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D12 rapper Proof killed in shooting at afterhours nightclub

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2nd best rapper in D12, IMO. I saw this on allhiphop.com last night 5 minutes before leaving for work - put such a damper on the night, and still is.

He has a wife and 5 kids, too. Damn shame. R.I.P. Proof.

You know, something's weird about it. Yesterday morning, I watched Brown Sugar and it made me think again, as it always does, about how hip-hop has lost it's way from how it all started. Read this news before I left for work last night. When I got to work, the first job I had to do was named "R6313". For those of you who know what 313 is to D12, well, you know.


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The last I read, it was self-defense. Apparently, Proof shot first.

From the article:

"The shootout erupted before dawn Tuesday, more than two hours after the nightclub was required to close for the night. Investigators believe Proof was shot after he pistol-whipped and shot Bender at the club on Eight Mile Road, which was memorialized in the 2002 film starring rap superstar Eminem, Proof's close friend."


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