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San Juan DRays-"expansion" dynasty


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Im doing an "expansion" dynasty right now. Actually its more like an owner buying a team, dumping everything and starting over using free agency. First I took the TB DRays and used loclook to move them to San Juan. Then I took the latest KG rosters and edited every DRay contract to only 1 year.(most of the minor leaguers too). Next, I imported some guys off of team Japan from an old WBC roster set, and place them in FA. Now I start up the dynasty and sim entirely thru the first season. In the offseason I have to completely resign about 90% of my franchise, and using the DRays they only give me $33mil.

Here's what I signed



Alot better than a normal expansion team, but hey whatever. I originally signed Alex Rios, but dealt him to Texas for Blalock. I scored Matsuzaka for only $4mil/2years. Playing all home games at Hiram Bithorn.

Currently 6-3

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