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Perfect Catch . . . A Florida Marlins Dynasty


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First and foremost: Welcome. This is my first dynasty posted here so I hope you enjoy it. Just a coulple things to kick this off:

(1) I play all MLB games and sim the minors; and

(2) I try to keep it as realistic as possible in terms of trading and I will aggresively pursue free agents or trading block players if an improvement can be made.

(3) Please provide all suggestions, questions, comments, and concerns.

Again, I hope you enjoy this and look forward to some discussion regarding the season!!!


Jeffrey Loria: General Manager Larry Beinfest has fallen ill and has officially resigned from the Florida Marlin organization. With this sudden development, I have decided to hire Joshua Bailey. Although this will be his first GM position, I have no doubt that he will fill the holes on the team and acquire the players necessary to bring a championship back to Florida.

Joshua Bailey: Thank you Mr. Loria. I am very pleased honored to be given this opportunity with the Marlins. I have no doubt that I can do what it takes to make the Marlins contend once again. While I am fully aware of the youth that makes up this team, it is the position of the entire organization that the Marlins can contend, and that is exactly what is expected. I know a lot of questions have been raised regarding the status of resigning players and the only information I can provide at this time is that due to the limited budget, we will enter into contract extensions for some players during the season while a majority of our contractual negotiations will be conducted after the season. Again, thank you Mr. Loria.


1. All Stars - Miguel Cabrera and Dan Uggla

2. Home Run Derby - Miguel Cabrera

3. NL Rookie of the Year - Hanley Ramirez (first NL rookie ever with 110 runs and 50 steals)

4. Manager of the Year - Joe Girardi

5. Silver Slugger - Miguel Cabrera


Starting Position Players:

C - Miguel Olivo (1yr / $100,000)

1B - Mike Jacobs (1yr / $100,000)

2B - Dan Uggla (1yr / $100,000)

3B - Miguel Cabrera (1yr / $300,000)

SS - Hanley Ramirez (1yr / $100,000)

LF - Josh Willingham (1yr / $100,000)

CF - Reggie Abercrombie (1yr / $100,000)

RF - Jeremy Hermida (1yr / $100,000)


C - Mike Treanor (1yr / $100,000)

3B - Aaron Boone (1yr / $700,000)

CF - Afredo Amezaga (1yr / $100,000)

RF - Cody Ross (1yr / $100,000)

Starting Pitching Rotation:

SP - Dontrelle Willis (1yr / $4.3 million)

SP - Josh Johnson (1yr / $100,000)

SP - Scott Olsen (1yr / $100,000)

SP - Anibal Sanchez (1yr / $100,000)

SP - Ricky Nolasco (1yr / $100,000)


SP - Renyez Pinto (1yr / $100,000)

SP - Yusmeiro Petit (3yr / $100,000)

SP - Sergio Mitre (1yr / $100,000)

RP - Kevin Gregg (1yr / $100,000)

RP - Randy Messenger (1yr / $100,000)

RP - Taylor Tankersly (1yr / $100,000)

RP - Travis Bowyer (3yr / $100,000)







Game 1 to be posted shortly . . .

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Florida (0-0) at Washington (0-0)

"Marlins win opener with homeruns"




Ramirez goes yard on the first pitch of the game.


Abercrombie hits a two-run homerun in the 5th.


Snelling robs a basehit


W - D. Willis (1-0); L - J. Patterson (0-1); S - T. Bowyer (1)

Scoring Update:

T1 - H. Ramirez solo homerun (Fla 1-0)

B2 - A. Kearns solo homerun (Tied (1-1)

T4 - M. Cabrera solo homerun (Fla 2-1)

T5 - R. Abercrombie 2-run homerun (Fla 4-1)

Player of the Game:

D. Willis - 8.0IP, 5H, 1ER, 4K (1.12 ERA)


Willis was on today for it being the first game of the season. He only made one mistake, and that was the pitch to Kearns. On the other hand, Patterson was a bit off. He made a few mistakes and the Marlins made him pay for them. Even though the Marlins showed some signs of power today, I wouldn't expect that to carry on during the course of the season.

Next Game:

J. Johnson (0-0) v. M. O'Connor (0-0)

Box Score

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Interesting. You have all one year contracts except for Petit and Bowyer.

These are the values given in the roster I'm using (kg's). I'll have to spend some serious time negotiating after the season when I get the pay increase. Also, I think it will make it fun and tough at the same time at the end of the season to fill the team.

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By the time you finish the season, I'll have an updated roster version with reworked contracts so nobody will have to worry about signing so many players after the year is over. It will be much more realistic. :)

Good luck with the Marlins. They're one of my favorite teams, but I could never finish a season with them because the game would always crash at random places for some reason. They've got a ton of young talent and are fun to play with.

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Florida (1-0) v. Washington (0-1)

"Patience Pays Off"



N. Logan shows off his speed and runs out a bunt single.


M. Cabrera crushes a 400 ft. 2-run homerun.


N. Logan beats the tag at home.


W - J. Johnson (1-0); L - M. O'Connor (0-1)

Scoring Update:

B3 - N. Logan scores on F. Lopez double (Wash 1-0)

T6 - H. Ramirez scores on M. Cabrera sac fly; D. Uggla scores on J. Hermida single (Fla 2-1)

T8 - M. Cabrera scores on J. Willingham double; M. Olivo scores on T. Tankersly single (Fla 4-1)

T9 - M Cabrera 2-run homerun (Fla 6-1)

Player of the Game:

M. Cabrera - 2/4, 2B, HR, 3RBI


Patience played a huge role in today's victory. Not only did the Marlins wait for pitches to drive, they drew five walks off of M. O'Connor. M. Cabrera has now hit a homerun in the first two games of the season while driving in four RBIs. In addition, J. Johnson tossed six innings of four-hit ball, thanks in part to the free swinging Nats.

Next Game:

S. Olsen (0-0) v. S. Hill (0-0)

Box Score

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Florida (2-0) v. Washington (0-2)

"Marlins Stranded in Extra-Inning Duel"



Kearns' throw right on at third base.


Snelling makes climbing the wall look easy.


N. Logan congratulated following his walk off homerun in the 12th


W - R. Wagner (1-0); L - R. Pinto (0-1)

Scoring Update:

T1 - H. Ramirez scores on M. Jacobs double (Fla 2-0)

T2 - J. Hermida scores on R. Abercrombie single (Fla 2-0)

B2 - C. Snelling and C. Guzman score on B. Schneider double (Tied 2-2)

B6 - N. Johnson solo homerun (Wash 3-2)

T9 - A. Amezaga (PR for A. Boone) scores on M. Jacobs single (Tied 3-3)

B12 - N. Logan solo homerun (Wash 4-3)

Player of the Game:

N. Logan - 2/6, HR, RBI


The youth of the Marlins showed through today. The Marlins racked up eighteen hits against the Nationals today, but capitalized to score a mere three runs. Jeremy Hermida came through with a 4-for-6 performance. In addition, Scott Olsen pitched well, allowing three runs and striking out seven.

On the other side, Shawn Hill gave up ten hits over seven innings and pitched himself out of a few situations. Rather than showing off his speed in this game, Nook Logan showed his ability and power by driving a homerun over the right field wall. Nick Johnson also showed some pop by hitting a solo homerun.

*Interesting Statistic*

Reggie Abercrombie received his third intentional walk in three games.

Next Game:

Philadelphia (2-1) v. Florida (2-1)

J. Moyer (0-0) v. A. Sanchez (0-0)

*Note* I didn't upload the box score because with the extra innings of this game, the play-by-play was screwed up.

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Wow looking good I love the way you post the results. Anyway, you should maybe change the value of the contacts, maybe giving Miggy Cabrera 2 or 3 Million.

Thanks for the comment. In terms of the contracts, I have to re-sign all of these guys [or the ones I want to keep] and he is the first guy on the list to be re-signed. I only have 1.5 mil in the bank to re-sign players so I'll have to work out something.

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Minor League Update:

Albuquerque Isotopes (0-1)

Carolina Mudcats (0-1)

Jupiter Hammerheads (0-1)

Major League Update:


Florida Marlins (2-1) / RS - 18 / RA - 6

*Best Record - Chicago Cubs (3-0)*

League Leaders

HR - O. Hudson (ARI) - 6

RBI - D. Lee (CHC) - 10

AVG - D. Lee (CHC) - .667

Wins - S. Kline (SF) - 2

Saves - F. Cabrera (CLE) - 3

Strikeouts - G. Maddux (SD) - 11

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Philadelphia (2-1) at Florida (2-1)

"The Miguel Cabrera Show"


Can't catch up with the 94mph fastball.


H. Ramirez avoids the slide to complete a double play.


M. Cabrera admires his second 2-run homerun of the night.


W - A. Sanchez (1-0); L - J. Moyer (0-1); S - R. Messenger (1)

Scoring Update:

B1 - H. Ramirez solo homerun (Fla 1-0)

B1 - M. Cabrera 2-run homerun (Fla 3-0)

B8 - M. Cabrera 2-run homerun (Fla 5-0)

Philadelphia 0 Florida 5 (Box Score)

Player of the Game:

M. Cabrera - 3 for 4, 2HR, 4RBI (.389)


Florida: It was a complete power show by Miguel Cabrera today. Jamie Moyer left a couple pitches over the middle of the plate and he made him pay. Cabrera's second homerun came off Brian Sanches and was an absolute blast. Hanley Ramirez, the 2006 NL ROY, showed off his leadoff power with another homerun to lead off the game for the Marlins. Anibal Sanchez threw a great seven innings shutout innings. However, a blown hit-and-run sign lead to Jeremy Hermida being thrown out at second.

Philadelphia: The only thing that went well for Philly was that Chase Utley hit his first triple of the season by launching a line drive to the right-center gap.

Contract Negotiations:

I have inquired with a few players, and their agents, regarding the type of contract they are seeking. So far, I have been given the following information:

1. Miguel Cabrera - 3 yrs / $1.4 million

2. Hanley Ramirez - 3 yrs / $600,000

3. Dontrelle Willis - 3 yrs / $5.8 million

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I like to see anything Marlins, but two things:

#1 - I can't imagine Reggie starting in CF next season. In mine I will be sending him down and calling up Alex Sanchez. But I am waiting till I finish up my cyberfaces for the Starting Pitchers and Amezaga before I start a new Dynasty.

#2 - Miguel Olivo doesn't wear a hockey/goalie-style mask, at least not since he came to the Marlins.

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I like to see anything Marlins, but two things:

#1 - I can't imagine Reggie starting in CF next season. In mine I will be sending him down and calling up Alex Sanchez. But I am waiting till I finish up my cyberfaces for the Starting Pitchers and Amezaga before I start a new Dynasty.

#2 - Miguel Olivo doesn't wear a hockey/goalie-style mask, at least not since he came to the Marlins.

Thats good to hear, the lack of Marlins cyberfaces is killing me me.

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Philadelphia (2-2) at Florida (3-1)

"Errors, Errors, and More Errors"



Florida snuffs out Philly's squeeze attempt.


One of three errors committed by the Marlins.


Tankersley attempts to get out of the way of a line drive.


W - E. Brito (1-1); L - T. Tankersley (0-1); S - T. Gordon (2)

Scoring Update:

B2 - M. Cabrera solo homerun (Fla 1-0)

T5 - R. Barajas solo homerun (Tied 1-1)

T5 - J. Rollins 2-run homerun (Phi 3-1)

B5 - R. Abercrombie scores on C. Ross single (Phi 3-2)

B6 - M. Cabrera scores on M. Olivo single (Tied 3-3)

B6 - J. Willingham scores on R. Abercrombie single (Fla 4-3)

T8 - J. Rollins scores on R. Howard single; C. Utley scores on throwing error from R. Abercrombie (Phi 5-4)

Philadelphia 5 Florida 4 (Box Score)

Player of the Game:

J. Rollins - 4 for 5, 3B, HR, 2RBI (.300)


Florida: The only thing that can be said about today is that the Marlins displayed a very poor fielding effort. Florida committed three errors today: D. Uggla, R. Abercrombie, and T. Tankersley. On a plus side, M. Cabrera continued his hot streak by hitting his fifth homerun of the season.

Philadelphia: The Phillies smacked the ball all over the yard today, racking up thirteen hits. Both R. Barajas and J. Rollins connected for homeruns. Even though he is old, he still has it: T. Gordon was lights out in the ninth by not surrendering a hit and striking out one. J. Rollins continued his hot streak against the Marlins and is 5-for-9 in two games.

Medical Update:

After taking a lined shot off of his throwing elbow late in the game, T. Tankersley's MRI came back negative and he has been listed as day-to-day.

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