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EA Gameplay


Did the EA Sports Games have the best gameplay?  

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    • Yes
    • No, please which game had better gameplay that wasnt Ea's

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From 2004 to 2005 I noticed that EA sports had increased its gameplay to way above average, I LOVE all the 04 and 05 games and i find its great that i have updated rosters for everyone of my games. did the Games in 04 and 05 have the best gameplay

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EA always has to wait until an opposing brand does something that people will approve before they really switch it up and do something. Such is the case with 2K Sports' NFL 2K5, where they literally exposed EA's practices with Madden (i.e. removing a feature and adding it in future editions, same gameplay with just roster updates). What did EA do then? They signed an exclusivity contract with the NFL, forcing people like me and countless others to wait until 2009 for 2K to release another game.

Take NBA Live for example. NBA 2K7 has exposed them for the joke that Live is, and especially when EA's game has been rated horribly this year, it is a guarantee that EA will rip something from NBA 2K and implement it into their versions of the game. IMO, 2K Sports handles gameplay better than EA seeing as they do the most in one year than EA SPORTS does to all their games. FIFA, well, it took Winning Eleven a while to pwn soccer until this year's FIFA which I hear is going to most likely be the most accurate rendition of soccer ever made.

Except baseball, of course.

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NBA, non EA.

MVP, EA (compared to other games, with the exception of High Heat).

Madden, EA (the best out there).

NHL, non EA (2k7 finally overtook NHL 07)

Still voted for EA, overall it's better.

The PSP versions of the games are WAY more realistic, like that video that Turma posted, does NOT apply to PSP.

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