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  1. This is the picture if was comparing it to once I was done. I Guess I went off of an older picture. I'll start working on another one with a more recent picture.
  2. Version 2.0.0


    Install using TIT.
  3. Will do. Thank you telling me that!
  4. Once I get the a quarter of the teams done I will release version 0.2.5. More screenshots in the next week including Gerrit Cole and Aaron Judge. Version 0.2.5 will include the Baltimore Orioles, the Oakland Athletics, the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox, the Detroit Tigers, the Houston Astros, the Los Angeles Angels, and the Toronto Blue Jays.
  5. Here are some in game screenshots of the roster so far:
  6. I am working on a MLB and MiLB roster for 2020. This roster will include: Full complete rosters for AA and AAA teams and 25 man rosters for MLB teams. Since MVP Baseball 2005 only has A and not A+ teams, I will combine them by putting them both on the A team (12 from A and 13 from A+ to). The 1.0 version will not have MiLB teams but I will work on and release them throughout the season. I plan to release version 1.0 around mid March to early April. Tell me if you have any questions or suggestions down below. Updates: Baltimore Orioles, Oakland A's, New York Yankees roster and lineups completed.
  7. I saw it referenced in a tutorial (down below) and I need SX Utility to finish the the tutorial. I've searched the download section and the whole site.
  8. Where is the download link for SX Utility?
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