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TC: Keith Hernandez preview


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Keith was in the news recently for saying "a woman's place is the kitchen" after seeing a female trainer in the Padres dugout. He gave us a all chuckle.

Anyway, he was one of the best defensive 1st basemen in the game for the Cardinals and Mets, i'd like to remember him that way instead of the pompous tv announcer.

Alextony asked for my contributions to TC, so here it is:


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Keith is really an entertaining commentator. He tells it like it is.

I like the fact that he saw a woman in the duggout and overreacted. (which made for great TV)

Remember, this is the guy who portrayed himself as jerk in the famous Seinfeld episode, and was in the Just for Men commercial refering to women as, "hotties". I guess he lives up to those portrayals of himself.

Great going, Mex!

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