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  1. Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 2-7

    Updated to 2-7 Special Super Bowl and football edition. ...I don't know about you but I am thrilled that today is Super Bowl Sunday. This is the most hyped sporting event ever and if you don't happen to fans of these two teams all you are really going to care about is if the square you bought in your Super Bowl pool pays off for you. The NFL Network bragged that it had 88 hours of Super Bowl coverage last week and maybe forty-five minutes of it actually had something to do with the game. They had live coverage of the Broncos landing in San Francisco and they almost made it sound like a CNN-newsworthy event. Here's comes Peyton Manning now. He's wearing a light blue suit. By the time the game begins tonight you're going to know all there is to know about when Manning has breakfast, what he has and why he says no to Cheerios. ...That's another thing that has changed for the worst too. The start of the game here in the east. 6;30 p.m. is kickoff and by quarter after seven I'm so bored with it that I check to see what's on the Hallmark channel. I have to get accustomed to them talking about the game right now and not Peyton Manning's opinion on Cheerios. Part of it is because the Raiders aren't in it but after all these years you'd think I would be used to that. Years ago, and this is back when Oakland was good, the Super Bowl would start around 4:00 p.m. here on the cold side of the country. There's no reason why they can't start it at this time again because people will watch this game any time it is on. The halftime show back then wasn't as long either. Now each halftime show has to try to beat the one from the year before. I predict within ten years we will see these go over the one hour mark. ...If you are a fan of the Cleveland Browns you have to like how the off-season is going so far, although that will not officially start until around 9:30 p.m. tonight when we find out who won Super Bowl 50. They finally went out and got themselves a decent coach in Hue Jackson, a man who given the time, resources and patience can turn things around for that team. That is saying a lot because people are so used to quick fixes but that's what they've been trying to with this team for awhile now so why not give Jackson the time to do his job? He did a great job in Oakland a looked like the perfect fit there. I don't know why he was let go after the 2011 season. He was replaced by Dennis Allen and all the Raiders did under him was continue to lose. The second thing Browns fans can look at positively is that next month when the new league year starts Johnny Manziel will no longer be on the team and although Manziel can or will not realize it, this is all his fault. There were times that Manziel showed Cleveland how good he was and why he was a first-round pick for them but what he did off the field since joining the Browns overshadowed everything he did on it. Giving Manziel the boot was Hue Jackson's first move in his rebuilding process. Nothing like starting a new era of Browns football off with a bang. ...I think it's great news that the Chargers will be playing in San Diego next season and I hope that it will be for many more years after that. Those fans support them very well just like the Raiders fans do up in Northern California. If the Raiders leave Oakland I don't know if I will watch the NFL again. I've lived through this happening once already. ...Too Much, Too Little, Too Late, Dept: Oakland's Ken Stabler was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame yesterday. All I got to say about this is that is it about time and why couldn't this happen a year ago? Stabler has been retired for over thirty years now so there was plenty of time to get him to Canton so he could enjoy it personally. Stabler died last July of colon cancer and now a member of his family will have to represent him this year when his name is announced. It's good that he is finally in but it makes me wonder why they had to wait until now to let him in the door. ...Oh yeah, the game. I am an AFC fan and as a rule I root for their representative in the game unless New England is playing or if it is another AFC West team. So by default I am rooting for Carolina. What would really make this game worth watching is if Peyton Manning does something at the worst possible moment to make the Broncos lose. Throw a key interception in the fourth quarter, fumble the ball, over throw a receiver on a key third down play. I'm not picky. And if he wins or loses he'll still get his Papa John's pizza on Monday.
  2. Classic 2K Rosters

    You could always make one yourself.
  3. New observations on TC71

      Jim it is good to see that he realizes this mod was a work in progress and I am sure that whatever you do for this mod will make it look a lot better. I personally think this was his big mistake, releasing the mod in this state. Nobody needed to see this mod before he was 100% ready for it to be downloaded and the way it was released to everyone it was no where near 100%. Stecropper was helping him out here so I am sure he saw this before any one of us did. Maybe. It doesn't make any sense to me to release a TC mod before it is ready to be seen by everyone especially when you know it isn't ready.
  4. New observations on TC71

    I agree with you. But nobody put his work down with the intention of putting him down, let alone myself. And I don't want to hear from anyone otherwise that I did. One more thing. No one went up to him and told him he should leave this website. That was his own idea and choosing.
  5. New observations on TC71

    You did something similar for Sal and that turned out well. And take your time with this too. It is not like we don't have anything else to occupy our time here. Look what Gordo did for the global editing in TC 10. I'm anxious to see what the subtle differences are in that.
  6. New observations on TC71

    I never said the game could not be improved. I also said it had great potential. 1971 was a great year for a total classics mod. I was pulling for him.
  7. New observations on TC71

    But you could see how the novice user would get confused? And fifteen minutes? Not bad. The installation for this could have been better. But take that away for a second. Forget about the installation issue. Another big weakness about this mod is the roster ratings. The first team I look at is the Yankees and while some of them look ok some of his ratings are highly questionable and one I found was laughable. Roy White has a speed rating of 99. Anyone who saw White play knew he wasn't close to that. Ron Blomberg has a speed rating of FIVE. That's 5. And Mel Stottlemyre? Pitcher Mel Stottlemyre has a speed rating of 99. These are issues that could have been repaired but now that he is gone this mod may as well be deleted. And that is too bad. It had potential.
  8. New observations on TC71

    Danc, you have nothing at all to feel sorry about. He chose all by himself to have his account deactivated. If you read my review of that mod it had a lot going for it but it also had a lot of problems too. The installation of that mod was the worst I have ever come across. Hey, we have other season mods, right?
  9. Incredible Pc Hockey Game

    No it is not. They have very good instructions over on their site. You need the NHL 2004 game from EA first.
  10. Total Conversion Mods

    Introducing Total Classics 1971! That is the splash screen you will see when you start up Total Classics 1971. It was uploaded here yesterday by BRobby05. And before I get going and say what I think of it I should like to point out that there are a lot of good things about it and some things that need to be worked on. Usually this is the place where I provide the link for the mod just so if anyone is interested in downloading it they don't have to go too far to get it. But in this case he has uploaded the mod in five separate parts and you need to download all five of them to have the mod work properly for you. The five parts of the 1971 mod are as follows. 1. 1971 Audios. 2. 1971 Stadiums and datafiles. 3. Balance of Stuff 4. Data Folder folders. 5. Other files for data folder. It does not matter which one of these five parts of the mod you install first because they all have to be installed so grab yourself a cup of coffee and start unzipping. No, wait. Check that. Better make yourself a pot of coffee and a few sandwiches and shut the door and turn your phone off because this is going to take awhile. You want an example? This is a screen shot of the contents of the 1971 Audios file. It's in thirteen parts. You have to unzip all thirteen of these things and then overwrite them in the correct place in the mod. And this was just for one of them. Remember, you've got four more to go. I did it because I have time to do it. I recently had knee surgery so I have time to do this. If not I wouldn't have bothered and that's too bad because when I got into the mod I saw the great potential of it. But because it is in five parts and all the uncompressing you have to do most people are going to stay away from this and I honestly do not blame them. I won't sit here and tell everyone that but you had better set aside more than a half an hour unzipping all five of these folders. I did it once and I will never do it again. Novice MVP users will get easily confused and other MVP users who do not want to devote all that time to the installation will say forget it. If you decide to do this have a clean copy of Mvp 05 and then go from there. Good luck. Once I got in the mod the introduction videos and the splash screen were the two things that really impressed me the most.  Then I got to the loading screens and the best thing I can say about them is that they need some work. The background colors stand out too much. Take a look.   The uniforms were in their wrong slots but I am sure that is a hard thing to keep in order.   I chose for my exhibition game the Chicago White Sox (cpu) against the California Angels (me.) There was another uniform problem as the White Sox visiting uniforms were the wrong ones from what they wore in 1971. Just take a look at the game screen shots and you will see. Some of the players need to have their ratings fixed too. Wilbur Wood, a knuckleballing lefthander had a stamina of 26. This is a guy that would -and did- pitch both ends of a doubleheader. He had a lot more stamina than that. Even C.C. Sabathia has more stamina than that although no one knows it anymore because he is always being lifted in the fourth inning. Ok, moving on. BRobby must be a country music fan because the jukebox is loaded with country singers like Johnny Cash and Lester Skraggs. Playing TC '71 was like playing baseball with Hee Haw on in the background. Hey, the guy likes country so it's fine. Getting into the mod and playing it was fine. Some of the players in the game are assigned the wrong faces but that can be fixed. I enjoyed playing the 1971 mod. I give him credit for making it because I know how time consuming it is to create a season mod. The good thing is that everything that I mentioned that should be fixed can be fixed. This is not the worst Total Classics mod that was released here. Many of you do not remember this but when the 1927 mod was released it was the worst one by far - and only because of the things it lacked. For example when you played the Boston Braves at Brooklyn's Ebbets Field against the Dodgers you would have displayed Atlanta at Los Angeles instead of Boston at Brooklyn. With some nips and tucks that mod became a very good top of the line mod. So can this one. Screenshots from 1971 TC 1971 between innings overlay.          
  11. Problems with mvp71

    You're a God damn piece of work you know that? You didn't provide readme files for your mods, something that is very helpful for the novice MVP user around here.
  12. Problems with mvp71

    Oh for God's sake. Who is out to get you on this website?
  13. Question on Getting an MVP 05 Game

    This isn't a bad question and it is one that has been brought up every so often over the years here. No one knows what EA is thinking or if they will bother with this again. I would love to see them release it again because more people can get it and there could be a revival of this game. Secondly it would put a stop to the people who are trying to sell a copy of the game for a few hundred dollars.
  14. Question on Getting an MVP 05 Game

    There are other problems with that hoodlum pirate copy too. Since Hoodlum released that damn thing eleven years ago people have been downloading it and they come in here and ask for support because they wonder why it doesn't work right. Now that you have a real copy of the game you are all set. Good for you!