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  1. Capturing Blu-Ray Screenshots?

    That was a good one! Underrated movie too. :)
  2. Trouble starting MVP005

    Not right now, no.
  3. Anyone who speak Korean that can help me?

    Ours are better. These guys took the mods from here without asking. That isn't their work.
  4. Capturing Blu-Ray Screenshots?

    Thunderball (1965)  
  5. Capturing Blu-Ray Screenshots?

    It really was. That chase scene at the beginning of the movie? Just unbelievable. Every time I watch that part of the movie I say to myself it would take me six years to cover all that ground. :D
  6. Capturing Blu-Ray Screenshots?

    Casino Royale (2006)  
  7. Capturing Blu-Ray Screenshots?

    Not yet but I am planning to! :)
  8. Capturing Blu-Ray Screenshots?

    Live and Let Die (1973) There will be quite a few Bonds coming in the following months since I just got a lot of them on blu-ray.  
  9. Official MLB Offseason Thread

    Yes he did change his name. I don't know why but I am sure with this guy it was in some way to avoid prosecution. And he looks 48. 
  10. Official MLB Offseason Thread

    I am kind of surprised a major free agent hasn't been signed yet.
  11. ISIS and what you think should be done about them.

    Here's the latest. A new ISIS video warns of an impending attack on New York City. At this point I view these warnings as just as bad as the actual deed.  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said this week that his state would not accept those Syrian refugees including those as young as five years old. You want to know why?  Take a look at this video. And after that let me ask you this. Would you like to have one of these junior jihadi bastards in the same day care as your kid? I don't want to think about.  
  12. ISIS and what you think should be done about them.

    I thought you left and ran over to reddit?
  13. ISIS and what you think should be done about them.

    Thank you. Serves me right for not knowing a damn thing about politics.
  14. ISIS and what you think should be done about them.

    Damn I never knew this. They want to come here and have their laws instead of ours? Yeah, right. Before long they'll want Arabic as the official language of the U.S. And that's a good point. Why don't the other Arab countries stepping up to take these people? Oh I know why!! Then those so-called refugees won't have anything to blow up or anyone to kill if they go there.
  15. Total Classics 1993 Update (Uniforms & Stadiums)

    Dennis just made the 1993 100% more playable. The accuracy that he provides to these mods is something that is second nature to this guy. Thank you again!