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  1. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Capturing Blu-Ray Screenshots?   

    Excellent screen captures. Star Wars looks good on blu-ray.
    How do you get your images?
  2. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Capturing Blu-Ray Screenshots?   

    Those look great!
  3. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Capturing Blu-Ray Screenshots?   

    No, I don't own the five disc collector's set. 
  4. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Capturing Blu-Ray Screenshots?   

    Bladerunner continued.

  5. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Capturing Blu-Ray Screenshots?   

    Bladerunner, Final Cut Edition on blu-ray.
    Someone fill me on something here. I've seen this movie a few times and if someone could tell me why it was always dark and raining in the movie I would appreciate it.

  6. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 6-28   

    Updated to 6-28
    ...It's funny, every time the subject of Pete Rose comes up the first thing you hear from the people who support him is his baseball statistics. They never talk about what got him banned. It took Rose awhile but he finally admitted he bet on baseball and that's the one thing that baseball does not mess around with. So, back in 1989 he was given his lifetime ban and he has been trying to get back in the game for the past twenty-six years now because apparently he does not know the meaning of "lifetime." That doesn't matter for his fans. They'll continue to tell you how many batting titles he's won, that he is the all-time hits leader and that he did this and he did that. They're blinded by the numbers he put up and somehow that excuses what he did off the field. Rose somehow managed to worm his way into participating in the All-Star Game activities next month because it's going to be held in Cincinnati. He's going to get a huge hand when he pops out of the dugout because those fans don't know any better and they never will. Since his banning Rose has been caught in one lie after the other and recently as two months ago he was continuing to deny that he bet on baseball games when he was still a player. This is the latest tall tale to blow up in his face because last Tuesday a notebook containing Rose's bets while he was still playing for the Reds back in 1986 was shown on Outside the Lines and after watching that you can't help but wonder if this will finally close the book on him in his attempt to get back in baseball. One can only hope. 
    ...I was reading a nice article in the New York Post last week from a Yankee beat writer who said that if C.C. Sabathia continues to struggle like he has been he needs to be taken out of the rotation and to try to figure out his problems in the bullpen. You can't argue with that unless you are Joe Girardi, who will continue to throw him out there every fifth day and then look astonished when he has to walk out there in the fourth inning to take him out of another game after he's given up seven runs. I really think that if Sabathia continued to be productive since he was a Yankee the Yankees would have taken a chance and signed either Jon Lester or Max Scherzer last year to those long contracts. But after seeing what a bust Sabathia has been they were reluctant to go out and do it again.
    ...Zack Hample is the guy that caught Alex Rodriguez' 3,000th hit last week and as soon as he caught it he said that there was no way he was giving it up but now he is beginning to have a change of heart. That is, provided that the Yankees meet his list of demands or as he calls them "wishes." First he wants the Yanks to make a sizeable donation to the Zack Hample fund, a foundation that he formed some years ago. Hample told the Yankees that every cent would go towards the charity. I believe that. Next, he made a demand list - I mean wish list- for himself. He assures people that he doesn't want to go overboard with it. Lifetime passes to Yankee games, valet parking, free food and an all-expense paid trip around the world is all he wants. Then he'll hand over the ball. I know what Alex Rodriguez is thinking right now: I should have hit a single.
    ...With the popularity of Jurassic World since its release on June 12th some people have been contemplating the likeliness of this happening in real life and some scientists are saying that in can be a possibility within ten years. They say that chickens and all types of birds carry bigger chunks of dinosaur DNA that will ever be found in a fossil. So, with some trial and error they believe a dinosaur, albeit a small one, can be created. I've heard this before back when the first Jurassic movie came out and that was back in 1993 and they haven't made any progress in twenty-two years. I kind of hope they don't. We have no right to play God.
    ...Ever since that maniac decided to shoot up that church in South Carolina people have been trying to come up with answers to why someone that young (21) would do such a thing. The sad truth is that we are never going to know what made him convince himself that this was a good idea and also get away with it. Because people don't know they are pointing fingers at the state of South Carolina because to this day they continue to fly the Confederate Flag at the state capitol. If that's the best they got they better keep looking because that flag didn't kill anyone. The Confederacy died generations ago and the men who fought for it have been dead and gone all this time. If that flag was there or not it wouldn't have changed anything. That kid still would have murdered those nine people. A flag didn't do this but a sick mind did.
    ...For the first time ever many of the family members from the survivors of the Boston Marathon heard the voice of  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev last Wednesday when he apologized for the pain and suffering he caused his victims before a judge in Boston formally imposed his death sentence. And that is that. The final period has been put in place on this twenty-one-year-old's life. Granted, it won't officially be done until the day that is chosen for him to die, but barring a dramatic escape, he's done. And even if he does manage to do that where's he going? This news was inevitable. There's nothing to celebrate about. It never is when someone so young is sentenced to die. And that kid in South Carolina will find that out before long.
    ...Movies, like most things that you come across in life are best decided to be either good or bad after you saw them for yourself instead of just accepting someone else's word about it. For years now I have always managed to miss watching a movie on TV called One Million Years. B.C. Either I didn't know it was on TV or I was too busy to watch it. The point is I never saw it and all I heard about it was that it was a great movie and that it didn't hurt it all that Raquel Welch was in it wearing a loin cloth bikini. So, when it came on AMC last week I have to admit that is the reason why I forced myself to watch it. Thirty minutes into the movie I realized that my definition of this being called a great movie was completely different from everyone else's. If there wasn't a narrator doing voice-overs every so often no one was speaking a word of English except for ooog-ooog-ugh. At least they knew what that meant. They didn't even say ooog-ooog-wow when Raquel Welch appeared in her first scene. They may have been cave men but they were men. I couldn't even watch this for an hour. At least now when the next time this comes on TV I will have another reason not to watch it.
    ...Jackie Robinson West Little League of Chicago, the team that won the 2014 United States championship only to have their title stripped away by Little League officials after they discovered that they were using ineligible players from outside of their designated residential boundaries are now suing them for their title back because they are questioning the fairness of the decision. According to their lawsuit they are not denying that they had ineligible players on their roster, which by the way is the reason why they lost their title in the first place! They are just questioning the ways and means of how the Little League governing body found out about their ruse and why it took them so long to make a decision. The problem is that these guys cheated, got caught and got punished for what they did. All they are doing here is filing a lawsuit with the hope that that small, insignificant fact gets ignored by a jury. Fat chance.
    ...Last month Bristol Palin abruptly called off her wedding and no reason was given as to why except that it was a mutual decision. Based on the bombshell that she dropped last Thursday it is now clear why she didn't end up walking down the aisle that day. She revealed that she is pregnant with her second child and based on what she was saying this bit of news was as much of a surprise for her as it was for Custer at Little Bighorn. While she was open to the public about her pregnancy she did not go as far as revealing who the father of her unborn child was and that was probably because she did not know the guy's name herself. Palin, the same girl who has gone around the country preaching about abstinence, abstained from it just when she needed it the most. But before she did that she made quite a profit telling other girls how to live their lives. All she really had to do was tell them "don't do what I do" and that would have been that. She also went on to say that she did not want any lectures about what she did and that she did not want any sympathy. I can practically guarantee that no one is going to give her any sympathy and as far as a lecture goes I'm sure Mother Palin is going to be giving her a good one because what she did here killed what remained of her political career because from now on that family is going to be looked at as a bunch of hypocrites.
    ...Carlos Beltran should be arrested on the grounds of impersonating an outfielder.
    ...The Phillies lost a good manager in Ryne Sandberg on Friday when Sandberg informed the team that he was stepping down from his position. Along with some upcoming front office changes coming for the Phils, Sandberg felt that he did not want to be in the way with anything happening with that. Also, the constant losing took a toll on him and it was beginning to get to him. The first part of his reasons for resigning I can understand but not so much the second part. I mean he played in Chicago for years. You would think he'd be used to losing by now.
    ...For years now I have gone on and on about how much I hate David Ortiz and everything that has to do with him. It goes beyond what team he plays for although there is no doubt that's where it started from. Besides the uniform that he wears what bothers me even more is his attitude on the field. He acts like he is bigger than the game and doesn't seem to think twice about showing up the opposing team. Take last week for example in a game against the Orioles. The Red Sox have been struggling all season and have been having an especially hard time against Baltimore, where they lost six straight games to them. The Red Sox finally broke that streak last Wednesday night with a 5 - 1 victory and Ortiz chipped in with a two-run home run. But as you can see from the picture that I attached here this is what he did when he crossed home plate. Really? What for? It doesn't matter if the Red Sox are ten games over .500 or under. It's always going to be about him. Not too many years ago you usually heard resentment for this guy coming out of me and just a few others here and there. Now if you pay attention a lot of American League pitchers are getting tired of this *^#%@. I'm still waiting for this guy to get what's coming to him.
    ...The Treasury Department made news last week when they announced that they will replace the main image of its own founder, Alexander Hamilton, on the $10 bill with a woman. Hamilton's face will still be on the bill but he won't be the main feature anymore. The Treasury folks won't say who is going to be on the new currency and are not going to release the name until later this year. The new ten dollar bill will first be in use in 2020 because that is the 100th anniversary of the nineteenth amendment that gave women the right to vote. Suggestions have already been made by women as to who they would like on the new bill. Eleanor Roosevelt's name came up as well as Harriet Tubman's. But there's another one and her name is Gertrude Adams and she could be a darkhorse in this thing. Gertrude Adams may not have had a great political career like Mrs. Roosevelt. In fact she wasn't involved in politics. But just the same a lot of women are calling for her to have this honor. You see, Gertrude Adams was the first woman who ran a buy one, get one free shoe sale promotion in New York City in 1948. When a woman gets free shoes you get her undying loyalty.
  7. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: MVP Baseball 15 Patch 2 Thread   

  8. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Fixing the 2015 All Star Game   

    This won't happen because too many people will cry about it but take the voting completely away from the fans. Set it up so the players, managers and coaches are allowed to decide the starting lineup. Let the AL and NL manager from the World Series the year before pick the reserves.
    I don't vote myself. I don't think I am qualified to pick a starting nine because I would be more biased than I am fair. I have never once voted for a Red Sox player. Never. I never even voted for the straight Yankee ticket because there was no way I was casting a ballot for people like Jorge Posada and Robinson Cano.
    Most people vote not for the guy that deserves it -God forbid- but for the guy they are familiar with. Remember a few years back in 2013 Derek Jeter was the leading vote-getter for awhile for AL shortstops even though he didn't play in a game? All his name had to do was show up on the ballot and people voted for him. Thankfully J.J. Hardy ended up the starter. If the players would have voted that year Jeter would not have received one vote because they are smart enough to realize that you have to play to be considered for the All-Star Game and that's something the fans have proven they are clueless about.
    Not all fans are like this but the majority of them are. Take it completely out of their hands.
  9. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Baseball's greatest outfield arms   

    Love him or hate him  Yasiel Puig has a good arm. Ichiro still has a good one too.
  10. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 6-28   

    Updated to 6-21
    ...The first thing I thought of when I heard that the FBI was investigating the St. Louis Cardinals for hacking into the Houston Astros database was thank God it wasn't the Yankees. The second thing was that I hope they come down hard on them.
    ...No, not once did I think the Red Sox would stoop low enough to do something like this to another major league team. They'd make sure to hire someone else to do their work for them.
    ...Does Nathan Eovaldi bring back memories of A.J. Burnett or what?
    ...Maybe the San Diego Padres did not get off to the start that they hoped to have especially with all the good, young players they added over the winter but to fire Bud Black was an act out of desperation and frustration instead of out of necessity. They're only a few games under .500 and are not that far off from the first position in the N.L. West. It was a panic move and it should have been avoided. The team that they have is too good to continue playing like this.
    ...The fans of the Kansas City Royals have turned the voting for the All-Star Game next month into more of a joke than it already is.  Since there is nothing else to do there besides milk cows, their fans have been nominating every Royals player that is on the ballot this year wether they deserve it or not. You can vote up to thirty-five times with each e-mail address you provide so it's easy to see how they're getting away with it. All you need to do is sign up on those temporary and anonymous disposable e-mail services like Mailinator over and over again and your thirty-five votes can be made over and over again. And even though baseball has canceled sixty million of those votes they still have a lot of time to make those votes count again. If all of these Royals players ends up in the starting lineup next month it will be an embarrassment for anyone that considers themselves baseball fans.
    ...Alex Rodriguez continues to impress and is making all the people who call themselves experts that said he wouldn't do anything productive this year after his year-long exile last season. I'm glad he has and even though the Yankees won't go as crazy about it like they did for Derek Jeter I was happy to see him get his 3,000th hit on Friday off of the always-tough Justin Verlander. It just makes you wonder what could have been had Rodriguez had done things differently in the past. Rodriguez' milestone hit was a home run that was hit into the right field bleachers and the guy that caught it must be some human ball magnet because he has caught more than eight thousand baseballs. That's amazing. How the hell do you do that? And the guy has never sold any of them or given them away. Must be one prince of a guy. Naturally he's hanging on to this ball too. Who would expect anything else?
    ...Today is the first day of Summer and even though I am not in school anymore I still celebrate it. I love this season partially because I was born in it and secondly it the complete opposite of winter. There's not a lot of kids in my area and the ones that are here keep to themselves. I'm not one of those "get off my lawn" guys because it really wasn't that long ago that I was one of those kids playing touch football out there and we were using the front lawns of the neighbors to run on. The only thing I can hope for these kids is to enjoy their time off because the time flies and before you know it your summers are not yours anymore.    
    ...Twenty-one-years-old and you get it into your head that it is a good idea to murder nine people who were minding their own business in church all because they were black? Enjoy the rest of your life. It will probably be a short one.
    ...Pablo Sandoval was benched last Thursday by the Red Sox and later given a warning by Major League Baseball because while going to the bathroom while a Red Sox game was going on he went on Instagram and liked two pictures of a woman that showed up on his account. Baseball has a rule that prohibits players from using social media during games. That really shouldn't be too hard to follow for any of them because while the game is going on they should be focused on that but this idiot would rather comment on how hot he thinks someone is than thinking about the game. Must be nice when you are guaranteed ninety-five million dollars. Red Sox fans will find a way to excuse this though. They don't like when one of their own does something stupid. They'd prefer to just look the other way. I just wonder how much weight does a warning letter from the league carry? I mean if he really wanted to couldn't he just apply a phony name to a new Instagram account? Then he can run down to the clubhouse a couple times a game.
    ...There's a lot of things that go on these days that I will never understand. That Jenner thing for one. Now there's some woman named Rachel Dolezal who up until most recently was the head of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP. She's not anymore because she resigned her position because of one little problem that the media found out about. She's not black. If you take a look at her picture she certainly looks the part but a picture that has popped up of her as a teenager show her to be whiter than, well, Snow White. Today she looks like she spent some quality time in a tanning booth and she has enough curls in her hair to make even Oprah proud. It's one thing that Bruce Jenner now has to learn to apply make-up from now on and to use a tampon properly but he never said he was going to transform into a black woman.
    ...No taxation without pornification, Dept: The owner of an Austrian brothel has come up with a very interesting way to protest the amount of taxes he has to pay to run his businesses, which are in Germany and Austria. For the entire summer he is offering free sex at his establishments along with free admission and free drinks. So if you ever wanted to see Europe, now's the time.
    ..Milwaukee Brewers radio announcer Bob Uecker hit in the head with a foul ball during batting practice last Monday and had to be hospitalized. It was only a mild concussion but since he is eighty-one they just wanted to observe him as a precaution. Uecker is one of baseball's true funny men and I wish him nothing but the best. 
    ...John Stamos is the latest celebrity that has been arrested and cited for driving under the influence last week. Fortunately his drive behind the wheel that night did not cause any harm to himself or to anyone else. He was transported to the hospital by police and issued a citation before being released into the custody of the hospital. The next day Stamos apologized for his actions and explained that the reason why he had too much to drink was because he was celebrating not having to work with the Olsen sisters again during the filming of the new season of Full House.
    ...I was at 7-11 the other day looking for something to drink and I saw that they were selling Mexican Pepsi in twelve-ounce glass bottles there. I didn't know what the difference was from the Pepsi we have here and what they have in Mexico so I bought a bottle. It looked identical and tasted the same too so I still don't know what the big fuss was about except that it said it was a product of Mexico. When it was finished I still couldn't speak a word of Spanish.
    ...Fly the friendly skies Dept: A disabled eighty-four-year-old woman boarded the wrong flight last week and ended up in Malta instead of Athens, which was five hundred and fifty miles away from where she was supposed to be. Her son had arranged special assistance for her to board the plane but when she saw people line up to board the plane she decided to get up and get in line with them. That's how she was able to board the plane with everyone else. Her first indication of something being wrong when she landed besides no one being there to greet her was not being able to read the signs in the airport since they were in another language. The airline put her up for the night and she was in Athens the next day, this time to be greeted by her family who will probably never let her go to the store by herself ever again. The airline also said that they were planning to take what they call "corrective measures" to insure this would never happen again. What for? How about the next time just read her boarding pass? Then they would have seen she was on the wrong plane.
    ...Last week a woman in New Mexico awoke to noises in her kitchen, which for her were very strange since she lives alone. When she went downstairs to find out what it was she found a man there cleaning her countertop and baking a potato in her microwave. When she asked him what he was doing there he told her he was baking a potato. Well, he had to do something. The steaks were still thawing. Then the guy went outside while the potato was still cooking and began raking the woman's leaves in her front yard. While the guy was out there raking the leaves the woman told him that she wanted to pay him for the yard work but she only said that just so the guy would stay around because the police were on their way. When the police arrived she wouldn't let them in until the guy was finished with the lawn. May as well since he started it. The guy was arrested on burglary and unlawful entry charges and was hauled away without being able to eat his potato. How do you like that? This guy cooks for her and works around the house without being told to and she still isn't satisfied.
    ...A man from Pennsylvania who was intent on pleading his case to the police when he was supposed to show up to be fingerprinted for a drunk driving charge found himself slapped with another one when he showed up drunk for his appointment. This time he ended up behind bars because the police discovered he drove himself to the police station in that condition. Any chance of explaining to the judge why he was under the influence the first time he was caught probably won't hold weight anymore. If you ever need a definition of stupid there you go.
    ...A guy in Oklahoma was leaving his work last week and was walking to his car playing with his cell phone and like most people who do that was not paying any attention to his surroundings. That's when he stepped on and was subsequently bit by a four-foot long bull snake. Luckily for him those type of snakes are non-venomous. After the shock wore off the guy got mad. With all the apps made for these phones there wasn't one to help him out in a situation like this? That's right pal. It was the snakes fault you stepped on him. Go back to your texting.
    ...Who says you can't buy your friends, Dept: A thirteen-year-old future felon from Ohio was arrested and charged with delinquency by way of theft from the elderly when he stole $25,000 from his grandfather and then handing out one hundred dollar bills to his classmates last month. The kid gave away thousands of dollars before the school got wind of what he was doing. If he had any brains in his head he would have given the girls more. Some of the money was recovered but a lot of it is gone. If there was any sort of college fund for this kid the grandfather should be reimbursed from that because this kid's future is in wearing orange jumpsuits. 
    ...Finally, Happy Father's Day to all of you members in here who are fathers and to all the Dads in your families too. I hope you all have a nice, quiet and relaxing day.
  11. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Classic tourney concocted by me.... can it go ahead???   

    Why are you making it harder on yourself than it should be? Upload your videos to youtube and put the links in here. That's it. It's not against the rules.
  12. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Classic tourney concocted by me.... can it go ahead???   

    ​Do you see any videos posted in this thread?
    I am talking about people posting Mvp videos on youtube. They are all over the place.
  13. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Classic tourney concocted by me.... can it go ahead???   

    ​Of course not. There are already a lot of videos on Youtube about this game. I have even seen people post full games too. Post your links after you upload them.
  14. Yankee4Life added a review on a file: 35 Jed's cyberfaces -All after the MOD 2015   

    10 stars out of 10! (I voted twice.)
    • 1 of 1 member found this review helpful
  15. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 6-28   

    Updated to 6-14
    ...I was someone who had no problem with the year-long suspension that was given to Alex Rodriguez. He stayed away all of last year and did his time and ever since the first day of spring training back in February he has been nothing but a baseball player focused on doing his job. Many members of the media aren't too happy about this because it makes their job harder when he is not providing them with anything noteworthy to write about and from what I have seen they have tried. As easy it was for people to cheer on Derek Jeter that is how easy it is to boo Alex Rodriguez. Not everything that Jeter did in his career was worthy of a standing ovation just like everything Rodriguez has done should be booed and hated on. The Yankees so far have not paid him for his 660th home run. He just broke an RBI record the other week and before this month is out he will have his 3,000th hit.  These are milestones he deserves to celebrate. No, he's not Derek Jeter. He's Alex Rodriguez. Jeter was so bad in his final season that if A-Rod didn't play another game for the rest of this year he would have already had a better year than Captain twenty million did last year. 
    ...Great, Andrew Miller is gone for a month just when we got Tanaka back. You just can't keep pitchers healthy.
    ...Even though the Tigers sent Shane Greene (4-6 with a 5.82 ERA in 13 games) to Triple A Toledo last week I still regret the Yankees trading him last year.
    ...I wonder how the Cubs fans feel about Jon Lester now after they dished out all that money for his 4 - 5 record and 4.25 ERA? 
    ...Yesterday afternoon I went to see Jurassic World in 3D. If you have any intentions on seeing that movie I suggest you see it in 3D because nothing else would do it justice. You can keep on reading this because I am not going to bring up any points that will spoil the movie for you in any way. But there is one thing I have to bring up and I promise it won't spoil it for you that just had me wondering. There's this redhead in it by the name of Bryce Dallas Howard (never heard of her) and she has some kind of executive position at the park. At one point she is out there running from the dinosaurs and she is doing it in high heels. Adrenalin must have took over because she was flying. The movie is about two and one half hours long. There were two things that I thought of when I was leaving the Sony Theater yesterday. First, when this movie is released on blu-ray I am getting a copy and if there was ever a real Jurassic Park out there I would never go there.
    ...A strip club in Las Vegas is trying something new to attract new dancers and strippers to their business by sending out advertisements to encourage recent 2015 high school graduates to apply for a job there, saying that stripping will help them earn money for college. The owner of the club states that a girl can make up to one thousand dollars a night. That alone will probably get some girls to work there even though I doubt when it is time for them to apply to a college it won't look so good on their application letter that they worked there.
    ...I'd like to be a fly on the wall just to see the father's reaction when his daughter comes home right after her graduation and says to him "Daddy, I got a job."
    ...My first reaction to finding out that Tiger Woods shot a career-worst 13-over 85 at the Memorial Tournament in Dublin, Ohio was that he's done. Injuries, personal problems and the inability to hold on to hot-looking blondes have finally took a toll on him.
    ...The CEO of Dunkin' Donuts said last week that the company is developing a mobile ordering platform to deliver coffee and donut orders to customer's homes and offices. They are doing this because in the northwest where Starbucks is king, they are testing a delivery service via a smart phone app. If Dunkin' Donuts ever ends up doing this any chance of C.C. Sabathia finishing his career with the Yankees and fitting into his uniform are slim and none.
    ...What am I laughing at? If Krispy Kreme ever did this I would be tempted. When we had a Krispy Kreme in my city I went there once and I couldn't get out of there fast enough. They were giving away free glazed donuts and those little things were the best I ever had in my entire life. Krispy Kreme was only here for a couple years but I never once went back. They were just too damn good.
    ...The Brooklyn Museum is gave Miss Piggy (yeah, the Muppet) a feminist award for her many "contributions to society" last Thursday. Really? What the hell did she ever do except chase a little green frog all over the place? Makes me wonder what real feminists think of this. This must be driving someone like Rosie O'Donnell nuts. She lives for stuff like this.
    ..This past week I started watching a TV series called Bomb Girls that aired for two seasons in 2012 and 2013. It's a show about women working in a bomb factory during the start of World War II. I like movies and shows based around this time but I never heard of this one because it aired on Canadian television. This show is available to view online but only for Canadian viewers. Meg Tilly is the star of the show and there's a looker named Jodi Balfour that will make you want to tune into each episode as quickly as you finish the previous one.
    ...Calling themselves a "socialist fairyland" North Korea is actively trying to get people from all over the world to come and visit their country to show everyone that they aren't as bad as all those people that they hold captive say they are. The way I see it getting into the country won't be that hard. All you need is a passport, the money and no common sense. Getting out of there could be harder. God forbid you jay-walk or commit other crimes against the state when you're there.
    ...Proving that Americans are not the only people who file idiotic lawsuits, a man in China is suing actress Zhao Wei for staring at him too intensely through his television set and therefore causing as he put it, "spiritual damage." This lawsuit is so stupid that it makes the one where the lady sued McDonalds for giving her hot coffee look smart. But I am going to pay attention to this anyway because if this guy wins I immediately plan on suing Kate Upton because each time I look at her chest my eyes bug out.
    ...I have always liked Jerry Seinfeld and that includes his stand-up act and his TV show. I like him because he is a genuinely funny guy and he doesn't take himself too seriously. My respect for him went way up last week after I listened to him explain in a radio interview why he does not want to do any of his shows at colleges anymore. He said that they were too politically correct and are too quick to find certain topics offensive. And he's right. Most college kids today are a bunch of self-involved hyper-sensitive whiners that can get offended over everything. Not everything that is said has offensive or racial overtones in it. Sometimes it's just humor as it is meant to be. That's why I don't blame him for what he said. I'm sure he'd rather do a show in front of people who aren't so full of themselves.
    ...It takes nerve these days just to express your opinion when you know it will not be received well by the outspoken minority of people who overturn rocks looking to be offended. ESPN announced that Bruce/Caitlyn/Whatever Jenner will receive the 2015 Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYS next month. Bob Costas, who has no problem calling things as he sees them, said that ESPN is only giving Jenner that award as a "tabloid move" that was only meant to generate ratings for them and that if ESPN really wanted to they could have found someone who was much closer and actively involved in sports that would have been deserving of what that award represents. Which does make sense if you think about it because Jenner won his Olympic awards back in 1976 and has been cashing in on them ever since. I commend Costas for having the guts to say what most people would be afraid to say. 
    ...Well, I never thought I would see this happen and in a way I was lucky to come across it. A young black woman (age twenty-two) was fired from her job at a zoo in Chicago after she complained on Facebook of serving "rude ass white people" who would call her names, throw items at her and steal food from her cart and that it wasn't worth the $8.55 an hour to put up with treatment like that. When the zoo found out what she did they immediately fired her because people were threatening never to come back as long as she was there. The zoo even told those customers who called in about her post that they were welcome to go to other vendors and steal from them but they still wanted this girl gone. Like I said I was lucky to come across this because CNN didn't cover this and this is the kind of crap that they are all over. Racism! Injustice! Facebook! The only thing this story needed was a Kardashian in it and it would have been national news. I have no compassion for this girl because if she thinks she is supposed to be treated differently than anyone else who work with the general public then she's crazy. If she is going to have jobs like the one she had for the rest of her life then she is going to have to realize that you are going to come across people who are miserable because they enjoy being that way and there is nothing you can do to make them happy. But when you are like her, under twenty-five, you feel entitled and these kind of things should not happen to you. Well, they're not now. You're out of a job. Enjoy your 100% pay cut.
    ...If there is any indication of why soccer is and always will be considered a second-class sport in this country just look at Hope Solo, the star goalkeeper for the women's team. She has enough domestic violence abuse charges against her to make any NFL player proud and yet with the exception of one United States Senator who questioned why she was still allowed out on the field this weekend against Sweden, no one is saying a word about it. The woman's got a right hook and a hot temper equal to Ray Rice but unlike Rice no one has gone on TV calling for her head. Adrian Peterson has to be wondering what the hell's going on here too. And the reason is more people here in the U.S. care about football than soccer. If the NFL didn't do anything to those guys they'd lose sponsors and there was already a lot of racket about how they handled it when it first happened. With Solo? An article here and there and that was it. It was only soccer after all. 
    ...Last Tuesday a bounty hunter accidentally (I think) shot and killed country singer Randy Howard at his Tennessee home when he was trying to bring him in on a warrant charging him with fourth-offense DUI, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a firearm while intoxicated and driving on a revoked license. With all that going on I'm surprised Howard found time to sing. The reason why I said I wasn't sure it was an accident because it happened in Tennessee. If a bounty hunter wouldn't have done this it would have been someone else.