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2xlite Phillies No Pinstripe Unis Uploaded!! V3 now out


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thank god, i got this friend who's a big phillies fan and everytime he's over here he's bitchin about how no one makes uniforms for the phillies.

this will probably make his nipples hard.


if you're going to read one book this summer, make it Chuck Palahniuk's "Choke".

guaranteed to drop your jaw, and you're gonna love it!!

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ok.... There is now a Version 3 out. I promise I'll take more time to check these in the future!!

Versioni 3 updates:

*** Changes to Version 3 ***

- Made sure all jert, jers and jert were included (jert was in twice before (and one Phillies logo was a lighter color)

Thank you to all that have downloaded my mods - I'm trying to get better!

Thanks to Umachines for pointing this out to me!

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