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  1. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: MVP 15 reinstalling automatically?   

    ​If you made this post in another thread you had no reason to start a new one for the same problem. So please do not do this again in the future.
    I have no idea what you mean by Mvp 15 automatically installing. It doesn't work that way. To install this mod you have to start the installation process yourself.
    Why are you uninstalling the game?
    Why are you installing two different patches? Just install patch #2. Patch 3, 4 and 5 are roster updates and you don't need that.
  2. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 5-24   

    Updated to 5-24
    ...Due to technical difficulties in the forum last week there was no Random Thoughts thread because of the problems with the website's upgrade. Trues has been working very hard to fix the problems associated with this move and has spent many long hours trying to get everything back where he wants it to be. I have not talked to him in a few days to get the latest update but I would guess he is not done yet and when we find out for sure that this upgrade is finally behind us I think we all should let him know how much we appreciated his hard work during this time.
    ...What the hell? It didn't take long for the Yankees to hit the skids, didn't it?
    ...And by the way I can not get used to those Yankee moustaches. They look terrible. Maybe now that they are not winning they'll start using their razor again.
    ...I must admit at first I was very surprised to learn about how hard the NFL lowered the boom on the New England Patriots but after thinking about it a little I have to say I really wasn't. The NFL has been the victims of some bad press for awhile now and that's something that they can only blame themselves for so when this latest scandal popped up they had to show everyone that they meant business. I sincerely believe that if the Ray Rice incident would not have occurred the commissioner would have been a lot more lenient on the Patriots and nothing would have happened to Tom Brady. But since it did they had to take a different route. The Patriots were fined one million dollars by the league. That's like one hundred dollars for you and I. They'll know it's gone but they won't cry over it. They also lost their 2016 first-round draft pick and a fourth-round pick in 2017. They should have lost their first-round picks for the next three years. Finally Tom Brady was suspended four games for his participation in this and for his refusal to answer questions when the interview process was going on. He should have had the entire year off because this isn't the first time the Patriots were caught cheating. He's appealing this decision but that was to be expected. I hope they add a few more games just because he is wasting more of their time here. This is what happens when they cheat, get caught and lie about it. Serves them right.
    ...A lot of lawsuits that go on these days are laughable and are not worth the paper that they are written on. But then you read about one that makes so much sense that you just can't help but pull for the person. There's this lady in California who had a job that required her to travel across Central California for her employer and her bosses told her to download an app for her phone called Xora which clock in and out, fill out forms and log trips while she was traveling. It also tracks the locations of all the workers via GPS while constantly sending that information back to her boss. What's more, she had to have her phone on at all times, every day with no excuse. As soon as she found out that this app was able to do all of these things she deleted it from the phone and when her employer found out they deleted her from their payroll. She is suing them for invasion of privacy, wrongful termination and unfair business practices. I hope she gets it. If these people want to track her twenty-four hours a day then they should pay her for all that time too.
    ...An elderly man in his seventies was evicted from his assisted-living facility located in a Philadelphia suburb because officials there found a prostitute that he was trying to hide from them underneath his bed. To be fair there is only so much TV you can watch and crossword puzzles to do until you get bored and when that happens you mind begins to wander. The guy got the money to pay for the hooker because he was able to get around by himself a lot easier than most of the other people living there so he would go out and buy liquor for anyone who wanted it while only charging a small handling fee. So it's hard to say what got him into trouble with the home. Sneaking a guest in his room so they can break in the mattresses good and proper or the booze runs?
    ...I finally have something that I can compare Pedro Martinez and Jorge Posada to. Both have new baseball books out and I can not put one above the other to say which one I would definitely not read. From what I read in this Daily News article he was upset and angry about how he was being played in his final season as a Yankee. He doesn't say that he was practically useless in 2011 and that if he wasn't part of the "Core Four" he would have been given his outright release that year. That's how bad he was. I devour baseball books but they have to be about people that I respect or that I am a fan of. I wouldn't read Posada's book even if someone gave it to me.
    ...Only in China, Dept Where else would you go mall shopping and run into a wild boar? That's exactly what happened last week when a children's clothing store had to be evacuated and locked because a young female boar somehow got in and started trashing the place while it was looking for a way out. The poor boar was completely lost because she was looking for the food court and that happened to be at the other end of the mall. Order was quickly restored in the mall when the boar was tranquilized by a veterinarian and taken to an animal rehab center. In China that is a code word for butcher shop.
    ...George Zimmerman's luck is so bad that if he was sitting in a room all by himself drinking coffee he would still find a way to get himself arrested.
    ...The School of the Art Institute of Chicago gave Kanye West an honorary doctorate for what they said was his "transformative, genre-defying work." Just like that all credibility of their PHD program went out the window. If this guy can now walk around calling himself "doctor" then we all should be able to.
    ...What's next, Kris Jenner for sainthood?
    ...And before I go any further here I want to thank the people at the Billboard Music Awards for censoring Kanye West when Dr. Blowhard was singing last week. It was the first and only performance of his that I thoroughly enjoyed.
    ...Michael Sam signed a one-year deal with the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League last Friday because he could not hook up with any NFL team after Dallas cut him last October. Montreal is a laid back accepting city and he should do fine up there but if he ever decides to pick up a hockey stick and taking up that sport as a hobby that's when they'll send him back to the States.
    ...Not this time, Dept: A North Carolina police officer sued Starbucks because he suffered third degree burns when he said that the lid on his free cup of coffee popped off and it spilled all over him. He sued Starbucks for $750,000 so they would have to pay for the medical fees and his emotional suffering. Jurors however did not agree and ruled in Starbucks favor. If this guy was looking for a quick sue-for-money scheme he should have tried something else because someone already pulled this back in 1992 and the woman that did it won a goldmine from McDonalds (2.9 million dollars) for spilling coffee on herself while in a parked car. And that was only twenty-three years ago. The public has short memories for a lot of things but not for something like this.
    ...A senior North Korean defector who had a high-ranking government job there told interviewers that Kim Jong Un gave orders for his aunt to be killed last year around this time. That this guy is a brutal dictator is one thing but now we find out he is cheap as all hell. If he didn't want to send her a card for Mother's Day that's one thing. But to kill her? When his family has get-togethers they must hope that he never shows up.
    ...Another American idiot illegally entered North Korea recently and is now facing serious charges and prison time for illegally entering the country through China. This time it's a twenty-one-year-old college student named Won-moon Joo, which means jackass in English. Unlike the other people that North Korea has detained this guy said he actually wanted to be arrested. (I told you his name meant jackass.) He said that by being arrested some great event could happen and that it could have a good effect on the relations between North and South Korea. What this event was he did not say. He probably didn't think that far ahead.
    ...If I were Kim Jong Un for a day the first thing I would do is electrify the fences so the idiots from America who want to make statements can't get in the country and buy a few dozen rottweilers just in case someone gets past the fence.
    ...A woman from Nebraska filed a seven-page document that detailed her lawsuit against all homosexuals on behalf of God and Jesus Christ. This is the last thing Bruce Jenner needs is another lawsuit on his hands because he has enough to worry about. She's serious too. She wants a federal judge to rule on whether or not homosexuality is a sin. I just hope this woman is not too offended when this gets laughed out of court.
    ...As announcers and writers love to point out, baseball managers are hired to be fired. Unfortunately that is true because it's easier to fire one guy than half the players on it who aren't worth much to begin with. Add to the mix an owner who is one of the worst in baseball and you can understand why Miami Marlins manager Mike Redmond did not sign a long-term lease to rent a home in the Miami Metropolitan area. And it's a good thing because Jeffrey Loria fired Redmond and bench coach Rob Leary, presumably because he did not like the way Leary was sitting in the dugout during games. The Marlins were 16 - 22 on the season at the time of Redmond's firing, which is hardly time to raise the panic flag especially when they are only in the middle of May. Loria replaced Redmond with a guy named Dan Jennings and if you never heard of him you are not alone. Jennings was Miami's General Manager which just goes to show you that no other baseball manager who is currently out of a job wanted this one. Jennings never played in the major leagues or the minor leagues. I hope he doesn't get too comfortable.

    ...Bristol Palin announced that her upcoming marriage to former U.S. Marine Dakota Meyer has been called off. Wether he knows it or not right now he dodged a bullet bigger than the ones that were shot at him during his time in Afghanistan.
    ...The funny thing about that shootout in Waco, Texas where nine bikers died and eighteen others were injured was the reaction that a lot of people had when they first heard about what happened. They were surprised and shocked that something like that took place. What the hell for? They're bikers. What the hell were they going to do when they got together, have bible readings?
    ...Why does the NFL constantly tinker with their rules?
    ...I went to Lowe's on Friday afternoon and the cashier that checked me out must have previously worked at a fast-food place because she was as smart as the people who seem to work there. I had one item in my cart, a 27x45 piece of plywood that I planned to put under a small ottoman that I own to give it support. She looked at it and then she asked me what it was. I immediately wanted to say something funny like "it's a lawnmower" but I thought if I said that I would have confused her even more so I just said it was a piece of wood and I left it at that. That didn't help at all because she then asked me what kind of wood I had. I said I don't know but I hoped it was from good stock. That answer didn't help either so I told her to call the guy over in lumber and he'll tell you that the wood that I have is really wood and I'll pay for it and go home. So she calls the lumber department and I can hear the guy on the phone laughing because he had to confirm that what I had was wood. That was the funniest $18.50 that I ever spent.
  3. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Other Mods   

    Funny you should mention these two mods. Both should be completed and ready to be uploaded sometime around the trade deadline on July 31st.
  4. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Other Mods   

    And by the way this is my fault for telling you to look at the '69 mod. Just disregard that because I did not realize I was posting this response in a 2k12 thread. The mod I was talking about was for Mvp 2005.
    My apologies for any confusion.
  5. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Other Mods   

    ​I guess you have to look closer. The AL and NL All-Star teams are included in the 1969 Total Classics mod. That mod has been on this site for many years now.
  6. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: MVP 2005 Mods for Windows 7?   

    ​You do not need to install all five patches. Patches 3, 4 and 5 are roster updates and you don't need that. Install up to patch 2 in the main MVP directory.
  7. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: MVP 2005 Mods for Windows 7?   

    ​EVERY EA Sports patch for this game is on this website. Search the download section.
  8. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Box Score Extractor?   

    ​Yes it is but that is the special Mvp Caribe edition that Ty made for just that mod and that one has been there for a few years now.
  9. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Box Score Extractor?   

    ​You could if you want but he hasn't been here in over three years so don't expect a quick reply.
  10. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Box Score Extractor?   

    ​The link that I posted was a five-year-old link and it is long gone now. The modder who made this does not have his mods on this site so I can't and won't post the box score extractor on here. No one else can either. It's tywiggins mod and he owns it.
  11. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Yankee News For Yankee Fans   

    “Alex is my friend. [Roger Clemens] is my friend. It’s tough to talk about people that you love in a negative way,” Posada said.
    But yet you just did you two-faced son of a *&$^%.
  12. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: MVP Baseball 15 Support Thread   

    ​Good idea!
  13. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Triple play Baseball Roster Editor   

    Not here.
  14. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: MVP Baseball 15 Support Thread   

    ​You can do it yourself. Create a player named Katie Roy and save it.
  15. Yankee4Life added a post in a topic: Yankee News For Yankee Fans   

    It's no secret that I am no fan of Posada and that goes way back.