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End of "LOST"


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Did anyone see it with the Red Sox? That was hilarious. Here's the script.

Ben- Your plane crashed Sep. 27th 2004, today is November 29th 2004, you've been on my island for 69 days (I don't think I got the dates right, but whatever)

Jack- (confused)

Ben- I have connections with the outside world, Christopher Reid passed away, The Americans re-elected president George W. Bush, and the Boston Red Sox won the World Series.

Jack- (laughs) of all teams the Red Sox?

Ben- Yes, they were against the Yankees in the LCS down by 3 games, and won 8 in a row!

Jack- No they didn't

Ben- Turns on T.V. and presses play

(T.V. shows the last play where the guy grounded out to Foulke who threw to Meinkewvictz (or however his name is spelled))

Jack- *gazed look*

I thought that was absolutely hilarious, who else saw it?

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