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Yankees And Red Sox 2xlite 2.0 links are NOW working OK


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Here is a part of the help file for 2.0 version.

2XLite New York Yankees Pack2.0********


This pack is designed to replace default modern uniforms for the New York Yankees

in MVP Baseball 2004. Jerseys are resized to 192x192 instead 128x128, so many more

details can be seen this way. The rest of the files are slightly modified to match

(as I think) right colors. So cap, helmet and accesories are darker and uniforms

in general have less contrast, shoes are made with Kerms' library. You will also find

two extra uniforms inside this pack.

CHANGES IN 2.0 VERSION************

Most of the changes are related to the way I was developing a method to work while

making other team packs. The best way to notice this changes is comparing the old

2xlite files to the new ones, opening two EAgraph windows. This release was supoused

to be a review of 1.0 version, but it's in fact a total remake.

.-Lastest template style in all jerseys, front buttons a bit darker than the rest of

the file on gray jersey, like in Tampa Bay's pack gray jersey.

.-Ramake of all leg files, that includes darker belt and new pinstripes much darker

too, to match jersey pattern.

.-Branded Custom (Nike) batting gloves.

.-Main uniforms front scripts ramade and fixed color, shape and satin effect.

.-Uniform brand (Majestic Athletic) added to left sleeve on BP jerseys.

.-Removed team logo patch from BP jerseys.

.-Name players removed from BP jersey, thanks to yankees1979 for this advice.

.-Updated with k.baethke fonts for numbers and players names.

.-Included both, FULL and SAFER instalation batch files.

BP's are added by full installer. If text file link opens 1.0 version, and you're looking for 2.0 version, don't download it yet. I'll try to contact forum admins to fix it. Maybe I should upload it again.

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Sorry to seem ignorant, but I'm not really into uniform updates, so would like to know what's the difference between these and the stock uniforms? They look the same, obviously not the BP unis though. What is 2x lite?

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The stock EA uniforms use images that are 128 x 128 pixels in size. The 2x uniforms that others have made use 256 x 256 pixel images, however, some people have experienced performance problems.

The 2x lite uniforms use 192 x 192 pixel images and you get better resolution without sacrificing performance. I'm currently using all of umachines' 2x lite uniforms.

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