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  1. Would this 8MB card, which is plugged directly into the back of the controller, work?

    I'm not sure what the file size is on your most recent mod. 

    If so I'd be interested. I also don't have a modded xbox or anything like that so I just want to verify that it would work.



  2. 2016-17 Rosters for Xbox

    You can mail me a memory card. PO Box 1168 Pinon, AZ 86510 I don't know why a modded xbox matters or not, I'm really not knowledgeable with modding or action replay or any of that. I have a normal old xbox and normal old memory cards with normal old files.
  3. 2016-17 Rosters for Xbox

    The last guy to get the roster on his card, it didn't work. He has a modded xbox. The roster works on a regular xbox, though.
  4. 2016-17 Rosters for Xbox

    I just updated rosters for xbox, will save on memory card you send. I don't have a modded xbox or anything, just old school uploading it on a card. I'll do another update after free agents declare, and then again for opening day next year. Instead of keeping it constantly updated, I'm just doing it a few times a year now.
  5. Hey man, sorry to bother you.  I've been thinking about getting into MVP 2005 from the original xbox and I found your post offering to add rosters to a memory card.  Is this still available?   Seems like a great service to offer man and would appreciate it if that offer is still available.


    Thanks !

  6. 2015 Xbox Rosters

    I have 2 rosters that I'll save on your card. The 2015 season roster (post-trading deadline), which has been complete for awhile now. Also, the ongoing off-season roster is complete and ongoing as FAs sign and trades are made.
  7. 2015 Xbox Rosters

    I have the 2015 roster as well as an ongoing free agent roster I'll continue to edit all offseason. I'll keep the FA rosters at 25 players so it's playable as I go. Right now, it simply has the FAs removed from their teams.
  8. Nostalgia, Help please

    I can DL an updated roster for u on a memory card, but I have no idea about any other fancy stuff. It's the straight up original game with no updated digital wizardry and a ton of created players using the generic player edit, but it's the rosters and ratings for this season.
  9. 2015 Xbox Rosters

    Rosters all done for this season. At some point I'll remove the FA's. I had a guy send me his card and when he got it back, someone had torn the envelope and it was empty. I don't want to make a habit of it, but I bought another card online to make sure this guy gets the roster. Postal workers piss me off. Anyway, if you know of anyone that would want it, let me know. Thanks.
  10. 2015 Xbox Rosters

    Updating hitter ratings this week, with top rookies included (Bird, Conforto, Schwarber, etc). It's not really a process that ever ends, I'm never "finished." But all team rosters have 6 SP, 6 RP, 8 position players (9 for AL), and 5 bench spots (4 for AL). Once all 25 guys for each team have updated ratings, I'll try to add the rest of the 40-man rosters to the AAA clubs. Once that's done, I'll remove all the free-agents from rosters, and will hopefully have enough to replace them with, so that rosters for every team are still at 25. Again, it's no charge, you just have to mail me your memory card.
  11. 2015 Xbox Rosters

    Not that anyone cares, but I'm finishing up an all-time teams roster. I started with the oldest 16 franchises, then the ones from the 60s, then the expansion teams from the 90s last. Starting 8, backup catcher, corner IF, middle IF, OF, and UTIL on the bench. 6 SP and 6 RP on each roster. Players were put on the team they played the longest for, unless they weren't good enough to be on that team, and were put on the 2nd-most played for team. If anyone is interested, you'd have to send your memory card, as I'm low-tech and not super savvy with all this.
  12. 2015 Xbox Rosters

    If anyone knows a way to get the word out better, let me know.
  13. 2015 Xbox Rosters

    1. I read the "before you start a new topic" post 2. I realize very few people will see/want this, but 3. If so, it will slowly, certainly, gradually slip off the page 4. People looking for 2015 roster will click this topic, as the 2014 topic is now outdated. I think this to be prudent. FWIW, I'm willing to share 2015 rosters for Xbox. As I don't have a modified xbox or action replay or any of that, I can only save it on a card you send. This is free, it's no big deal, just want to make it available to anyone that wants it. Rosters are maintained using rosterresource, pitcher repertoires are provided by fangraphs and brooksbaseball. Every player's stance/delivery isn't accurate, but all of the performance-based ratings should be. Only the MLB and AAA teams are comprised of viable players rated properly. Retired players make up most of the AA and A squads to keep them out of the way. If you have any questions about anything or need my contact info, send me an IM through here.