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  1. 2016-17 Rosters for Xbox

    Yeah, I assumed it's just too much memory required or RAM or whatever. Downside of having 3 levels of minor leagues for some reason. Would've been better to have one AAA squad to store players and even a trash bin sort of thing to dump retired players.
  2. 2016-17 Rosters for Xbox

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm planning on doing a 2018 update when we get close to Spring Training, with all the off-season moves updated. No ratings changes or anything (except new players that need to be added in, a la Ohtani). But after that, I'm shutting it all down. Not enough interest. But I'm glad to help the 6-7 people with rosters this past year.
  3. You should get your card on Monday.  


  4. 2016-17 Rosters for Xbox

  5. 2016-17 Rosters for Xbox

    I replied. For everyone - the roster currently has the correct 25-man rosters, so it's playable. The R/L hitter ratings are up-to-date as well. So it's a perfectly fine roster file presently. I just got my Bill James handbook yesterday, which I use to edit and tweak other ratings (defense, stolen base, pitcher repertoires, etc) to perfect the roster file. This will take a few weeks. If you send me your memory card, please let me know if you want the present roster file as soon as possible, or if you're willing to wait a few weeks to get the best, finalized roster file. Thanks.
  6. 2016-17 Rosters for Xbox

    They're available online for 5-10 bucks.
  7. 2016-17 Rosters for Xbox

    I don't have action replay or a modded xbox either. It should work perfectly fine on yours. The only issue I've encountered is in season mode, when I want to sim more than a few games, the xbox freezes every time. But playing it, there's no issue.
  8. 2016-17 Rosters for Xbox

    Sorry, I haven't visited here in awhile. I'm working on updating the roster/ratings for the 2017 season. This'll be the last one I do. Just send me your memory card, I'll send it back out as soon as it's done. No money necessary, but if you wanted to send $5 to cover postage - that's what most people do, of their own accord. I appreciate it.
  9. 2016-17 Rosters for Xbox

    They do. And some just send me their memory card unannounced, so I share my address. Shrug.
  10. 2016-17 Rosters for Xbox

    New address for updated MVP roster for xbox: 4323 N 53 Lane #1031 Phoenix, AZ 85031
  11. 2016-17 Rosters for Xbox

    I just sent out another memory card with the roster file on it, so hopefully we'll be getting some feedback here in a few days. I'm moving, so don't send me your memory card until i post my new address here. It won't take long, maybe a 2-week gap. I just don't want someone's card to get lost in the mail and not find its way to me.
  12. 2016-17 Rosters for Xbox

    One thing I just thought of - I probably need to update veteran pitcher repertoires and pitch speeds, as I'm always editing the new guys. SP with 10+ years have probably lost a couple of mph on their fastballs.
  13. 2016-17 Rosters for Xbox

    I'll probably edit the relief pitchers to align with Opening Day rosters, but then I won't touch the rosters for awhile. I sent out the file to "jbits" and hopefully he'll provide some feedback.
  14. 2016-17 Rosters for Xbox

    Thanks, it's great to finally get some feedback. On the age thing, I made them their current ages, based on the game being 2005. So if a player is 25 years old, I made him born in 1980. You could create the existing real players in the game, but I don't feel the need. And Carpenter's value is in his versatility I have zero firsthand knowledge about modded xboxes. All I have to go on is what one guy who I shared my roster with told me. He had trouble with it, and that's all I know. Maybe it was his error, but I don't know enough about it to tell you anything.
  15. 2016-17 Rosters for Xbox

    Wow, I need to check back here more often. Lot of action.... Okay, let's see....first, I got mwann's memory card and will send it back out on Monday. The roster is messy right now, mostly with relievers, and I need to get every roster at 25 so it's playable. Second, I'm sure MVPedit, action replay, and modded Xboxes are child's play, but since I didn't grow up with xbox and having zero experience with any of it, it's all Chinese to me. I apologize for my ignorance, but I haven't a clue about any of that stuff. After reading the above, it sounds like those with modded xboxes may be able to use my simple roster after doing something else with it. As far as updates to team logos or faces and all that, with the regular xbox, everything is basically original. Old school DBacks logo, all of the created players have one of the generic faces, etc. It'd be cool if the substantial PC edits were doable on xbox, and maybe they are, but I'm ignorant on all that. Guys, I simply have an xbox and a great game that I keep the rosters and ratings updated on each year. Very low-tech. If that interests you, send me your memory card. I've sent out 3-4 so far, and nobody provides feedback. All except the guy who had a modded xbox and had trouble uploading the rosters. I don't know what ever came of him. The rosters upload perfectly on mine. When I load the roster file onto your card, I upload it from the card and check it, to make sure it works on my unmodded xbox. The only legit problem I've experienced is the fact that the game freezes when I try to simulate more than a few games during a dynasty. I assume it's because of the sheer number of edits and created players, but I don't know for sure. If someone more tech-savvy wants to create something more useful than what I'm providing, I can load the roster onto your card and then you can do your magic with it. All of this interest is great, though. I'm glad to help out.