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Break out the Homer Hankies


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Ok - so this is my first time posting a dynasty so bear with me. If you have a suggestion for a name - go ahead and post it.


Difficulty: All-Star

Sliders (Klesko174's)

User Pitch Meter Difficulty: -40

Pitch Speed: -15

CPU Pitcher Ball Rate: 12

User Pitcher Fatigue: 12

CPU Pitcher Fatigue: -7

User Pitch Control: -25

CPU Pitch Control: -40

Bullpen Fatigue Rate: 0

Bullpen Fatigue Grace: 0

User Batting Contact: 5

CPU Batting Contact: 0

User Batting Power: 10

CPU Batting Power: -10

User Bunting Ability: 0

CPU Bunting Ability: 0

User Foul Ball Frequency: 50

CPU Foul Ball Frequency: 50

CPU Swing Frequency: -20

User OF Speed (Manual): +2

User OF Speed (MVP): +2

CPU OF Speed: +2

User IF Speed (Manual): 0

User IF Speed (MVP): 0

CPU IF Speed: 0

User Throw Speed: 0

CPU Throw Speed: 0

User Throw Accuracy: 0

CPU Throw Accuracy: 0

User Catch Errors: 25

CPU Catch Errors: 40

User Dive Difficulty: 0

CPU Catch Effort: -7

User Baserunning Speed: 0

CPU Baserunning Speed: 0

User Runner Aggression: 0

CPU Runner Aggression: 0

User Runner Steal Speed: 2

CPU Runner Steal Speed: 2

User Runner Steal Delay: -3

CPU Runner Steal Delay: -3

CPU Steal Rate: 7

Runner Injury Frequency: 0

Pitcher Injury Frequency: 0

Batter Injury Frequency: 0

Fielder Injury Frequency: 0

Pitching MG Difficulty: 5

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Twins start out 2007 with a roster shake-up



The Twins started out the 2007 season by making two collosal trades to revamp their roster. They started off by trading third baseman Jeff Cirillo and starting pitcher Sidney Ponson to the Philadelphia Phillies for Wes Helms and Clay Condrey. However, they didn't stop there, next they traded for Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Nomar Garciaparra. In return they had to give up former set up man Juan Rincon, DH Rondell White and RP Dennys Reyes. The two trades added some power to the Twins lineup which was missing a true slugger.



Side note: How do you get different fonts in your posts?

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[ color = your color here ] what ever you choose to write [ / color ]

but make sure everything is tight together, I did it this way, so it will give you an idea.

Same with underline [ u ] what ever you choose to write [ /u ]

Bold [ b ] what ever you write [ /b ]

size [ size = 2-24 ] what ever you choose to write [ /size ]

for better ideas, go to a post of someone who has color in it, click on quote, it will show you how they did it. Thats how I learned ;)

word of advice, always click preview before settling on a finished post. that way you can see how everything looks prior to finishing.

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Twins win on Hunter's walk-off home run;

Southpaws Bedard and Santana duel

Eric Bedard and Johan Santana pitched lights out baseball for a combined total of sixteen innings. Bedard threw nine-innings allowing only six hits and striking out five, while Santana threw seven innings allowing three hits and striking out three. The game stayed locked into the eleventh as both bullpens were marvelous. Then, in the bottom of the eleventh, Tori Hunter smacked a Chris Ray fastball into the left field stands for a walk-off home run.


Jason Bartlett tags out Jay Payton trying to steal second base in the top of the 8th


Tori Hunter's walk-off home run in the eleventh

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Another side note: How do I insert the box score from the HTML file?

Use Box Score Extractor...open exported file take screenshot upload screenshot to Photobucket or w/e and post the image ;)

nice dynasty. liked both trades really liked how you got my boy..Wes Helms...hes a up and coming 3B also heres a tip try to get Freddy Sanchez also if possible for a contact DH and Esteban German for a pinch runner....he can almost get you MVP off the bench because of his steals.

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Twins lose to O's 9 to 7 in thriller

Mauer's two longballs not enough for the Twinkies

The Twins and Orioles butted heads today in a see-sawing game of high-powered offenses. The Orioles jumped to a lead on Nick Markakis' two run home run in the third, and added another run before the Twins moved ahead with four runs in the sixth. Both teams switched into the lead with three runs in each half of the eigth inning. But, the final blow for the Twins proved to be Jay Payton's home run in the top of the ninth.

Player of the Game

Jay Payton - 3 for 4; 2 runs; 3 RBIs; 1 HR


Mauer's two HRs


Nick Markakis draw's first blood with a two-run home run


Jesse Crain had an off pitching night:

He gave up 4 hits and 3 runs in one inning


After the game, the Twins announced they were sending down SP Clay Condrey and calling up SP Seth Baker.

"Condrey's stuff isn't major-league level," said manager Ron Gardenhire, "Maybe he'll be able to

shake off the rust at AAA."



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Twins deal away Ford, Harvey, and Voyles

The Twins were active on the Transactions block today, making two minor

deals to improve their bench and their AAA team. They started off the

day by trading OF Lew Ford to the Kansas City Royals for supersub

Esteban German. German adds versatility, the ability to hit right handed

pitching, and speed to a bench somewhat lacking in those three categories.

The second trade swung was to the Cincinati Reds. The Twins gave 1B

Ken Harvey and RP Brad Voyles to the Reds for OF Josh Hamilton and RP

Jake Robbins. Harvey, who was stuck on the bench, now gets the

oppurtunity to start again with the Bats. Hamilton brings speed and some

power to the Red Wings lineup. He also will be considered for a late to mid

season call-up to the Twins.



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Ok - so I am not going to be able to continue this dynasty unless I get a little help. When I play the next game, after the first half inning, when I go to bat, the game crashes. I have no idea why this is happening, can anyone help me?
Could it be an Adam Loewen (the opposing pitcher) cyberface issue?
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Twins, Liriano get rocked by O's 22-7

The two teams hit a combined nine home runs in slugfest

At first, things appeared to be going good for Francisco Liriano who, after giving up a leadoff single

to Brian Roberts, struck out the next two batters. But, then the Orioles floodgates opened, and he gave up 12 hits and 11

runs in the next two innings. On any other given day the Twins seven runs would've easily won the game,

but today versus the Orioles, after Liriano's 11 runs surrendered, the bullpen saw it fitting to double that number. Pitching coach Rick Anderson said after the game,

"The guys were just not spotting their pitches, and on the occasion that they did, the Orioles lineup still hit them!"

Player of the Game

Kevin Millar: 4-6, 2 HRs, 6 RBIs


Clockwise from top left: Jay Payton homers in the 2nd, Nomar Garciaparra jacks a solo home run,

Kevin Millar hits his first of two homers, and Jason Kubel hits his first homer of the season.

Next Series:


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Twins drop third straight in 8-5 loss to the White Sox

Garciaparra's two HRs and Castillo's 2 SBs not enough

The Twins couldn't prevail despite scoring five runs as their starting pitching continues to struggle.

Boof Bonser allowed ten hits and six runs in four innings of play. However, the home run

barrage by the White Sox was enough to put them over the top of the Twins. The game was

close going into the 8th inning, but the Sox iced it when Mike MacDougal and Bobby Jenks pitched two

scoreless innings. Reports have it that Twins manager Ron Gardenhire is considering a shake-up

in his batting order to try and kick-start batters with a low average. However, despite the poor

pitching efforts, there have been no confirmed reports of more pitchers being called up.


Right to Left: A.J. Pierzynski and Rob Macowiak round first base after hitting their home runs.


Matt Garza looks on after a Jermaine Dye home run.


Tori Hunter connects for a solo shot



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