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  1. Here is the mod I was talking about. You download it in twelve parts. I don't know if it will crash in franchise mode because (1) I didn't try it and (2) I did not plan to since I never used franchise mode at all. True story. Yes. Loclook will replace the in-game text. I grabbed those two files from another mod and all I had to do then was replace the music they had with songs worth listening to.
  2. Well this is what I mean about updating the game. The Mvp 15 mod is a very good one but some people have reported it to be kind of unstable (crashing.) I've had it happen to me but it still runs fine and I will say it again, the mod is outstanding. But here is what I did. Did you see that Mvp 17 mod that was just released? I grabbed that one and I am going to customize that one to my own liking. Here's how. 1. I will substitute the FEENG.LOC and the IGENG.LOC from another mod so it has the words in English and all I have to do is go into Loclook and change the song titles to the ones I put in. I will use the Ditty Importer to insert the songs that I want. 2. I am using this mod because it has the most up-to-date cyberfaces. 3. Now using EA graph or the TiT program I plan on taking out the horseshit uniforms they put in and replacing them with some classic ones that we have in the download section. 4. I will then add my own photos and CTS screen to the game to customize it even more. How's that?
  3. Ok, thank you. And you really did a wonderful job here.
  4. What is the difference between this version and the one you released a few days ago?
  5. Do you have your TiT program in the Mvp 2005 directory?
  6. You don't have to type your response twice and also how in the world are you posting it like that?
  7. Jeeeeezuz
  8. I am going to see if I have a memory card. I'm kind of guessing that I don't.
  9. Not a bad looking controller.
  10. Or....you can do this. Keep the 360 controller for the NHL game and pick up a Logitech controller for Mvp that you can buy on Amazon for a really good price. I use this one and never have had an issue with it.
    Looks great. And there's nothing wrong with being a perfectionist.
  11. Thank you for doing this for the people in here. I'd love to have this too but I don't have a modded Xbox. All I have is the original Xbox and the Mvp 2005 game that goes with it. I don't have action replay or anything like that so I will be unable to use it. But thank you anyways.
  12. Thank you. You guys did a good job.
  13. Yeah. You did it wrong. If you followed my instructions exactly as it you would not have had these problems. You need multiple installs of Mvp '05 to have these additional seasons.