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    • US Cellular
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    • Miller Park

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Upload Hiram Bithorn please :) even if it is crappy, it'll still be better than the EA one, I only have to play there 3 times every two years in my dynasty anyway.

I haven't seen a nice Comerica Park yet, even if it is AL

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ea did it alright, but the outfield seats in network associates coliseum need A LOT of work, along with a lot of different segments around the stadium . . . . . no one has done it, so if you can, can you give a shot at networks associates coliseum? thanks, dude

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I havent seen a Yankee stadium here at mvpmods, so that'd be nice. Theres a thread in the General mod discussion a few pages in that lists the modded stadiums.

as written above, the yankee stadium done 1/2 weeks ago is incredible, dont bother with serialmike's as it pales in comparison

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i would like to see you go back and fine tune your other ones a little. i think you do great work, but there a lot of things left out of Citizens Bank Park, for example. I know it takes a long time to get them exactly right, but I think that would be my request.

As for a new one, I would say Milwaukee would be an excellent choice.

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