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Here's 100 NCAA baseball teams created for use in the PC version of Super Mega Baseball 3. Make sure you use the SMB3 team transfer tool to add these to your game.


This team pack now includes every active power-5 team (in addition the the American Athletic Conference). These are team designs only, random players were used for these teams. SMB3 also has a pretty limited selection of stadiums, so those may need to be tweaked to your liking.


Not all of the designs are perfect, but I'm satisfied with how they turned out considering the limitations of the in-game editor. I'm interested in adding more teams to this collection, some logo designs seem impossible but still worth a shot. If you decide to make an NCAA team and want to add it to this collection, get in touch with me! I'll take a look and if all seems good, I'll include it in a future update as well as provide proper credit.


Note: While I strove for accuracy on most of these designs, I left in my attempt at an East Carolina pirate logo. It does not really resemble the real-life version, so feel free to replace that with the block "ECU" logo if you don't like how it looks. I took creative liberty with certain other logos like Marshall for example, but always tried to at least capture the spirit of the original design.


What's new in v1.1 (9/19/21): Touched up several logos and uniforms. Added a Texas Longhorn logo to avoid confusion with Tennessee


What's new in v1.2 (10/18/21): Added 16 new teams: BYU, Cal State Fullerton, Duke, Fordham, Houston, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Iowa State (defunct), Minnesota, Oregon State, TCU, Tulane, UC Santa Barbara, Virginia Tech, Washington. Touched up a handful of logos and uniform designs from previous teams. Fixed one of Texas' helmets being the wrong color


What's new in v1.3 (11/7/21): Added 16 new teams: Appalachian State, Baylor, Cincinnati, Colorado (defunct), Connecticut, Fairfield, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Northwestern, Oregon, Penn State, St. John's, UCF, Utah, West Virginia, Wake Forest. This team pack now includes 64 teams, which is enough to fill two entire max-capacity leagues in SMB3. Added a Kansas State wildcat logo. Added a new primary logo for Mississippi State. Fixed every logo that previously relied on unnecessary background layers, allowing for all team logos to be displayed with full transparency (these previously included logos used for Tennessee, Arkansas, North Carolina, Texas). Updated logo designs for teams that previously used less accurate fonts in their logos, though not quite all (yet). Several other minor tweaks to uniforms and logos from previous teams. Put together a preview album that includes logos and uniforms for all 64 teams that have been created up to this point: https://imgur.com/a/8e2S4Ok

Edited by rootCompute

What's New in Version 1.4.0   See changelog


-Added 36 new teams: Arizona State, Boise State (defunct), Boston College, California, Central Michigan, Charlotte, Furman (defunct), Georgia Tech, Hawaii, Kansas, Long Beach, Louisiana, Louisiana Tech, Louisville, Marshall, Maryland, Memphis, NC State, Nevada, Pitt, Purdue, Rice, Richmond, Rutgers, San Diego State, Southern Miss, Texas Tech, Troy, UC Irvine, UCLA, USF, Villanova, Virginia, Washington State, Western Kentucky, Wichita State. This pack now includes 100 teams with every active power-5 team (+AAC) represented.


Added new primary logos for LSU, Illinois and Clemson. Fixed USC primary logo. Fixed Vanderbilt "star" logo and away uniform stripe color. Fixed Oklahoma State's cap logo and uniform. Fixed the logo outline thickness on Auburn's home uniform. Added an outline to Cincinnati logo for improved visibility.


Created a preview album for all 36 newly added teams: https://imgur.com/a/jOOPj7Z

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