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How NOT to steal a sidekick

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I wish I would have done this sooner in the case of my phone:


I'm telling you, I should go and stick my foot up their asses...take out all my frustrations in one solid kick in the ***...

This is the girl, she is 16:


And the sad part is that the guy she's messing with is 26-27. And so us computer geeks offered an ultimatum:

"Here's how it's gonna go down. You might be street, but I'm a pasty

white hardcore computer nerd mutha****a who grew up in the ****in'

Crenshaw. That's right. Crenshaw and Olympic, Los Angeles,


The whole internet is going to see this. Millions of people. Tens of millions.

And there a whole lot of crazy *** computer ****ers that just love

****ing with dishonest shithole trash people like you who don't have

the common decency to give back what aint yours.

Call it Robin Hood, or vigilantes or just call it a big bunch of

nerds. But they're watching you, now, and their watching the webpage

of the guy who keeps posting the pictures you're taking.

And they know how to do stuff. They could wreck your credit. They

could take away your house. They could make ambulances show up at your

door every hour of every day for weeks. They could have 1000 pizzas

delivered to your place and bill you for it. Every ****ing day. They

could make your phone never stop ringing. They could run up thousands

of dollars on your phone.

See, the sidekick sends those pics out automatically, and there's jack

**** you can do about it. It records your messages. It records your


Really clever ones could even figure out how to turn that phone on and

use it like a microphone to listen in on your conversations wherever

you are with the phone. They could even turn on the E911 service and

track wherever you go via GPS.

You better hope you don't slang or smoke any weed or do anything

illegal or anything, because those crazy *** nerd mother****ers might

already be watching you right now. They might even know where you are.

Don't ever **** with a hacker, or invite them to wanna **** with you.

'Cause they got **** that's better than guns or thugs or brothers,

they got *information* like you've never even heard of before. Like

king-hell crazy *** voodoo magic **** with computers.

And the whole world is computers, now. And the new bullets? Information.

Watch yourselves. You better just give the phone back. If you're not

gonna give the phone back, you might as well trash it or smash it,

'cause it's gonna come back and bite you all in the *** real, real

****ing hard.

We clear?

Get a move up on it, then."

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