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    A ton of work clearly went into this and I can't say enough how awesome a job he did. Man, all those logos, uniforms, and colors. Amazing work! Any chance you could add the Nicholls State University Colonels from Louisiana?
    Fantastic is what I think - not enough praise. Ruth LOOKS like Ruth. The creator here did a great job and I am hoping my sincere compliments will inspire him to make the 80 Phillies with the greatest uniform ever. Thank you very much - all of the teams are great. I found the 87 A's interesting in that they were a 81 - 81 team that you must have liked. It was an interesting lineup with Canseco, McGuire, and Reggie Jackson in his last year. I think the Garvey, Cey, etc Dodgers would also be a great add. Still there are so many other teams out there,. It might be cool if you made some other olde
  1. These were really great and you even went into detail to make them resemble the players - fantastic effort. I would love to see the 80s Phillies and their awesome blue Uniforms, All the stars on their as well would be out of this world. Any of the Dodgers, As, Yankees from the 70s would also resonate with many. SO many good teams out there. Again,. your labor of love is most appreciated!!!
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