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Who would win in a fight: A hypothetical Thread.


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Okay just for some amusement, I have started a thread on celebrities, politicans, atheletes, no one is off-limits. Pit them against each other in a fight, and reason why your choice would win.

Here I go:

Clay Aiken Vs. Andy Dick

Outcome Of Fight: Hard to say, I find them both quite girlie. But since I have to choose, I would say Andy Dick. He has had more experience in "life". IE. Drugs, alcohol. etc. He just strikes me as a dirty fighter and would whip Aiken's butt.

Barry Bonds Vs. Mark McGwire

Out Of Fight: Again hard to say. I am going with Bonds on this one, because of the sixze of his head. He looks like he could take a few punches to the face, and not feel it. Plus, if he could get a few headbutts in, McGwire would be knocked out.

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personally, i'd like to see Rocky fight the Russian again...I think Drago got hosed the first time..i mean his own country was chanting "Rocky, Rocky" while he fought...Where's the home cookin' in that...Damn communists

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