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damn... i'm a one game kind of guy. these kids these days able to play multiple games. i've invested too much in this game so far to move on to the next one. it'll take me decades to learn that one, but i have to admit it does look kind of cool. may be in a few weeks. you've got my interest...

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BTW, Trues, my character's name is August (yeah, rookie level, i know, but mvp mods keeps me playing your MVP 06 instead!)


if you're having troublebatting, don't take the leadoff spots in the lineups, you'll get xp more points for your team doing well enough to win than you'll get for all your at bats anyway (pitchers, please don't think your character can hit and pitch at as a level one, take the back spot)

don't reveal this is your first time playing until u get a feel of who you're playing with

there's a no stealing policy in place, so don't steal unless a human tries to pick you off.

catcher's have a glitch so if u want to catch, wait until the glitch is fixed to move your player to that postion

that's all i can think of for first timers, good luck and have fun!

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Excuse me for flooding this forum with relpies, but i have to do this before i lose 'em

YAY! just joined the team and I'm leading in stats! (lets ignor th tireouts column, okay?)

and now i watch as i lose such accomplisments


can two characters from the same account be on a team? cuz it looks like we might need a pitch and i have one should we need it

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