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  1. Well you guys I see your first mistake in the 2k17 mod. You should have had BehindShadows in on it at the very beginning so he could tell you what is right and wrong with the mod because it has to be obvious to everyone that he knows what's best.
  2. Thank you!
  3. Patience now! No one said there will be a charge for this. Hold on, when it is out it will be out. And what the hell is a DLC?
    58fe426760be1_Carascreadas2k17.rar And what in all that is holy is that? You need a better file description here and I will be happy to come back in here and jump up the review.
  4. Damn that looks great. Whomever made the Braves new ballpark you did a great job.
    Nothing more I can say about this guy's uniforms. They look great and I really appreciate what he has done for Mvp '05.
  5. Aaron Judge Chase Headley Jordan Montgomery Luis Severino Masahiro Tanaka Michael Pineda
  6. Good idea but as soon as he lets up a little someone else in here will take his place. Yeah, I see it in the shoutbox all the time.
  7. Now this is one of the funniest posts I've seen here in awhile. For all we know all of it is true. He probably makes things up as he goes along.
  8. And what if it doesn't come out for another month? So what. You have no idea what is involved in making a huge mod like this. It's not like one guy making a uniform or one guy making a stadium and then you release it. So much more is required for a mod like this. And at the same time a lot of beta testing is done just so they can make sure the mod is 100% playable because the last thing they'd want to hear after all their hard work is "my game crashes" or something like that from people like you. I'm an Mvp player and I want to tell you how long it took for two mods to come out. We have a Legends of the Booth mod that took creator OTBJoel a couple of years to make. Mvp Baseball 1994 took another modder named Hory 18 months to make. If you were here then you would have popped a blood vessel waiting on those mods. How about if the next time something like this comes up you take over and do it yourself just to show everyone you are better than these guys? Yeah, go ahead and make 2k18. With any luck you'll have it out by 2k28. Nice post man
  9. You chimed in and that was your first mistake. The only thing that I agree with your post was that they never should have set a release date. That's because it makes people like you "chime in." These guys are not trying to make anyone think this is the second coming of The Show. What they are trying to do is make the best mod possible. If you love The Show so much why are you here? Play that game and enjoy it. And it is such a shame that because this mod has been delayed that you don't care that much about it anymore. Maybe everyone associated with the 2k17 project ought to quit right now because you are unhappy. One thing I was curious about though. What kind of consequences are these guys supposed to suffer? Is it the wrath of your impatience or the knowledge that they have disappointed you because the mod isn't in your hands yet? If I were them I would delay it another two weeks and then tell everyone in here that while the mod is ready it was your comments that have prevented its release.
  10. Nice post man!
  11. Well said. And that is the only thing you need to say from this point on about the release date. I think all of you are doing a great job but I think there was one mistake made and it was made in the very first post of this thread after you announced that this 2k17 mod was being worked on. You said it would be released around opening day on April 2nd and when it wasn't we have had people come in here every day to ask when it was coming out. They've done it in here and in the chatbox over and over again. The next time you guys make a mod like this be it next year or the year after just say you are working on it and do not promise when it will be ready for download. When you promise something on a certain day and it is not ready then you get the impatient ones hounding you. "When it is done it is done" is a good motto to follow. You can learn something from the guys on the Mvp side. Jim825 has been involved with Total Classics for years now and he does not even announce out in the forums anymore when he is working on a new mod. That's because years ago people would bother him about when one of the TC mods would be out and he made the decision not to tell anyone what he was working on until it was ready to download. That stopped all the impatient questions and it is one of the smartest things I've ever seen anyone do on here. I know you can't keep 2k17 a secret but any other mod you do should never have a release date attached to it. It's just an invitation for the demanding ones in here to call you on it when it is not done. Sometimes you just got to step back for a few days so you don't get burned out. Do something else and then come back to work on the mod.
  12. You mean something like artmoney? We can use that in Mvp.
  13. I believe I already said I could run it.