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Is This Desktop Good Enough To Run MVP 05 and beyond?


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Does MVP Baseball work on Vista I dont believe it every computer now comes with Vista. I don't like it, I hear it doesnt run too many games.

MVP works on Vista.

As the industry has jumped on the deployment of Vista, your best bet is to get whatever system is best for your needs, then reject the EULA when you start using the system. Document it, photograph it, then return the Vista DVDs back to the store you purchased the system from and request a refund for the OEM cost of Vista.

Get refund, go home, install XP, live happily ever after. Or something like that.

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One thing that always suprised me, was how well MVP runs on my PC, as well as countless others. Windows XP is kinda known as the enemy of video games. Many popular games dont run well with XP. I used to play a game called 1602. Its a very popular game in Europe, but not that popular here, and that game would shut off if you played longer than an half hour.

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Vista is also more resource hungry than XP, and enabling the security feature is more of a nuisance if the person that using the computer knows what (s)he is doing...

Dell Desktop - AMDX2 3800, no monitor, $399

HP Desktop - AMDX2 3800, 19in monitor with printer, $599 after rebate

If you want more out of your money and have a computer more future-proof, customizing your own computer by building it yourself would be the best. However, you would not have to deal with problems, DOA items, looking for cheap deals, etc if you order an OEM machine.

Add a video card and the machine will instantly rock.. or at least be a sufficient gaming machine.

EVGA 7600GT, $97 shipped

BFG 7600GT, $96 shipped

Edit: Get a $15 rebate when using paypal to purchase item in selected stores (one time on one account only) Newegg and Zipzoomfly qualify for this offer


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