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Sig Battle - Friedman vs. Hokieboy

Which sig is better  

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    • Friedman - Mussina
    • HokieBoy - Thome

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I like the hokieboy sig, however you guys can't deny Friedman because of a mishap on his sig, I mean we all do it. Then again, actually moose's sleeve was probably taken like that in the picture, so it's hard to decide. However Hokieboy wins as the sig Friedman had contains two different colors which don't coordinate with the signature that well.

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I'm agreeing with KC - I wasn't worrying about the arm so much as much as the fact that there are two, not-so-great colors without a smooth change - you probably would have been better off with just the blue. The text wasn't that great either...


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Replying to KC and BBHD:

Yeah, I screwed up on the cutouts, and the colors look really bad. I was trying to make it red so that Yankee Stadium had a different color than the rest of the sig.

As for the background, those are new brushes I was trying out.

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