnosed with a mild Grade One strain of his right forearm and tendinitis in his right wrist. He's lucky his shoulder wasn't sore because then they'd have to cut the whole arm off. As cautious as the Yankees are I don't see him coming back until around the All-Star Game. Maybe David Price was right when he said that his injury was from pitching in that thirty-four-degree day in Detroit the other week. No matter what the Yankees are that much more vulnerable, and it didn't take long for that to happen.
    ...If C.C. Sabathia has a sudden turn-around for the remainder of the season we may be able to thank Krispy Kreme for it. Maybe this is why he was so good in Boston the other night. Those guys had a promotion last week where if you bought a one dozen donuts you would get another dozen for free and they will match you dozen-for-dozen. I can not go into a Krispy Kreme myself because I don't trust myself in there. Those glazed ones they have are so good you can knock off a half dozen of them before you know they're gone. Those guys should watch it though because with the money that he has he can put them out of business in one day.
    ...If the Yankees had to play in Baltimore that day they played the game where no fans were allowed in instead of the White Sox, Alex Rodriguez still would have found a way to get booed.
    ...Just when I begin to take a couple of steps back to try and see Red Sox fans as just people who happen to like a team I can't stand, one of them does something to make me re-think my opinion and just like that I'm hating them all over again. You can blame a son of a ***** named Mike Shuster for this because he's the guy who caught Alex Rodriguez' 660th home run ball that he hit into the Monster Seats at Fenway Park on Friday night. Part of the reason why he wants to hold onto the ball is out of spite because that pinch-hit home run gave the Yankees a 3 - 2 victory and part of it is to see how much he could squeeze out of Rodriguez. MLB.com interviewed this guy and he was talking about how lucky he got to catch the ball because he's a Red Sox fan and that he came to the game ten minutes late because of his job. The guy looked like a homeless bum and his job must have been holding up a sign at a street corner that said "Will Work for Food." No where in the interview did he say what he was going to do with the ball but he made sure to tell the newspapers that he had no intention of returning the ball. Even the Red Sox themselves tried to offer him things for the ball but he said no. If he thinks the Red Sox would have done the right thing and give the ball back to Rodriguez he is not much of a fan because they'd hold it for ransom too. I'm glad he hit that home run and he hit it at the right time because it helped win a game. But it's too bad it happened in Boston. He would have had a better chance getting the ball back had he hit it someplace else. Then again, what else should you expect from that fanbase?
    ...Well, it's official now and it's still a little hard to believe but Josh Hamilton found his way back to Texas and is a Ranger again and the Angels couldn't be happier about it. They wanted him gone so bad that they paid a division rival, a club that they face nineteen times a season, sixty-three million dollars for the next three years to go and play for them. And what did the Angels get in return? The Rangers have to give them a player to be named later or cash considerations. In other words do what you want just as long as you take him. Give the Angels a player with two broken arms. They'll take him. Or throw a few bucks at them before the season's done. That'll work. Or if the Rangers don't even want to go that far the Angels will let them off the hook with an I.O.U. that they would never been too concerned about collecting.
    ...Tell us how you really feel, Dept: A blogger at SB Nation who covers the Angels was permanently relieved of his position as lead Angels blogger after a blistering post about Josh Hamilton. The post was quickly removed but not before someone was able to capture it for posterity. This guy held nothing back. He called Hamilton a "coddled hillbilly" which if you think about it is true. You could just feel his hatred for Hamilton in every word he wrote. I think he was removed from SB Nation because he held nothing back when he went after Hamilton and they were worried that Hamilton would sue. This just goes to show all of you who think I am over the top with my hatred of David Ortiz. I'm not even in this guy's league. And in case you're wondering I don't want Ortiz or anyone else to die a violent death. I'd rather see him spend the rest of his life in a maximum security prison with no possibility of parole.
    ...A fan in Wrigley Field had to be hospitalized last Monday night when rookie infielder Addison Russell swung at a pitch and the bat flew out of his hand and hit someone that was sitting a couple rows behind the Cubs' on-deck circle. The fan is ok now and even though it has been almost a week now he probably still has a pretty bad headache. When I read about this I immediately thought of an incident involving Cory Snyder at Silver Stadium almost twenty-nine-years ago. Snyder was playing for the Maine Guides then and after a tough at-bat where he ended up popping out he threw his bat in the direction of the visitor's dugout. Unfortunately for Snyder that is not where the bat ended up because the pine tar from the bat stuck to his hand and the bat went flying into the box seats behind the Guides dugout and it cut an old woman's lip and broke the nose of her granddaughter. So on one at-bat Snyder ended up going 2 for 3. 
    This was a perfect opportunity for a lawsuit and these women did not let it go by. They pressed charges and Snyder was arrested and they ended up filing a 2.3 million dollar lawsuit against him. Fortunately for Snyder these two greedy cows didn't receive anything when a judge dismissed the charges during the 1986 off season. 
    ...A Catholic school in Michigan dismissed a twelve-year-old girl who was diagnosed with leukemia and because of that was not able to attend school regularly. They said they had concerns about her attendance and academic performance but according to her mother she was on track to pass all of her classes despite being so sick. That's the part that puzzles me. It's not like the kid is staying home because she can't put the Playstation down. This is a tough disease for anyone to fight especially for someone this young. And nothing against Catholic schools but those places make you pay through the nose to go there. I'm surprised they are turning away money. Somehow I think this kid will get back in there. It makes no sense keeping her out for reasons like this.
    ...Pedro Martinez has done his best to re-invent himself ever since he was able to sneak into the Hall of Fame this past off-season. You can argue that he had a great career and won three Cy Young awards but the fact remains that he only won two hundred and nineteen games. Divide that number up over his eighteen-year career and that's about twelve games a year. But what is done is done. Pedro's got a book coming out because I have no plans on reading about the world according to a hotheaded headhunter. I did read an excerpt on the book where he said that his biggest regret in baseball was throwing Don Zimmer to the ground in the 2003 playoffs. When he did it and for a long time afterwards he couldn't care less about what he did to Zimmer but in the book it's now the thing he regrets most. Amazing. Well, at least this book will sell in Boston. I just wouldn't count on it any place else.
    ...I got e-mails periodically all day on Friday from the Oakland Raiders website telling me who they chose in the draft and they also gave me the opportunity to purchase the jerseys from all the new draftees. They're always thinking of me.
    ...For some reason Roots, the miniseries which aired on ABC television in January of 1977 and was one of the most successful miniseries' is going to be remade and will air sometime next year. The original series earned thirty-seven Emmy nominations and they took home nine of them. This remake has almost impossible shoes to fill and they'd probably do a better job re-airing the original series. I wouldn't mind because I never saw it when it was on back then since I was too involved in mid-term exams.
    ...Proving that the Chinese have nothing else to do except make crappy imports, they are mad at Katy Perry because she wore a sunflower dress during her performance in Taiwan and they so serious about it that they may ban her from playing in China. The Chinese think that by wearing that dress Perry was making a political statement. That's because last year protesters occupied Taiwan's parliament in response to trade agreements with China because they thought that China had too much influence and the sunflower was used as a symbol of what the protest was about. The end. So, now she can get banned for wearing a yellow dress. While they are at it China just might ban sunflowers too.
    ...The stepchildren from a woman who died in an automobile crash involving Bruce Jenner sued him for wrongful death, claiming they have suffered enormous damages. Enormous damages? Never mind you lost a loved one. Write us a check and we'll be ok. These people will end up getting money from Jenner's insurance company. They'll offer them something that they can live with so they don't have to go through an expensive trial and possibly a large settlement. And when it's all over they'll make Jenner take a driving course with a trained female professional so he can learn to apply his makeup and drive safely at the same time.
    ...Things have been quiet on the Bill Cosby Accusation Tour for awhile now but last week it started up again when an actress who appeared on the final season of The Cosby Show came up with some new allegations against him. It's nothing that you haven't heard before. It's just someone else saying it. But this one had to add that Cosby gave her a death threat because the last time she saw him he told her he didn't want to see her anymore and she was "dead to him." Pretty terrifying all right. Buy another lock for your door. I don't know if Cosby did anything that is being said about him but these people accusing him of it are anything but believable. 
    ...The next thing we'll see is women coming forward saying they were scared for their lives because they watched his show for all eight years it was on. 
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    Nathan Eovaldi pitches Yankees to 4-2 win over Red Sox 

    Nathan Eovaldi goes 6.2 innings, allowing just two runs on seven hits.
    BOSTON - With Masahiro Tanaka out for a month, the rest of the Yankees' rotation needs to step up if the team hopes to remain atop the AL East.
    Nathan Eovaldi did his part on Saturday.
    Eovaldi led the Yankees to a 4-2 win over the Red Sox Saturday afternoon at Fenway Park, giving the Bombers wins in each of the first two games of the weekend series.
    The righthander allowed two runs on seven hits and one walk over 6.2 innings, his second-best start of the young season. Dellin Betances earned his first save of the season, recording the final four outs.
    Brett Gardner drove in the first three Yankees runs, belting an RBI double in the third and a two-out, two-run single in the fifth.
    Chris Young added a solo homer in the ninth as the Yankees won for the 12th time in the last 15 games.
    Adam Warren will try to pitch the Yankees to a sweep Sunday night, taking on Joe Kelly.

    Brett Gardner drives in three of the Yankees' four runs on Saturday afternoon at Fenway Park.
    Eovaldi entered the game 1-0 with a 4.15 ERA, getting through the sixth inning only once in his first four starts. He had allowed three runs over 5.1 innings against the Red Sox on April 10 in the Bronx, taking a no-decision in his pinstriped debut.
    Since then, he allowed two runs over five innings in Baltimore, held the Tigers to one run over seven frames and gave up four runs in 4.1 innings last week against the Mets.
    "It comes down to quality pitches and being able to put hitters away when you have an opportunity," Joe Girardi said before Saturday's game. "When you get in long counts and they foul pitches off, it puts your pitch count up pretty quickly. And this is a team that does that, so he'll have to work at it."
    Eovaldi got off to a solid start Saturday, retiring nine of the first 10 Red Sox hitters, the lone blemish a David Ortiz pop up that Chase Headley appeared to lose in the sun.
    The Yankees got on the board in the third against Wade Miley, whose Red Sox career has gotten off to a dreadful start (1-2, 8.62 ERA in his first four starts).
    Didi Gregorius led off with a single, moving to second on a wild pitch. Gardner followed with a double to left field, scoring Gregorius for the game's first run.
    Dustin Pedroia tied the game with a leadoff homer in the fourth, launching a 1-0 pitch over the Green Monster. Eovaldi allowed two more hits in the frame, but got Mike Napoli to ground into an inning-ending double play to end the threat.

    Chris Young adds an insurance run for the Yankees with a solo shot in the top of the ninth. 
    Miley couldn't hold the momentum, however, allowing a double by Headley and a single by Gregorio Petit to open the Yankees' fifth. Gregorius bunted the runners over, then after Jacoby Ellsbury grounded out to first, Gardner delivered another big hit, lining a two-run single to left for a 3-1 lead.
    Boston put the tying runs on base in the sixth as Eovaldi continued to walk the tightrope. Once again, the righthander made the pitch he needed to against Napoli, who flied out to shallow right field, stranding two more men on base.
    The Red Sox finished the day 0-for-3 with runners in scoring position, leaving six men on base.
    Eovaldi retired the first two hitters in the seventh, but after a two-out walk of Blake Swihart, Girardi yanked his starter for Chris Martin.
    Mookie Betts launched a double high off the Monster wall, missing a game-tying home run by five or six feet. Swihart scored on the hit, pulling the Sox within a run, but Martin retired Pedroia on a ground ball, holding the lead.
    Betances entered the game with two out and a runner on first in the eighth inning, blowing Napoli away with a 98 mph fastball. Although Girardi has used Miller in save situations this season, he sent Betances back for the ninth, likely trying to keep Miller available for Sunday's game.
    Betances struck out the side in the ninth, fanning all four batters he faced.
  12. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Yankee News For Yankee Fans   

    Alex Rodriguez comes off the bench to hit a blast over the Green Monster.

    Alex Rodriguez is greeted by Joe Girardi and teammates after hitting Willie Mays-matching blast.
    *Note the crying Red Sox fans directly behind the Yankee dugout.

    Alex Rodriguez hits a line-drive home run into the Green Monster seats Friday night in Boston.
  13. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Yankee News For Yankee Fans   

    Alex Rodriguez, now fourth on all-time home run list, never lacks for drama

    Everything is falling into place for A-Rod again in ways that even he couldn’t have expected.
    BOSTON — Drama always finds Alex Rodriguez, so you could practically feel this controversial bit of history coming on this night. As he came up to pinch-hit in the eighth inning of a 2-2 game, he set off a bonfire of booing at Fenway Park from fans who had waited all night to welcome him back to town.
    “I don’t usually notice the difference,” he said afterward with a laugh, “but that booing was pretty intense. It was pretty passionate.”
    Then Junichi Tazawa fell behind 3-0, and the pitches weren’t close. A-Rod, who said he has rarely swung at 3-0 pitches throughout his career, this time thought of a conversation Joe Girardi had with him late in spring training, when the manager suggested he start being more aggressive in such situations.
    “I told him the days of walking and stealing a base were pretty much over,” Girardi recalled. “Swing the bat.”
    As a result, A-Rod decided to be aggressive.
    “I just thought 3-0 would be the best pitch I got,” he said.
    Tazawa, meanwhile, said he didn’t merely assume A-Rod would be taking. He said he thought Rodriguez “could be aggressive in that kind of situation,” and tried to come inside, off the plate, and entice him with a pitch that would jam him.
    “It caught too much of the plate,” said Tazawa.
    Way too much, as it turned out. And even though the pitch registered at 95 mph on the scoreboard radar gun, A-Rod turned on it and hit a ball about as hard as humanly possible, it seemed, a rocket to left just high enough to clear the Green Monster and crash into the seats above it. The brief silence that followed at Fenway was surely the result of a collective gasp from the home fans, as they processed what happened in the blink of an eye. Then more boos.
    At that point A-Rod said he didn’t hear a thing. He’d wanted this controversial milestone home run dearly, No. 660 that tied Willie Mays for fourth on the all-time home run list; he’d made that clear, repeating for days that Mays had been his late father’s favorite player.
    “I wish he was still alive to see it,” A-Rod said.
    So as he rounded the bases, he said he was filled with happiness that would lead to emotions he had trouble controlling in post-game interviews. Some of it was the pure thrill of hitting such a clutch home run, as the Yankees held on for the 3-2 victory.
    Some of it was the full-circle wonder of it all, hitting the home run in the ballpark where he played his first game as a major-leaguer, as a 19-year-old in 1994.
    “I’m glad it happened in such a special place," he said.
    Whatever his fond memories of making his debut here, this is a ballpark where the fans have treated him like the villain of all villains since he became a Yankee and brawled with Jason Varitek in 2004.
    And considering that for so much of his career, A-Rod couldn’t seem to get out of his own way in the postseason, trying too hard to be the hero, hitting a game-winner here had to make it a little more meaningful.
    None of that will change the fact that A-Rod has long since taken all the historical significance out of such a home run by becoming a serial steroid user, finally getting suspended for all of the 2014 season. Indeed, you have to wonder if some of the emotion he showed Friday night was caused by regret. Before the game, in fact, he responded to a question about it, saying, “You know I have regret and I’m trying to do the best to finish my career on a high note."
    Even so, if he is playing clean now, as he says and he would be putting the remaining $61 million of his contract at risk if he wasn’t his success this season surely must make him revisit those regrets and wonder how all of this would feel if he was truly making history.
    On this night, however, after teammates had poured beer and champagne over him in a clubhouse celebration that left the carpet soaked around his locker, A-Rod said that more than anything he was simply grateful.
    “A year ago I never would have dreamt about having this incredible night,” he said.
    He brushed aside questions about the controversy over the $6 million in bonus money the Yankees don’t want to pay him for the milestone home run, as the Daily News first reported, saying “those things will take care of themselves.”
    This season, at least, everything is falling into place for A-Rod again in ways that even he couldn’t have expected. Sort of like hitting a pinch-hit home run for the first time his career.
    No, he never lacks for drama.
  14. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Yankee News For Yankee Fans   

    Alex Rodriguez hits home run No. 660, tying Willie Mays for fourth on all-time list as Yankees beat Red Sox, 3-2
    BOSTON — Alex Rodriguez joined Willie Mays in the 660 club. Whether it earns him his $6 million bonus remains to be seen.
    A-Rod belted a pinch-hit homer off Junichi Tazawa in the eighth inning Friday night, lifting the Yankees to a 3-2 win over the rival Red Sox in the first of three weekend games at Fenway Park.
    Rodriguez’s blast — a screaming line drive into the Green Monster seats in left field that marked the first pinch-hit homer of his career — was his sixth of the season, tying him with Mays for fourth place on the all-time list with 660.
    “I don’t know what it means,” Rodriguez said of the number. “I’m actually very excited, just trying to stay in the moment. It’s good to do it in a good team win. I got emotional there.”
    Mays issued a statement through the Giants shortly after the Yankees’ game ended.
    “Congratulations to Alex Rodriguez on his 660th home run,” Mays said. “Milestones in baseball are meant to be broken and I wish him continued success throughout his career.”
    “I’m speechless,” Rodriguez said after learning of Mays’ statement.
    The distraction of reaching the milestone might be behind A-Rod, but the potential battle over his $6 million marketing bonus now looms large over Rodriguez and the Yankees.

    Alex Rodriguez ties Willie Mays’ mark with home run No. 660 while facing the Red Sox at Fenway.
    “I’m really grateful to be playing baseball; those things will take care of themselves,” Rodriguez said of the bonus. “A year ago I never would have dreamed about having this incredible moment.”
    Rodriguez and the Yankees signed a marketing deal back in 2007 when he inked his 10-year, $275 million contract that would enable him to earn up to $30 million more as he vaulted up the home run list, giving the Yankees the right to use his name and likeness to market his achievements in return.
    The deal calls for a $6 million marketing bonus for tying Mays, then additional $6 million bonuses for tying Babe Ruth (714), Hank Aaron (755) and Barry Bonds (762), plus another if he passes Bonds as the all-time home run king.
    The Daily News first reported in January that the Yankees would fight A-Rod on the bonuses. On April 10, The News reported that the Yankees would not declare No. 660 as a “milestone,” which in their mind would annul the agreement.
    The Yankees view the pact as worthless and invalid, according to sources, thanks to A-Rod’s 2014 suspension for violating the game’s collectively bargained drug policy and for his scorched-earth attack on baseball and the Yankees.
    If the Yankees decline to pay the bonus, Rodriguez can take the case to an arbitrator. But according to A-Rod, that’s all for another day — and for somebody else to deal with.
    “I’ve learned my lesson,” Rodriguez said before the game. “I’m doing things a different way now. I know those things will work themselves out.”
    Asked whether he would simply let his lawyers handle the situation with the Yankees, Rodriguez grinned.
    “I don’t even like that word any more,” Rodriguez said. “I’m focusing on baseball.”
    For the first seven innings, all A-Rod could do was watch, having been left out of the lineup as Joe Girardi started only lefthanders and switch-hitters against Justin Masterson. But with the game tied at 2 in the eighth inning and Tazawa pitching for Boston, Girardi sent A-Rod to pinch-hit for Garrett Jones, drawing the loudest boos the slugger has heard all season.
    “I gotta tell you, I usually don’t hear the difference, but that booing was pretty intense,” Rodriguez admitted. “It was pretty passionate.”
    After falling behind, 3-0, Tazawa tried to pump a 95-mph fastball in for a strike. Only Rodriguez had the green light, lining a frozen rope into the Monster seats to lift the Yankees to their 11th win in 14 games.
    A member of the Yankees’ security team attempted to get the ball back from the Red Sox fan who caught it, but according to a source, the man refused to negotiate with anyone, not even a Red Sox security employee who offered him several signed David Ortiz items for the memento.
    “Well, I haven’t been good at negotiating,” Rodriguez said with a smirk. “So I’m going to quit on that.”
    The Fenway scoreboard made no mention of A-Rod tying Mays, although an announcement was made in the press box.
    The Yankees’ official Twitter account did acknowledge the milestone, posting: “With his homer in the 8th inning, @AROD ties Willie Mays with No. 660.”
    Rodriguez’s teammates waited at the top step of the dugout to greet him, congratulating him on his feat — and for breaking the tie — after he rounded the bases.
    “I think everybody was excited, just for him to get it over with,” CC Sabathia said. “It’s a great number.”
    When A-Rod returned to the clubhouse following the win, his teammates were waiting for him, showering him with beer in a type of celebration usually reserved for September or October.
    “That’s the first champagne bath I’ve had in early May in my career,” A-Rod said. “My teammates have been incredible. That’s part of why I got so emotional. I didn’t expect them to be so great, and gracious.”
    A-Rod’s next homer will move him past Mays into sole possession of fourth place, leaving him 53 away from Ruth for third place.
    “Anytime you’re sandwiched between Willie Mays and Babe Ruth, it’s special,” Rodriguez said. “I don’t know if it’ll mean more. This whole thing has been kind of like a dream.” 
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    ​Everything will be provided.