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  1. Good thing this guy doesn't ask for much.
  2. Again I am convinced you have trouble reading. What does #2 say? No CD cracks. This stuff is not allowed here. You have to buy the game. And don't tell me it is expensive. That is not news to me.
  3. There is a Windows 8 thread here for Mvp 2005. But that is the only help you will receive here because you have a pirated game. It is in the rules. Discussions and requests for illegal downloads (via admission or open discussion) or making them available to other posters is explicitly prohibited. This content includes (but is not limited to): CD Keys (MLB 2K or MVP Baseball or otherwise) & Serial Numbers No-CD cracks Warez Original Game Files
  4. The first two questions I have for you is this. What version of Windows are you trying to run this game on and secondly where did you download the game from?
  5. Ryon Healy beats out a single for the Athletics but KC holds on for the win. The Cardinals turn a double play Molina hits a double off the wall.
  6. Day game in San Diego. I like watching Padres games lately.
  7. Here is that uniform in the 1975 Total Classics mod in Mvp.
  8. I opened it up with the ASF importer and I see three also.
  9. Aaron Hicks Aaron Judge Chad Green Clint Frazier Luis Cessa Sonny Gray
  10. I'm impressed Fiebre. You are using mods that have been buried in our download section for years now. They are both good mods and I tried them both. I use the organ mod a lot and it's a lot of fun. More people should try it. Funny thing about that mod though. The guy that made it (The_Betz) was not very well known and this was his only mod. He hasn't been here in years. If you want to try out the Harry Carey mod you are going to have to replace the original rallydat.big file and any other file that the organ mod replaced and then install the Carey mod. You can always go back to the organ mod later on.
  11. Now those are good! Keep them coming!
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This is the ASF Importer - Exporter that was uploaded to this website many years ago. I am just uploading it again. I have not used this in years and the person who originally uploaded this here did not provide a readme file. I did look at it and it seems very self-explanatory.
  13. I got it after all. It is a very small file and I will upload it to the site before the night is done. The file is called ASF Importer-Exporter. EDIT: File uploaded.
  14. I don't know if I can help here. I have something called the InGame music importer.
  15. Give me time, I will look.