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  1. Old time baseball photos in color

    You're not hijacking it. It's a good photo. Thank you.
  2. Old time baseball photos in color

    You're welcome. And that goes for all of you that posted in here.
  3. What's that number mean?

    Once again Gordo's right. There are overlays that you can find on this website that do not display the "PC" that you have noticed but those overlays are very hush-hush and are hard to find. The last time I used one of them was a few months ago and just like in the real world there were some people that complained that the pitcher was not PC sensitive.
  4. And then what happened?

    I think this is a very good question. Maybe after 140 seasons you'll come across a splash screen that says are you sure you want to play one more season?
  5. Homer's Classics

    I love this XP talk.
  6. Old time baseball photos in color

    Well this went over well.
  7. I got a collection of colorized baseball photos so I decided today to create a gallery of them. I had time to do this because I didn't watch the Yankee game since I didn't want to get aggravated again. The link is RIGHT HERE. Some photos are very big so you have to scroll down to see the entire thing. Let me know which ones you like the best. Right now I got to say the Polo Grounds one from 1921.
  8. Uniforms Arizona D-Back 2016

    I bet these were tough to make. Excellent work!
  9. Windows 7 update

    Hey! I'm with you since I agree with you.
  10. Windows 7 update

    Oh, you are getting closer! To our experts in here: Can it be his video card?
  11. Is it possible to replace announcers?

    Is it possible? Yes. But whoever does it is going to have a lot of work to do. A lot. This was done in Mvp 2005 because the announcing of Kuiper and Krukow were awful and one guy spent 3 1/2 years making the Legends of the Booth mod which replaces Kuiper and Krukow's words with Vin Scully, Ernie Harwell and Mel Allen. It's a joy to listen to those guys instead of the other two. Can it be done for 2k12? Beats me. But it will take a lot of work.
  12. Windows 7 update

    Mods make the game look better and enhance everything that EA sports put into the game. Better uniforms, stadiums, portraits, cyberfaces, etc, etc. But they do not make the game run.
  13. 2K15

    Doesn't it drive you nuts when you have to do all this stuff? All you want to do is just play the game. Good luck man.
  14. Share Your Game Images!

    They can have the SOB now.
  15. MLB2K16

    Hold up now! I'm impressed by that guy's modding. He's made some nice stuff for MVP too. But then again I really like what I see in some of the stuff made for 2k12.