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NBA Live 07


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yeah I have it. Not a lot of people like it, but I do. BTW, theres a sub glitch that the computer wont sub any of your players in and out only if they are in foul trouble. Kinda sucks, but could be fixed by EA or modders.

Modders are not going fix that. EA probably will but this bug shouldnt have been in the game in the first place. Last year's game was the buggiest and this years will likely top that.

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the music was perfect. Is it as bad as World Series Baseball on the Dreamcast.? (1st one) That was the worst game ever made, period.

I'm not a big rap music fan, but I remember in 2005, NBA LIVE had a great hip hop soundtrack with actual good rappers on there. Music was perfect for the urban basketball feel. Who's on the track list for 07?

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Here's my review.

Live 07 isn't that bad as a whole. It can be really fun, but there are little glitches and a BIG glitch that can hurt and even destroy the fun factor.

The sub bug absolutely kills the potential enjoyment of the game. The "Fatigue effect" slider is non-existant, even though its still in the settings file, the game doesn't use it(I did some hacking). The same goes for the cpu auto-sub slider, but it is at a default 50(again, hacking). The only substitutions that will happen are from players in foul trouble, injuries, OR if you are you are in a blow out, the cpu will sub in all the bench players. I like that feature, but with the fatigue-sub-bug, its pretty useless(YAY the cpu bench players get to play with 2/1 minute(s) left! :roll: ). Oh, and the PG for each team has a miraculous amount of energy, almost never tiring. Maybe thats the reason for the PG dominance.

PG dominance(hard to stop their penetration, too many shots taken, not enough passing) can be easily shut down by the user with a double team, or by playing help defense with another player. On the PC version, the PG bug can also be fixed by the mod community with the aiact file(MVP datafile equivalent).

The commentary is better than ever, and they finally say common last names for created players. Commentary file this year is 700 mb compared to about 200 in previous versions.

The crowd really gets into it this year. You can even tap up on the right analog while on defense to "pump up' the crowd and they will all start cheering louder. Its an older feature that was left out before, but brought for 07. On great plays for the Home team, they explode into cheering.

EA took away two cameras - Center Court, and Sideline. Many people enjoyed those cameras. Not like the current cams aren't buggy as-is. The Press Cam is very close to a TV style presentation, but when you are inbounding, you can't see the inbounder. Not to mention the inbounder hasn't been able to move along the baseline(like in the real NBA ) for years.

The Freestyle Superstars are once again too powerful, and the risk/reward is a whole lot of reward, very little risk. For instance, I am shooting 65% with Elton Brand four games into a Dynasty using 90% superstar moves. My guards are at a more realistic percentage in the lower 40's.

Rebounding is much better this year. The fixed the offensive rebounding problem that plagued 06, but centers and power forwards get most of the boards. I have yet to see a player box out. Its just a leaping/position contest for the ball. At least the numbers are better.

They lessened the turnovers by allowing passes to go through a players body. In 06 that player would have knocked the ball loose or stolen it entirely. You can now hold the pass button for a lob pass or tap it for a quick pass.

Alleyoops are alot better this year, you can't just toss one up and you got an easy 2. You can also direct the alleyoops with the left analog. Many bad alleyoops go out of bounds. Timing is key.

Direct passing/switching is horrible. You can't direct switch while the cpu is inbounding or shooting freethows. Also, they mixed up the Dunk and Layup icons so pressing dunk while direct passing gives it to your power forward like always, but the power forward has a "layup" icon over his head. They also switched the buttons for the center and small forward. It was fine how it was, everyone was used to it. Useless change. Sometimes direct-pass triggers off-ball control which confuses the hell out of you as you scramble to get back control of the player with the ball.

Your teammates have a big problem playing help defense. So you have to do everything. Its not always, but when you are beat by some penetration and your teammates just sort of stare at him like a statue allowing the easy layup/dunk, it shows you how unfinished the game is.

There are a couple little bugs that are annoying.

Bench animations are back and buggier then ever. After a "and-1" foul, one will get up very excited jumping and throwing his arms, another will get up and clap, another will point his hand towards the court, but the other players will sit motionless, some of them laying on the floor of the court. Not only that, but when the aniamtion is over, the one who jumped out his seat sits backdown on thin air and not in his chair, or in another players chair, while he's still in it.

Sometimes a player will dribble the shot clock to zero and turn it over. This is due to bad AI, because what happens is the cpu calls a play and one player is trying to get into position to trigger the play only to be running in place because a defender is in his way and not moving. Happened to me once.

When you edit a player or create a player, you choose your shoes for Home and Away games. Go back into the edit palyer screen and you will notice that the shoe you selected for Away games is now your Home shoe, and your Away shoe is at the default. Also, if you don't go into practice mode first, when you go to edit any player, it looks like they have a genereic headshape.

There is also a typo with one of the rookies birthdates. The game shows him as 57 years old, and he retires after one year during a Dynasty.

Along with the sub bug, players who are put on the bench do not recover quickly enough. I'll often bring a starter back in with 3/4 stamina because the bench player is completely out of stamina. I don't think it really matters, because it doesn't appear that the game actually fatigues the players, and I believe that is why players are not subbed. It looks like they are getting fatigued because the stamina bar lowers, but if you pay close attention, they don't look or play tired at all.

About the reviewer

When the reviewer talks about missed dunks, he lost me. I do not recall missing but a few dunks which were putbacks or alleyoops. He is an obvious NBA JAM enthusiast. He also talks about putting up shots in the lane that end up having you go behind the backboard and tunring the ball over out of bounds. This was a big problem last year with mid-air adjusted shots. They have changed the animations this year and it really cut down on this alot. The only time this happens to me is because I don't know all the moves. So performing a sweeping hook on the baseline can cause me to shoot the ball behind the backboard, but I could have easily pivoted to the middle or performed a jumpshot that wouldn't have gone out of bounds.

He also has horrible timing with jumpshots. I have made many open jumpshots in Live 07. They are not hard at all, release just before you get to the peak of your jump.

The biggest bugs are the fatigue-sub bug, Offensive passing/shooting selection AI, and Defensive Help/Rotation AI. If EA can fix those, even without freestyle superstars or ESPN integration, they will have the best PLAYING basketball game on the market. In short, their priorities are screwed - marketing game features to get sales. I'm sure its hard as hell to create a game every year that has something new, but still plays great, but I am not sympathetic.

Overall the gameplay is enjoyable, but encountering the bugs doesn't make you laugh as much as it makes you want to break something. Being a very serious NBA Live gamer for the PC, If this fatigue-sub bug isn't fixed by December 25th, I'm grabbing an xbox360, and 2k7 with my christmas money. Because I love basketball and I want to enjoy the video game version of it. For now, I'll just play MVP and keep up hope that they patch the PC version.

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NBA Live 06 was fine to me, not anything spectacular- it had its bugs but atleast it was tolerable. I think that will be the end of my PC gaming days.

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Posted on www.nbaliveforums.com

Major Issues - Top Priority

* Teams don't sub normally for both human and CPU. Players only leave if there is foul trouble, and often do not come back for an extended period of time. Fatigue does not affect substitutions, and it was reported that a starter that is exhausted but not in foul trouble will be sent back into the game if an attempt to bench him was made.

* Add sliders for Fatigue and CPU Substitution Frequency

* Provide alternative shorter seasons rather than only full 82 game seasons similar to previous years' versions

* Point guard takes too many shots/scores too often; primacy issue? It was reported that the point guard does not fatigue compared to all the other players.

* When ending a matchup by clicking on 'Quit Game' rather than returning to the main menu, it literally exits the game. [both EA Downloader and PC-DVD version]

* Save stats button (especially for online leagues)

Significant Issues

* The small square not disappearing when hiding the menu in instant replay mode

* After calling a play, there's an inability to see where to set up plays

* Direct pass position assignment not correctly mapped to gamepad. ie: dunk label appears over player, pressing the dunk button will pass to a player with the lay-up label.

* If locked as a player, the CPU does not auto inbound. Inbounds are only done if one presses the pass button. This is a significant gameplay issue if one is locked as a power forward or center.

* While using direct pass, player lock or off ball mode is enabled without clicking on the right analog stick (Thrustmaster & Logitech controllers)

* No option to turn the stamina bar on in direct IP mode

* Can't access PDA during trade player phase unless you get a new message

* With two players on the same team using player lock for both, one of the players will frequently lose the ability to play

* Most often, defense are not aware of the opposing team's SG and SF on the transition. Momentarily, they will be wide open for long jumpers.

* Pressing the direct pass does not automatically switch to the player closest to the basket. The manual falsely states otherwise.

* When starting a dynasty, detail settings cannot be changed.

Minor Issues

* Add missing key players (see list below in thread)

* Add missing jerseys and replace incorrect courts (Toronto Raptors)

* Incorrect head textures

* If one gets blocked, the layup/dunk will count as 0/2 FG

* A deflected pass counts as a turnover

* There are no averages at the Team Stats screen

* Occasionally, the CPU player dribbles until time winds down in non-clutch situations

* Some settings like preferences are set to default each time you load the game

* Can't release players during the FA negotiation period

* Players occasionally warp (disappear then re-appear)

* Jab steps (and other pivot moves) triggers a freestyle move (ie: http://youtube.com/watch?v=lSpGmbZloPY)

* Camera zoom levels are never saved, it resets to default after quitting a game

* Occasionally, when the center or power forward inbounds the ball after opposition scored, switching to an off-ball player other than the PG resulted in the C/PF holding the ball and not passing it to the active player (5-second violation)

* There are "six" starters on the International team

* A player retires at age 57 after playing only one year in the league [screenshot]

* Rasheed Wallace and Pau Gasol cannot dunk, literally.

* When a player blocks a jumper rather than a dunk or layup, the block will not count.

* Three pointers either count a feet away from the line in a certain area or on the line in a different area.

* Sometimes on a score and foul, the basket doesn't count, but the player shoots only one free throw.

* Notifications for injuries or fouls occasionally does not show up.

* Player textures are shown significantly different in the game and in the player edit screen.

* The instant replay cuts off every time a player inbounds the ball, missing the finishing play.

* Players have jumped 15 feet in the air.

* Starters are occasionally benched prior to the start of a game

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