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MVP 2021 Same Game, New Names Roster! 1.0.0

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About This File

Hi everyone, today I'm proud to finally release this major roster update for the MVP Baseball.


Let's begin with three basic things to know:
1. This Rosters contains the up to date depth charts for every organization, from MLB to High A. 
2. There are 2 versions:

  • Version A is an aproximation of the present day roster where the pitchers that are missing this season due to Tommy John Injuries are not available.
  • Version B is the same aproximation, but it contains those pitchers (see the list in the other text file)<<<For future updates, I'll be releasing just the Version A.

3. TO INSTALL: simply go to your MVP Baseball/data/database folder, DELETE ALL THE PREVIOUS DAT FILES in the folder (remember to backup first) and then copy and paste the roster version of your desire.



MLB Level:
Most of the MLB Rosters are primarily based on Gordo's Start of the season Roster, however, note that you will find new things in the mix:

  • Latest transactions (Including today's Pujols movement).
  • Position players that will miss a lot of time due to injuries suffered in the first month of the season were placed in the AAA level.
  • Accurate Jersey numbers, weights, heights and contracts for all MLB Players.
  • The pitching repertoire for various pitchers has been updated based on this season's data.
  • Updated Batting and running ratings for several players.
  • Lineups and Rotations updated to be more close to the present day.
  • Added new players that already debuted this season and a pitcher version of Shohei Ohtani placed in AAA.
  • Minor tweaks like batting stances, delivery style, generic faces, clothing,...
  • All-Star teams based on the Short Season Awards (MVP and Cy Young awards voting, Relief Pitchers of the year, All-MLB Team and Silver Slugger winners).

MiLB Levels:
Here is where I putted my biggest efforts, take note of the most significant things: 

  • More than 2000 NEW PLAYERS were created, with their accurate basic information. That's right, I saw Harrison Bader's photo that many times.
  • You'll going to find almost every top prospect that was projected to start the season above High-A Level.
  • According to new rating charts that I created, all of the minor league hitters were rated according to their statistical performance in the seasons prior to 2020, this means that most of them went almost two years without real playing, so it is quite certain that these ratings may not reflect their real level of play at this time.
  • Accurate pitches repertoire for the vast majority of the pitchers (but not for those who I could not find their scouting reports, of course).
  • Based on the Fangraphs' Pre-2021 Top 100 Prospects List, 88 players are listed as top prospects (the other 12 players are supposedly starting the season below High-A level, see the full list in the "extra features" folder).
  • Future All-Star teams replacing the Leyends and Heroes teams.
  • Fully compatible with BallFour's MiLB Realignment! And you should go get it, for a better experience.


Carreer Star Potential:

  • This is a feature that I'm trying to bring back to the game. Based on the Fangraphs' Future Value (FV) system, I have created a chart to give each prospect a Star Potential Level according to the FV that the site has assigned to them.
  • And for established Major Leaguers, I used the Annual WAR production that all the players had in the last seasons and the WAR productions that ZIPS is projecting them to have in this and the in the next seasons.

In the Extra Features folder:

  • The lists of the Pre-2021 Top 100 Prospects for Fangraphs and Baseball America (and where to find them in the game too!).
  • A new Fangraphs label replacing the default Top Prospects label in the game.
  • The current state of the Minor League teams in the game (Teams' ID slots, new affiliations, etc).
  • Screenshots and more...

Special Thanks to:

  • Gordo, the Man of the Rosters, for his Start of the season Roster (I probably wouldn't be releasing this today because I couldn't found the time to make the MLB Roster from scratch) and of course, for all the very useful charts, guidelines, threads, and advices about the process of creating a roster that he's been sharing during all these years.
  • Laroquece and Omarito for the invaluable job they keep doing with the latest transactions and the ID List, respectively.
  • BallFour for his great job with the new Minor League Realignment.
  • DylanBradbury for his much needed ratings tools.
  • And to all the guys that have been on this site for a long time, contributing in a lot of ways to keep alive our beloved video game.


As finals thoughts, it was really fun to take to the game players that were like 4 or 5 years old when it came out. My goal while doing it is not to try to get you to play minor league games, but to be able to present a reliable source where current and future roster makers can find some if not all of the names of the next generation of players.
But I'm still learning about this, and searching for better ways to translate the statistical data to players ratings, and I will appreciate your feedback with advices and/or any possible correction.

NOW WHAT'S NEXT: I will be doing the pbp and PA audios for as many players as I can, my hopes are that in case you do want to play a Hillsboro vs Everett game you can hear that Kristian Robinson it's taking a turn against Brandon Williamson, but before of that I need the Omarito's help to translate this roster update to the official ID List, there are a bunch of guys that need the ID Number. (The audio modding is actually what 7 or 8 months ago prompted me to do this roster).

If you get to here, thank you for downloading and for your time, enjoy it. 


Aaand why not, in case you want to give me any donations here is my paypal direction: aj1210.mora@gmail.com


Alright that's it.

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OMG, thank you very much, great work, once again THANKS

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Very impressive work.  The description itself is worthy of 5 stars!  :good:  I'm sure that many members will appreciate the effort you put into this.

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

This is the real deal!  Incorporating the MiLB is lofty endeavor and some will be glad that you did.  Don't be deterred by the lack of responses, but know this is very much appreciated!  (My only 2c is to come up with a different name for the rosters).

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Applies for which version, 2k12 ?

Response from the author:

You are in the MVP section.

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When I am trying to play yankees or giants, it does not work.

Response from the author:

Hey! Thanks for download and taking the time to see my job. As you can see in this poor quality screanshot, the Yankees and Giants of this roster works right for me, since it looks like there is nothing wrong with the roster itself, you should take a look of the following things that can cause crashing: cyberfaces, portraits, uniforms and/or stadiums.


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Time to fire up my 'MVP' PC to give these a look.  Appreciate the time and effort put into this roster set!

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Nice job. But when I import into mvpedit, it reverts portraits back to last year. Maybe I had the wrong portrat.big file. Is that the problem?  Otherwise, GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!


I think it was on me. But Can someone just confirm?

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OMG!!!!!!! I was shocked to your work. I can't wait to play it after work. THANKS MAN!!!

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