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  1. I will try that. Thanks.
  2. Oh, then I apologize Jim. My defensive mechanism went off.
  3. Not sure if you mean me but I was trying to tell him why his game may not be working. That's the feeling I have at least. I've been open about using a no cd because I paid 85 gd dollars for this game online about seven years ago and I only break mine out when absolutely necessary. I don't condone the piracy of any game but I do condone perserving what I have in a format that's generally antiquated and in short supply now.
  4. Just a note. If you are running a no cd crack then I'm pretty sure owner mode won't work. I don't play owner mode but that's the consensus I've seen online. I assume that's what you are doing. If you want to play owner so bad then break out your discs. If that's not the issue. Good luck
  5. This may be a stupid question, so forgive me ahead of time.. I only use the PC for what all red blooded american males do, playing MVP, trolling Hulk Hogan on twitter and watching porn so I have no idea about any modding. In order to try to isolate the issue with this mod, I have been comparing files in this mod with other mods I have that work fine. I do notice that my models.big file in NCAA is only about 168k kb, while in another mod its over 247k. I don't assume this would be a problem, but I am looking for someone with a lot more knowledge than myself to clarify.
  6. I will check it out. All my other mods run great on it. But I will look into it
  7. I am running Windows 10 64 bit to be exact
  8. I appreciate it. Keep me in the loop. I'd love to play it sometime.
  9. Well I give up. Looks like a great mod, but I have tried everything i can think of. Running from the MVP disc itself, uninstalling and reinstalling numerous times, trying every possible compatibility mode option, running as admin, shutting down all applications (if Ram were a problem), and any other fix I could find on web and no dice. Not sure what makes this mod so different than all the others I have, I counted I have 21, and I play all on occasion and never the slightest issue (other than that weird Ron Darling issue).
  10. Maybe this is normal, but this struck me as odd. I tried to run this in compatibility mode, thinking that may be the issue. When I try to run it under Windows XP SP3, it loads the original game and not the mod, even though I am accessing it from the folder where I have the NCAA mod installed. Once I switch out of compatibility mode, it loads the NCAA mod. Still crashing, but I thought that was odd.
  11. Yankee, I appreciate the help. I am going to state here what I did in pm's with Y4L. I do run a no-cd crack. I know that is frowned up and you guys can get mad at me if you wish, but I paid a lot of money for this copy of MVP 2005 and I try not to break out my discs. That being said I thought maybe that was the issue so I uninstalled MVP. Then I got out my discs, reinstalled a brand new copy, then installed patch #2. I am still having the same issue. I can access both play now and exhibition mode team selection with no issues. But once I try to play the game, from either no-cd or the disc itself, the game crashes on the loading screen.
  12. Yeah me either. Looks like a good mod. I have about 15 or so mods installed and never had an issue until this one.
  13. I have downloaded this mod. However, I am running into a few issues. When I run exploder it installs but I get a dialogue box saying many files could not be opened. I can start the game, and I get all the intro screens, the music and all the teams and uniform options, but when I try to play a game, either in play now or exhibition the game continually crashes. Anyone else had a similar experience?
    Just downloaded this and I have to say, I love it. Some of the teams are absolute beasts. I just played as the Braves against the Cardinals and McGwire was unstoppable. It was a lot of fun. I gave it four stars simply because, and I know it is a lot of work, but I'd love to see the minor league teams filled out with "second best braves team, third best braves team, etc." Other than that, the play-ability and fun factor are through the roof. Great job!
  14. Thanks for the file, Y4L.