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  1. Templates

    Thanks for the file, Y4L.
  2. Templates

    I am trying to learn how to make some uniforms. Thanks to Yankee4Life I was able to locate the tutorial I need. But in the tutorial it states "Since kccitystar is the only one who has released uniform templates, it would be the best to use his; unless you want to create your own templates from scratch. " I did find those templates and downloaded and unzipped to the proper location. However, the next section goes on to state what templates I should now have. But some aren't included, like hat, catchers mask, manager uniform etc. I have searched the forums to attempt to locate an additional uniform file by Kccitystar and have had no luck. Are these located somewhere on the site and I am overlooking them? Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. MVP Studio 2006: Uniform Editor Final

    When I download and try to load UniEdit it just times out. Anyone else experienced this?
  4. Is your MVP Baseball 2005 game crashing?

    Yep that got it.. no more crashing on Ron Darling. Thanks Homer.
  5. Is your MVP Baseball 2005 game crashing?

    I kept getting a search error too. But thanks for the link. Would I install these files using TiT? Or can I just cut and paste them into a folder? And what folder? Sorry to ask so many questions, just not really sure what to do here, first time I've ran into any problems.
  6. Is your MVP Baseball 2005 game crashing?

    Thanks Homer. I did a search on TC Phase 9 Crashing and didn't get very narrows results.. didn't even think about doing a Ron Darling specific search. Appreciate it.
  7. Is your MVP Baseball 2005 game crashing?

    I play TC Phase 9 pretty much all the time. I crash everytime I have Ron Darling pitching for the 84 Mets. This is the only time I crash. I crashed about 8 times in a row before I decided to skip him in the rotation and everything was fine. Any way I can fix this other than just skipping Ron Darling?