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Medric vs. Friedman

Whose Sig is Better?  

23 members have voted

  1. 1.

    • Friedman - Giambi
    • Medric - Knuckles

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yeeah man, i was gonna say that too -- friedman's giambi sig looks like KC background stuff.

man, u know what that means, KC is the devil and friedman is satan's spawn man.

medric, make the font like prettier, like the sega box because even tho it looks close, it doesnt look close enough.

I want to go on record saying I love you both.

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I don't really like either enough to vote for them. Friedman's is ok, but I don't like the player effect. Too bright, and the background isn't anything spectacular. Medric's is just kind of weird. I don't get why there's a box over Knuckles's face. I also don't like the font or the over-the-top yellow stroke. In conclusion...I abstain.

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well i dont know much and all, but u know, im gonna agree with filthy, and with that said:

you're both disqualified.

wait, can i do that? disqualify them even tho it's their poll in their thread?

i think we should take a poll to disqualify this thread.

ofcourse, im assuming even though we're taking a poll, you've both already been disqualified. Friedman for brightness and Medric for randomness.

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