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  1. You should get your card on Monday.  


  2. Yes, on the main page there is a donation area. And thank you.
  3. And that would be their choice.
  4. I believe you are talking about the datafiles. There is a section in the Mvp '05 download section that has many different datafiles that you can try and each will give a different view of the game.
  5. I still see them around.
  6. This mod got me curious to see what other stuff that's in there was put in without asking. Do you recall the 2017 mod that was posted here not too long ago where you had to download it in ten different parts? That's what this one is but now there's only one download to use. Waste of time.
  7. Then why did you post it here? This is an English-speaking website (and by the way I have forgotten how many times I have typed those words in here) and this mod is entirely in Spanish. Even the description of the mod. You also used the BaseUp! Rosters by Gordo without his permission. There's a good chance he would have said yes if you just asked him but you didn't. Thanks but no thanks. I'll pass on this mod.
  8. Is this mod only in Spanish?
  9. Now that is a different story! You threw me for a loop when I saw him in a Colorado uniform. I said to myself how did I miss the news that he signed with the Rockies? Good work on the cyberface.
  10. What the hell? He hasn't even signed yet. What makes you think he is going to Colorado?
  11. Flip a coin. They are both expensive.
  12. Exactly what I said. This made no sense to me either. Should be a good game. They won big yesterday against the Rams.
  13. This is news to me. I can't see what the issue is by saying to someone 'sir' or 'ma'am.' Good luck with that being followed.
  14. How have you been kumala? I remember you very well and it is nice to see you around here again. There's a thread right here about Mvp 2005 and Windows 10. I don't have Windows 10 but from what I have read in that thread that system makes it very hard to run this game. To give you an idea how you were not forgotten, a few years back I did a weekly thread called the modders of the week and I would cover two modders a week. This particular week here I covered your contributions to the website with the datafiles you made. Thank you again and nice to see you.